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  1. Hijacking the thread for a moment - has anyone heard if unvaccinated children will need to book some sort of excursion to get off on Labadee?
  2. Same here - I just can't justify the prices. If I'm paying $2k a person, I'd rather be in Star class than an inside cabin.
  3. Heh, and then it dropped again. Only $30, but that's still another $30 I can put towards something else.
  4. Many thanks to the Facebook algorithms and whatever kind soul in my group for the September 25th sailing on Harmony that posted about a price drop today. Checked and sure enough, they've had a resident kicker going, so I'm down another $200 on that sailing, plus I picked up another $50 in onboard credit, so realistically a $250 drop. Now under $2000 total (not including gratuities) for the three of us.
  5. I could believe this, but also, I feel like anything missing at this point would be solely cosmetic and not worth delaying the launch for.
  6. I would not be sad at all if that's actually true. We decided to shell out for the UDP on the Wonder inaugural, so it'd be nice to have the chance to check it out risk-free.
  7. I would love to, honestly, but I just can't justify the pricing when compared to the cost of a regular cruise. $2k per person for an inside cabin is steep.
  8. We typically fly in same day due to my work schedule, but we're also in Atlanta so Hartsfield typically has plenty of flights and backup options in the event we run into a problem. I definitely wouldn't be nearly as comfortable risking it if I was flying in from a smaller airport or was going to have any sort of layover or connecting flight.
  9. The real crime is the private testing places that are charging such insane rates. Anywhere that takes insurance, testing is typically free, but these for-profit sites know they have a captive audience that need tests quickly, and so they've set their rates way higher than I personally feel is fair. Also, to whoever suggested that legal fees would be less than the $840... you clearly don't use lawyers much, do you?
  10. Yup. At this point in the pandemic, you know *exactly* what you're getting yourself into, and if you don't, it's on you, not the cruise line.
  11. This, exactly. Someone in one of the FB groups for the inaugural sailing on Wonder announced that they were cancelling, but they're in Star Class and don't want to spend Star money on a potentially less than Star experience. For me, we're in an inside cabin and care more about the ship than the ports, so I'm going to have a good time on my first Diamond cruise regardless of what changes might occur. Everyone's gotta pick their comfort level and decide whether or not they want to roll the dice or reschedule for a later date.
  12. Yup. When I called in to adjust pricing on one of our cruises for next year, apparently my 2 year old daughter was flagged as vaccinated in the system somehow. Gotta love Royal IT.
  13. I'm pretty sure you speak for 99% of the population on all sides of the political spectrum. No one *likes* wearing masks, we all merely tolerate it.
  14. Not gonna lie, I had a dream/nightmare the other night that we were going to "Perfect Day on Ice" as a stop on our next cruise. Port stop was listed as Minnesota. No idea how my brain created that scenario, and yet here we are.
  15. Well, some of them. But right now I'm only seeing a handful of the itineraries.
  16. My mother gets us a new Christmas ornament every year for our tree - this was what she got us this year. Extra fitting, as it even uses Royal's naming scheme. PXL_20211216_021727502.TS.mp4
  17. Yeah, if we were gonna do another line we might do a Disney cruise when the small one gets a little older just to have that experience, but otherwise we're happy with Royal for the cost/benefit balance.
  18. Found this in one of the Wonder FB groups tonight. Looks like it should be a good one.
  19. I'm going to be the oddball who says flying in the morning of the cruise isn't a problem. However, I'm in Atlanta, so I can get a direct flight to pretty much any port, and typically have backup options I could take advantage of in the event my flight was canceled. That said, if I lived somewhere with a tiny airport and/or multiple layovers, I'd definitely fly in the night before instead. I just like saving the money that I would have spent on a hotel room for other cruise-related expenses. As far as cabins go, we have no problem with an inside for a Caribbean cruise. We're just not in our room enough to justify the extra money for a balcony, typically.
  20. Quit trying to act like it's "letter of the law" vs "spirit of the law." Go on the bubble tour and stay with the group, or stay on the ship while in port. Period. End.
  21. I was just about to come post the same thing. I'm assuming they're doing the antigen at the port instead of PCR in order to speed things up as capacity increases?
  22. We did the sled dog experience in Skagway and loved it. It wasn't the full experience, as they had to throw some things together last minute due to COVID and being unsure if they were even going to get visitors this last season, but it was still well worth it, in my opinion.
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