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  1. I think Carnival is in a good position to come out of all of this mess.  They are far less leveraged with new behemoth ships than most of the others and they can constrict their brand by retiring the entire Fantasy Class of ship which needs to be done anyway.

    By basically staying out of the ship "arms race" of the last 20 years, they are looking pretty smart right now in my opinion.

  2. In my opinion, the Fantasy Class and Spirit Class need to be retired.  Carnival could actually benefit from this situation.  There's about 14 or 15 ships that need to go. 

    For many people who take their first cruise the thought process is to try a cheap 3 or 4 night cruise to see if they like cruising.  Next thing you know they are on a Carnival Elation cruise to the Bahamas and have a negative experience never to come back to cruising again.  

    There will be lots of ship builders looking for jobs.  It will be the best time in a long time, possibly ever, to build new ships in 12 or 18 months from a cost of building view.

    Carnival could really be rewarded for dragging their feet into the bigger, better, newer arms race of ship building that has occurred over the last 20 years.

  3. 9 hours ago, Crazycruiser50 said:

    They are stuck at Sea because RCCL won’t pony up the money to get them home.  They want to keep them on board so they can start bringing in money again as soon as the CDC allows.  That being said how pleasant do you think your on board experience is going to be with crew that have been held prisoner for 4.5 months with zero pay? 

    Just because you type it, doesn't mean it's true.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Ray said:

    Firstly havent a clue who james van fleet is


    Secondly you went way off subject, no one was talking about cleaning or social Distancing etc it was about getting crew home, and my question was how would YOU get them home? The answer to This one simple question we still await 


    Hopefully you can figure out how to get filipino and Indian crew home to their respective countries both of  which have closed their doors to all flights domestic and international because ALL cruiselines not just RC are struggling to work out a way to do it until lockdown measures are lifted in these countries.


    My friend who works for Aida may be lucky in that they are still being paid despite contract being up 7 weeks ago, they have a nice cabin, plenty food and activities to keep them amused but the one thing they dont have is a date to go home, Aida cannot tell them that! That answer lies with the Philippine government and when they decide it save to lift restrictions even for OFW 

    I think you pretty much hit it on the head, and I'll add that many if not most of the authorities around the globe have become drunk on the power of control.  If anyone thinks any of this has anything to do with health, safety, cleanliness, social distancing anymore, I've got some oceanfront property in Indiana to sell you.

  5. 13 hours ago, R yeo said:


    63 Days Stuck at Sea: Protest Erupts on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas

    By Jim Walker on May 15, 2020

    Today, crew members aboard the Majesty of the Seasprotested Royal Caribbean’s latest failure to follow through with its  repatriation of its crew members. Several hundred crew members congregated on the pool deck making signs protesting Royal Caribbean’s refusal to follow through with plans to send the crew members home. The repatriation Riot-2-320x180.jpgplans have reportedly changed at the last minute on five occasions, including three times dating back to last month.

    The crew members chanted “send us home” and erected signs saying “Do You Sleep Well Mr. Bayley” (right) referring to the CEO of Royal Caribbean International Michael Bayley who was quoted earlier by the Miami Herald stating that flying crew members home via private charters was “too expensive.” Mr. Bayley collected around $25,000,000 in compensation in the last four years. A second sign (below left) stated “How Many More Suicides Do You Need?” This sign was created in reference to the Death of a Polish engineer who apparently jumped overboard from the Jewel of the Seas and the recent death of a Chinese assistant waiter who died on the Mariner of the Seasearlier this week.

    The protest was covered by Miami Herald reporter Taylot Dolven who has closely followed Royal Caribbean’s dilatory conduct.

    have written about the failure of cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, to repatriate their crew members in a timely manner several times.  Every major newspaper has covered the story of 75,000 to 100,000 crew members stuck Riot-1-320x285.jpgat sea, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Quartz, The Cut, SFGate, Guardian Fortune, USA TODAY,  ABC News CBS News, CNN, NBC News, Daily Mail  and even FOX News.

    The Miami Herald has done an outstanding job of covering this issue and has written about Royal Caribbean’s refusal to acknowledge and agree to comply with the CDC’s guilines for repatriating crew members, Royal Caribbean’s false accusations blaming the CDC for keeping its crew trapped on its ships, Royal Caribbean executives agreeing in principle to the CDC’s terms for repatriating the crew, and its ongoing refusal to repatriate its crew.  The Herald has covered the hunger strike which took place on the Navigator of the Seas due to Royal Caribbean’s unreasonable delays.

    As of three days ago, Royal Caribbean had agreed to the CDC’s guidelines and  signed the required acknowledgments for only 20 crew members, all of them U.S. nationals. As of yesterday, Royal Caribbean had increased the number of CDC approved repatriations of only 557 crewmembers, from the U.S., U.K. and the Philippines.

    I might add, the term "erupts" seems a bit harsh.  I don't see a single torch.  No pitch forks.  Heck, I don't even see anyone shaking a fist.  

  6. 14 hours ago, RCIfan1912 said:

    I know this is the Royal Caribbean blog but this has relevance here. Read between the lines for me because I am bad at that. Does mean they are going under? Its a bit vague I think.


    While there is no doubt the cruise lines will face big challenges in the coming months/years.  Being written by CNBC means that the cruise line will be shown in the most negative light possible.  Frankly,  I'm surprised they didn't lob in a "floating petri dish" grenade somewhere in the piece.

  7. 34 minutes ago, Pima1988 said:

    I think what will happen is that prices will stay about where they are for the next 6 months to a year in order to burn off all the rescheduled cruises.  Then, I think there will be a steep drop off in bookings which will cause prices to plummet.  However, I expect the extras (drink packages, dining packages, excursions and such) to maintain their prices or even go up.  I also think we will see a continued emphasis on health and cleanliness but probably a drop off in things like food quality in the mdr and available included items like entertainment and the like.  I think the net result will be a little negative overall.



  8. On 4/25/2020 at 7:08 PM, KathyC said:

    Royal has so many older ships in the fleet that I am sure are paid off by now; it's possible they can sail at half capacity to recoup most of the operating costs, and the extra goes to the ships they are still paying for.  I have to believe that sailing at half capacity, while still may be a loss for some ships, will be a smaller loss than not sailing at all?  

    Using the Voyager Class as the marker between newer and older ships, RCCL has 15 newer ships plus the Odyssey and Spectrum and 11 older ships with the Legend and Grandeur being subtracted soon if not already.  Their fleet is much newer than Carnival's which has about 7 newer ships and about 19 older.  The Fantasy Class is in need of retirement and the Spirit Class only slightly behind it.  RCCL and Carnival are the extremes of the major lines with all the others falling in between.

  9. 6 hours ago, ehw51 said:

    They need to have some one to try and blame. Cruise lines have been taking a beating since this started, it still comes up about the Diamond and the Grand Princess´s I still hear about it from friends that know we like to cruise. I tell them you fly don´t you, how clean is that, just have to be safe about it.

    I believe after the initial barrage of rebookings, there will be a big lull in bookings over the next 1 to 2 years.  In my opinion, there will be amazing prices offered, but dining packages, drink packages, and other add-ons will be more expensive, and I'm afraid service and food quality will take a hit.

  10. 1 hour ago, Ray said:

    And here lies the problem with the USA , common sense, Morals and ethics go out the window if someone can smell a way to make quick buck!!!!


    In this case common sense, morals, and ethics would be supported because of the lawsuits that would come if a harmless legal activity like cruising were outlawed or disallowed by these discriminatory activities.

    Even with all its warts, and believe me, I've been subject to some of those warts, the United States of America has done more for the benefit of human kind than any country in the history of the planet.  It's not close.

  11. 59 minutes ago, bobroo said:

    It's the exact same discussion.

    You are entitled to be as reckless and stupid as you want to be, but you are not entitled to allow your recklessness or stupidity to affect others.


    You've recently been on a beach in Florida? Been on a cruise? Went inside a retirement home?  I'm sorry but that behavior is now endangering all these other people here.

    Not on a beach in FL, but how about Disney?  Retirement home?  airplane, subway, city bus?  Movie theater, grocery store, school, ball game, church, restaurant, bar?  Union meeting? Court? Have you dated? Did you have s*x with someone who could have had a fever?  Did you get a list of that person's other partners with contact info so we can check them out?  Do you know anyone who has done any of these things?

    Are you going to tell an LGBT or whatever letters are now used they can't go an an LGTB cruise?  Good luck with that.  What about NAACP convention in Detroit?  You going to tell an employee he/she can't go there?  Do you want Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on the sidewalk in front of your house with their bullhorns?

    It will not work.

    Here's another one:  Do you want to be an employer who sends a young woman home for having a fever and then find out it's related to her menstrual cycle and nothing else?  Can you imagine the actual legitimate settlement that would come from that when you consider that RCCL is currently having to spend millions to defend itself because a grandfather picked-up his granddaughter and dropped her out an open window?  A window he denies he knew was open despite the video of him leaning the top half of his body out said window immediately before lifting the toddler.

    The answers will ultimately come from the education side.  Wash your hands.  Don't touch stuff.  If you are sick, stay home.

  12. 1 hour ago, MinnesotaCruiser said:

    Can they fire me if I lie?  How would anyone know if I never posted pics online or never told anyone where I was going in my workplace?

    Are they going to hire a team of investigators to follow all employees who go on vacation?  What happens if they follow me but don't follow my coworker and we find out my coworker went of a cruise?  What happens if there is a chartered Christian cruise?  Are they going to try to control my religion?  Planes? What about ferry boats?  If ferry boats aren't allowed, what about city buses?  Subways?  City trains? What happens if I don't go on a cruise but my wife goes on a girls trip cruise?  Do I have to report this to my employer?  What happens if the boss' in-laws go on a cruise and then host Easter at their house one week later?  Does he/she have to go into quarantine?  I sometimes get semi severe sinus issues that come with a low grade fever in April and May.  Are they going to ban Spring?  There is no end to the possibilities all that are started by artificially singling out one industry. This is not going to happen.  

    In the next month or so the National Emergency will end.  New cleanliness, behavioral,  and health standards will be put in place by most of society including cruising.  Eventually their will be a vaccine for this epidemic, but what about the next one? 

    Because of the "floating petri dish" mantra propagated those with an agenda and the ignorant, the cruise lines will suffer for the next couple of years.  Out of that suffering will come many good rates for those of us who choose to return.  Unfortunately many new ships, upgrades, and other projects like private island development will be shelved. 

  13. 23 minutes ago, danv3 said:

    But they can fire you for not answering.

    And they can be sued for discrimination for firing someone FOR GOING ON A CRUISE, BUT NOT FIRING SOMEONE FROM GOING TO DISNEY.  It's not going to happen.  

    If cruising goes down all of America will go down.  And I recognize, this is what some want.  Thank God certain recent situations worked out the way they did, because two decisions made by a current decision maker related to who ultimately decides what is allowed and what is not would look very different if some other person made the two decisions as to who ultimately decides what is allowed and what is not.

  14. 8 minutes ago, danv3 said:

    Unless you work for a government agency, then the US constitution has nothing to do with how your employer treats you.  It simply doesn't apply to the private employer-employee relationship.  

    Your employer might not be able to tell you where you can or can't go on vacation, but they absolutely can impose limits on your return to the office.  So your 7-night cruise might cost you 21 days of vacation.  If you're lucky, your employer will let you work the 14 days of quarantine from home...but they don't have to.  

    They can not force me to tell them where I'm going on vacation.

  15. 4 hours ago, J-Fitz said:

    I believe employers may claim they are keeping the workplace safe and may be safe-guarded by OSH Act. There are many new Covid-19 guidelines in place by OSHA. 

    I don’t think it will be the employers asking where people are going but after the fact nervous coworkers telling their bosses that someone went on plane or cruise and they feel unsafe.

    Unless cruising and air travel are banned, which by the way is what is the goal for some of the political side on this, my work cannot stop me from doing what I want on vacation, and I don't have to tell anyone at work what I am doing on my vacation.  The US Constitution protects Americans from just this sort of stuff (free speech, freedom to associate, ect).

    This thing has gone way beyond a contagious illness.  It has become a boogeyman.  If they are going to ban cruising, I will be the first to join a class action forcing Disney to close.  Then sporting events.  Then concerts, movies, theater.  Next bars and restaurants.  Workplaces. 

    If I have to, I'll start a Church that meets only on cruise ships.  How are they going to tell me I can't practice the religion of my choice?

    My point is, in the end, they can't force Americans off of ships or out of planes for an extended period of time.  During a National Emergency... yes.  There may be new health guidelines, but unless cruises are put out of business, they can't ban American citizens from cruising or force them to disclose where they go on vacation.

  16. 3 hours ago, Ogilthorpe said:

    One of my biggest concerns is the potential for a societal prejudice against cruises as a result of the media campaign to demonize cruise lines that results in employers and organizations subjecting employees and members to a 2 week imposed quarantine after taking a cruise. I may be way ahead of myself here, but uninformed employers could prevent even the most dedicated cruise afficianados from enjoying their vacation of choice. This could truly be negative for the cruise industry.

    A couple of things that I have thought of with regard to this:  I don't know that your employer can force you to disclose what you are doing on vacation.  Second this could get real crazy real fast with the freedoms we have in the Constitution.  

  17. 1 hour ago, JohnK6404 said:

    Along with the rusty hulls and frat party/"booze cruise" rep... the numerous mechanical/engine problems over the years, the infamous "poop cruise", multiple failed recent CDC health inspections, dumping violations...

    We too would at least consider Carnival if a friend/family member booked a cruise and asked us to go, but I don't think we would initiate a Carnival booking unless it was say on the Mardi Gras (or at least one of their newest ships) or an insane rate. We have friends in Florida that sail Carnival and Royal regularly, but Carnival only because it's convenient, inexpensive, and as they say any cruise is a good cruise.


    So we're saying the same thing.  The new ships are good and the old ships are not.  They need to retire the entire Fantasy Class.  Not only are they rusty and old, they are not environmentally friendly, have old engines, water systems, and sewer systems and simply not equipped to handle the volume or regulation.  They are beginning to take steps in the direction with the Dream Class in 2009 (Dream, Breeze, and Magic).  Those are awesome ships.  Then came the Vista, Horizon, and Mardi Gras. 

  18. 2 hours ago, jticarruthers said:

    This was almost exactly our experience, did some of the older Carnival's out of Tampa, swore we would never cruise Carnival again and moved "up" to Royal. Got roped into doing a cruise on Vista with friends and realized what we disliked about Carnival was the older/smaller ships not the brand itself.

    Plus 1.  this is my exact point.  They have about 20 ships that I would not choose to purchase a trip on (but that I would sail on if part of a group or someone else purchased for us) and about 6 or 7 that I would.  RCCL is pretty much opposite of that.  This fact combined with the decades old reputation of a "frat party at sea" and "Walmart of cruise lines" has millions of Americans who've never seen a cruise ship claiming Carnival is the devil on Earth.  At least that's my opinion of the problem they have.

  19. 2 hours ago, USFFrank said:

     I know they say Carnival is the Walmart of cruises, and I can see that in the last 2 cruises with them I've been on, but I have to admit, Guy's burgers, the French fries they serve and the crumbled bacon at their condiment bar are one of the reasons I'm going back this November.

    The Carnival topic comes up here often.  Everyone has their own taste, I get that.

    For us, after about 3 days of Windjammer lunch on RCL, we're looking for something else.  Carnival's newer ships never leave us wanting something else for lunch.  We are not big on upgraded restaurants, so we do the MDR unless it is a special occasion.  Carnival's dinner menus are as good as Royals to us... if not better.

    The place Carnival falls short is its fleet.  The majority of their ships are 20 or so years old.  They did not get into the arms race of bigger better ships in the early 2000s.  However, their newer ships, starting the the Magic and Breeze are fantastic.  There just aren't as many of them as RCCL, NCL, and now MSC in North America.

    People who dismiss Carnival out of hand are really missing out in my opinion.

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