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  1. I made final payment on our cruise to Alaska. During that same credit card billing cycle we cancelled a specialty dining reservation and booked another. RCCL refunded the amount of the canceled dinner TWICE. Their internal checks must of caught it. Instead of cancelling the extra refund credit they took that extra refund from our cruise fare payment and it left us a balance left for the cruise. The "Pay Remaining Balance" button was grayed out BUT the subsequent cruise invoice showed a remaining cruise fare balance in the amount of the EXTRA refund. While on hold for a supervisor to help figure it out I matched the numbers up and realized what had happened. It got it fixed but check, check, check everything!
  2. We have a large number of rewards points with Southwest. We live in the midwest and have to include air transportation costs in the total cruise cost. Using points helps us reduce that cost. SWA leaving EWR forces us to take Port Liberty off our list of possible departure ports. The hassle of transit from LGA to Port Liberty just isn't worth it.
  3. We want to eat at at least 2 if not 3 Specialty Restaurants and I think buying the 3 night SR package was a good idea. We realize we need to use 1 reservation the first or second night, However the dining times offered us for either night's dining are 5:30, 6:00, 8:30 or 9:00 pm. None of those dining times appeal to us. Once onboard, can we change our reservation time to something that works better for us?
  4. We got 30% off DBP for our August 2022 sailing about 3 months ago. It went up to 20% off before the current 30% off sale price
  5. I thought I had been short changed by RCCL until I realized FCCs are only applied to the cruise fare itself and not taxes, port fees or gratuities. BTW - this is documented in the FCCs Terms and Conditions that I should have read more carefully. That could be an answer to your mystery. As far difficulty getting the page to work I too have had that issue as well I found if I logged off from my RCCL account, then shut down the browser (I use FireFox) waited a minute or so then tried again I had success. The issue I have seen multiple times is no ships available in the Ships Name drop down selection box. There was also a new line item on our invoice after FCCs were applied - TBZ5 - Global Suspension FCC with a cruise fare discount amount subtracted. I haven't done the math but I *think* it is the 25% bump given when RCCL suspended our cruise(s) in 2020 and 2021.
  6. We have had different experiences. We applied 2 FCCs for a cruise and the unused balance was given to us in new FCC's within 2 weeks time. We applied one those FCCs and expected a new FCC with the remaining balance but that has not happened after 1 month. The FCC "rules" state any unused FCC's are returned at the end the cruise. If that is the case we will end up losing that FCC due to expiration date of the FCC. Is a call to customer service the only way to check on a FCC status?
  7. We haven't cruised since Feb, 2020 and I have read mention of reservations made for seating at the Windjammer. I assume this to facilitate social distancing however it would be a nice change as finding an empty table proved to be difficult during the rush hour breakfast and lunch dining times. I see no way using Cruise Planner to make these reservations. Is that only able to be done once on board?
  8. Don't do it! Too many things can go wrong. Just because the itinerary says you arrive at cruise completion port at a certain time it may be late or customs may not clear the ship in a timely manner and so on....
  9. Our motivation for booking Jr suites was to get double C&A tier points and a full tub/shower. RCCL doesn't offer many other perks for Jr. Suites To our surprise Jr. Suites on Quantum class ships have a half bath (sink, commode) AND a full bath with a tub/shower. The agent at the Next Cruise desk said Quantum class was the only class with Jr Suite half baths. If you book a J4 Jr. Suite on Quantum class you get what used to be called a Jr. Spa Suite. It has the 1/2 bath and the full bath has a separate tub and shower stall. They are on the midships bump outs of the Quantum class ships. The downside is their very close proximity to the elevator/stairs which means increased foot traffic and associated noise.
  10. Sales do happen but it seems to be more of a pop up sale when the need arises. It is nothing you can count on. On our last cruise on Symphony, (Feb 2020 ) there was such a long line at the dining room for My Time (7:30 pm) they offered anyone in line a table at Chops for 1/2 price for each person in the party. We took it and they ushered us up to Chops and seated us right away even though there were other parties waiting for a table.
  11. We used to think moving up in the tiers was a big deal. We will reach Diamond plus on the first of the back to back cruises we have booked. I now view that attainment as a new freedom. I am in my late 60's I really doubt we will ever get the 500+ nights needed to reach Pinnacle (700 nights). The C&A bonus nights program will soon end. The large amount of nights needed to move up is my motivation to look at other cruise lines as a real option. It just doesn't matter anymore. It is my belief RCCL should restructure the tiers adding more levels of status to keep our feeling of loyalty alive. To answer your question. Go the the C&A page and look at the chart for the "perks" awarded for each level. It will help you decide.
  12. Neither my wife or I are soda drinkers. We brought home the drinks cups when the drink packages were first introduced. We have 4 or 5 now and just leave them behind. At least 3 of them we brought home are still in the cellophane wrappers.
  13. We are moving from Diamond to Diamond plus after the first of a B2B cruise. I sent an inquiry to RCCL about this and I received this response: We are happy to know that you are planning to be with us onboard the Ovation of the Seas! We also want to congratulate you on your upcoming upgrade to Diamond Plus status! You are correct in your understanding of the way your status upgrade will be applied. As your status will upgrade at the end of your first sailing, you will be able to enjoy your Diamond Plus benefits on your next sailing. We do want you to be aware that for members whose status is upgrading on a back to back sailing, we ask that they inform the Loyalty Ambassador onboard during the first sailing of their upcoming change in status. Please let the Loyalty Ambassador know of this change and they will be able to note this change so that we are sure you receive your Diamond Plus benefits on the second sailing.
  14. I found a link on the RCCL home page to book a flight at the very bottom. There are 4 columns of links and on the far right under the column heading "PLAN A CRUISE" there is a link called "Book A Flight." It brings up a form asking for the booked cruise particulars. I played with it and could not find a way to book a flight a day before the cruise departure. We are also on a back to back cruise and it only offered us a round trip booking for the first cruise. We are certainly looking for out of the ordinary flight options. I think this is my last cruise I book myself and will utilize a travel agent going forward.
  15. I am seeking information from the the seasoned Alaskan cruisers. I have watched recent videos from cruise passengers on Ovation OTS showing very rough seas and RCCL hanging airline style sickness bags in pouches on the stairway railings. One of the video titles indicated storms and subsequent rough seas were more prevalent in October. Is this a reasonable statement? My wife is susceptible to motion sickness and while she never experienced any discomfort on any of our previous dozen or so cruises I do not think we have sailed through the type of rolling seas depicted in the videos. We are sailing to Alaska in August, 2022 and I am curious if we are more or less likely to encounter the same type of weather? Thanks
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