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  1. 7 hours ago, Traveler said:

    Oh , but you know what will happen , yes the CDC will announce the  simple protocols in few days and it will be something like that :

    1. Only people that got two vaccine shots will be allowed to board  beside people that got it from Pfizer , AZ, Moderna or any Chinese/Russian vaccine , your are OK if you got two shots of the JJ vaccine.

    2. People who want to cruise will need to bring a letter from their  doctor proving they never catch  a cold in their life .

    3. The ship Captain name should start with Z and and with X , captains who changed their name on the last 10 years can not participate.

    4. The number of people who are allowed on the ship will be calculate by the fowling simple formula  length of the ship divided by the number of floors multiply by the integral of the ship stern multiply by square root   of -1/2 + image.png.db6b8c2674bb61860aad8ddef1f02169.png  but no more than 10.5 including the crew.

    5. The ship will be divided to 4x4 areas to avoid social contact  , each area will be paint with one of 3 different colors while each area can not have a border with an area that has the same color.

    6. Once the ships will be ready  a one year test can start from Johnston atoll. 





    6 hours ago, twangster said:

    You missed a couple...

    7.  All internal walls including cabin walls need to removed so the inside of the ship  is one large space.  In addition all exterior windows need to be removed and all decks above removed so essentially everywhere on the ship is outdoors at all times.  Maska are required while any passenger or crew is indoors including but not limited to indoor spaces that are now outdoor spaces.  

    8. Test cruises will be comprised of inmates from maximum security prisons who have been granted pardons. In the event there are not enough pardoned inmates available cruise lines may petition prison wardens for unpardoned inmates using form 23.76.162.a which will be created in phase three once all test cruises have been completed in phase two.

    9. One doctor for each passenger is required, including a dedicated doctor for each doctor.  Each doctor's doctor shall also have a dedicated doctor.  The doctor's doctor can be another doctor, but the doctor's doctor's doctor can not be a ship's doctor.   Each doctor shall have three nurses.  A ship's doctor can be a doctor for a nurse but a nurse can not be a nurse for a doctor unless they are from the same household.

    10.  Any ship that has completed a test cruise can apply for a certificate to sail prior to completing a test cruise but not after completing a test cruise.  A ship can not apply for a certificate to sail prior to completing a test cruise.  Any ship that applies for a certificate to sail prior to completing a test cruise will be disqualified for a period of three years.  Ships that meet all requirements to apply for a certificate to sail must quarantine for a period of 2 months after receiving their certificate to sail before they can submit an application to quarantine.  Once they have completed the quarantine period they can apply for a waiver to not quarantine unless they already have received a certificate to sail.  

    @twangsterand @Traveler apply world class instructional satire that exceeds that of the Onion and Babylon Bee in a world where their headlines no longer appear absurd.

  2. 1 hour ago, twangster said:

    I think it's great but I'm not sure Michael Bayley penned it.

    This is from CLIA.


    1 hour ago, Matt said:

    It's the CLIA letter, but I'm glad to see a more firm stance.

    Big duhhhhh...I get in a hurry sometimes....it was posted on Michael Bayley's FB page this morning...the fact that he reposted seems pretty significant to me....I wonder if he participated in drafting it as a member of CLIA. Thanks for the correction.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    And on that note, friendly reminder that if this thread has no relation to cruising, it shouldn't be here in the first place.  As @Matthas asked time and time again, keep it related.  There are other places for all these other topics.

    For those of us who are likely to abandon cruising if private companies require it, and are disgusted with inconsistencies among worthless American "authorities," I think it does have relation to cruising. Letters and emails to our political betters who we put in office might yield a form letter response as it falls on deaf ears (I get responses about 30% of the time), because no on can criticize the CDC.

  4. On 2/14/2021 at 8:33 PM, twangster said:

     The problem I have with the powers granted to the CDC is the lack of a check of that power. 

    This is the most succinct description of the problem that I have with the CDC too. And, I don't think that the cruise industry is big enough outside of FL and maybe AK for those who love cruising to have any affect on their elected reps with letter writing, calls, etc. The current administration will let them do whatever they want.

    My wish is for their role to be moved to the Coast Guard because they have hands on knowledge of dealing with the environment on a ship and seem to be less susceptible to PR pressure. Medical dictators need to be put in their place as medical advisors.

  5. 22 minutes ago, steverk said:

    I agree about the cruise docks currently in use, but surely they must have a freight dock somewhere.  According to Wikipedia, there are 100,000 residents on the island.  Food, building materials, automobiles, clothing, trinkets, etc. have to get on the island somehow.  

    Back in 1999, Houston had the Barbers Cut container port double as a cruise embarkation port. Perhaps Cozumel is planning something similar.

    With that population and the hotels, they would have to have a viable food and supply distribution system on the island rather than relying on shipping...just a guess.

  6. 2 hours ago, twangster said:

    While the CDC isn't a very well run organization they are quick to protect their silo of power. 

    Another reason why I think the Cost Guard should do the enforcement and the CDC should only be advisory...I say this not having any idea what dominos this would push over or what cans of worms get opened. I have had the impression for a long time that the CDC does nothing to correct the petri dish narrative.

  7. 1 hour ago, TXcruzer said:

    Without thinking too hard, here are a couple obstacles I think would pose a problem.

    The new CDC requirement for a negative Covid test prior to returning by air to the USA-how many will be willing to deal with finding a test in Cozumel and waiting for it before you fly home?


    I've been hearing some all inclusives are doing testing in Quintana Roo...another obstacle that may exist from Coz is...I don't think I have ever seen any bunkering going on at any of the piers in Coz except for a Mexican navy ship at the downtown pier where MSC and Disney dock.

  8. Intriguing idea posed by Tony, the La Lido Loca guy...apparently, the mayor of Cozumel made a proposal to MSC to make the island an embarkation port. If Royal were to find a way to agree to participate, I would be into it just to get out from under the clutches of the cdc. The questions are how would ships be provisioned from there and what hoops will exist to get back to the US. I would do a couple nights before and after a cruise is Coz if this option materializes. Thoughts?

  9. With Royal it's always 70% off of a price that constantly changes. So, the question is what is the basis for the discount. The hedge against it is to watch the pricing fastidiously on an almost daily basis so you know in your mind what the discounts really mean. I see it with drink packages every time I log on. I know what discounted price will get me thinking about buying it. Actually buying it is rare because I multiply the price by the number of cruise nights, and I pretty much decide that I wouldn't do it on land, why do I do it on vacation. So, I opt for a la carte almost all the time...that way, I don't have that perpetual hangover from all the drinking a package gets you. That's just one example.

    Always caveat emptor

  10. 1 hour ago, UKFamily said:

    If they had just been friendly we would have carried on and booked with our original plan for balcony for about £400 less than the suite guarantee. Instead they call you a liar because of their website issues and say you have to pay more.

    Watching with interest. I wonder if Royal uses a third party call center for these bookings. Are there travel agents in the UK who could take it and run with it for you in exchange for the booking? In the US, it doesn't cost extra...I am not sure about the UK. Regardless, I would want to take it to a supervisory level with the company directly so they know there has been a failure.

  11. I would ask my TA to keep an eye on that sailing in case there are cancellations. When our kids were not of age, we booked cabins directly across the hallway with an adult in each cabin and getting extra keys so we could access everyone's room. It's not ideal for privacy sake, but if they are booking inside cabins, that may be an option. Also, who knows if the mitigation procedures will be as stringent a couple months from now that so many are taking the needle soon.

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