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  1. I always thought that a passport is the best way to go if you already have one. After all, you never know when you will be stranded on an island and need to fly back. (I am thinking of Carnival and their fire.
  2. Even though our rooms were not connected, my family was able to have our balcony doors open on Allure OTS. It was great space to gather. Our cabin steward was able to get it done for us.
  3. The difference is the giant line of people waiting are the people waiting to get back on the ship. This is because the government makes the cruise ship to be TOTALLY empty before allowing anyone else back on. So those few people are holding up the process to get everyone back on board. Hey, I don't make up these silly rules and neither does RCL. If all would just follow the stupid rules, then there would be less waiting for all overall.
  4. Carrying wine should not be stressful - especially if you are carrying said wine in your stomach. Just saying.... LOL!
  5. I partially disagree. While there were too many passengers and not enough terminal personal, how long did the terminal personal had to wait while the ship was looking for all the missing people. IF the passengers got off when they should have, MAYBE the waiting passengers could have gotten back on sooner BEFORE the passengers on shore excursions got back. The fact that they wanted everyone off by 12 noon and they were still looking for people at 1 pm? That is part of the problem.
  6. Talk to a TA. They may be able to help since they talk directly to RCL. I know that for one of my cruises, I did not like the locations of our family cabins (all spread apart). My TA was able to get 3 almost in a row (1 cabin in between the 3.) Maybe the TA can do the cancelation followed immediately with the new booking and grab the canceled cabin.
  7. Your husband will not be turned away. You will be fine with the description you have provided above.
  8. From RCL website: The Key Guests will enjoy the following exclusive and special amenities during their cruise vacation: Priority access into the terminal (within booked arrival time) on Day 1* From this information, I would call Royal Caribbean to see if you can get an early check in time.
  9. Buy low and sell high. I purchased my stock in June when the stock prices were just $33. It is now up to $52. It has been over $100 prior to the pandemic. The highest in the past 5 years was $135. There is no guarantee on stock prices. It is always a moving target. So buy only if you have the funds that you could lose if the entire company goes bankrupt. If you do purchase stock, plan on sitting back and enjoying the ride.
  10. I believe there are wait staff that walks around the pool deck and other areas, taking orders. I would recommend grabbing your first drink from a bar, then sit back and snag the first person taking orders.
  11. Yes, the formal night is more 'fancy'. But not everyone goes the full 'fancy' way. Think of tux and formal ball gowns. Instead, most people treat formal night the same as dress your best. Think of suits/jackets/ties and dresses/etc. While others totally ignore these distinctions and nice casual.
  12. Get one of each so you an compare the lobster. Wait, don't do that. If you can taste the difference, you will never go back to warm water lobsters. Your wife will kill me.
  13. I found an article located on this website that covers your question: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/02/02/vegetarian-and-vegan-guide-royal-caribbean Also on the RCL website, they have this answer when asked about their Vegan options: Yes, we offer a 7-day rotation vegan menu onboard all of our ships. Please note that the vegan menu is only available upon request exclusively at the Main Dining Room. I hope this was helpful
  14. Keep watching your planner. It seems like RCL is slow in posting some of the excursions. If you don't want to wait for RCL, you could always try a 3rd party like Viator. (https://www.viator.com/Charleston/d4384-ttd)
  15. Deep Fried Candy bar must have less calories than Deep Fried Butter.
  16. Remember, the lobster you get on lobster night is a warm water lobster. The premium lobster is usually a cold water lobster. For us snobs in the NE, we can taste the difference. Having said that, any lobster that can be soaked in warm garlic butter tastes great!!
  17. Different rules between territories and states? Maybe?
  18. I rather pack everything I need and have my luggage get lost. Then I have a great excuse to buy new. But I make sure I carry my essentials: meds, bathing suit, etc. I usually check in my bags and I don't mind the wait for the luggage. It gives me time to just breath.
  19. This is what I found on RCL website. I am not sure if this includes the sale prices or not. Enchantment: 15 nights: $581/Interior, $681/Outside View, $1563/Balcony, and $1606/Suite Symphony: 12 nights: $731/Interior, $781/Outside View, $814/Balcony, and $2023/Suite Jewel: 12 nights: $631/Interior, $731/Outside View, $1064/Balcony, and $3383/Suite
  20. I don't think you have a choice. At the first US port after traveling out of the country, EVERYONE needs to go thru immigration. If everyone is asked to exit the ship, then the ship is keeping count so they know when they reach 0. It would be nice to have an option. Here is another tidbit, a few years ago, I had traveled to Ireland. We got to the airport in what we thought was plenty of time. What we did not know was we had to go thru US Preclearance before boarding. This is immigration, customs, and agriculture all in one place. We almost missed our flight.
  21. Ouch - my back is already hurting just thinking about carrying a 12 pack of water during the embarkation day.
  22. I love a bargain. So unless you really want to hit one of the ports that Allure OTS is going to, then go with Navigator. If you end up loving cruising, you can always save your $2k for your next cruise.
  23. According to the article I quoted above, Old Fashioned is $14. If your DBP only covers up to $13, then I would think that you would only be charged the extra $1. But my math may not be the same as RCL math. LOL!
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