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  1. My husband and I are sailing in July. I don't drink and he does. Last time he just bought drinks a la carte, but he wanted to get the deluxe beverage package this time. Last time around they told me that with special permission (asking a supervisor) I could get my husband a drink package along with my soda package. Today I called to get the deluxe drink and soda package, but I was told that the only way to skirt the alcohol rules is if I get the refreshment package. I don't drink coffee either (maybe I'm a weirdo ), so I don't want to pay $20/day more for nothing. Is it possible to g
  2. Thanks for the tips! I think we're definitely going to do Mr. Sanchos. I just need to decide what we'll do in Yucatan (if anything). Can we just hit a local beach? Is there one nearby?
  3. What a great idea! I'm going to Cozumel in August and didn't think about the vanilla. Thanks for the idea!
  4. We went last January. We had booked the excursion to Atlantis. It was rainy and dark and maybe 70 degrees. For me in VA, that was still pretty warm. Warm enough to suck it up and go to the water park. It wasn't ideal, but the slides were empty and we had a good time. The lifeguards were literally bundled up in North Face jackets. I guess 70 for them is freezing. I believe it was unseasonably cold that day, so it should be warmer for you.
  5. On our last cruise I learned that there are ports where you can just walk around on your own to explore (like Key West) and ports where you really need to get a cab and know where you're going (like Nassau). We're going to Cozumel and Yucatan in August. Does anyone have experience with these ports? I'd like to see the ruins, but just for an hour because my kids will lose interest. I'd also like to do the fun water parks like Mr. Sanchos. What can I do on my own, and what do I need to pre-book and arrange transportation for? TIA!!
  6. Matt - it seems my memory isn't as good as I thought. I wrote "Paradiso", but it's actually "Progreso". Sorry to confuse you!
  7. The itinerary says “Yucatán (Paradiso)”. Is that the same as Costa Maya?
  8. We're headed to Yucaton and Cozumel in August on the Enchantment and I'm curious which excursions are good for 8 and 11 year old boys. I think we want to do one of the all-inclusive water park/beach resorts one day, but what about the other? Have any of you tried anything that your kids just LOVED?
  9. We packed Motorola walkie-talkies so I could communicate with my pre-teen on the Enchantment this past January. Either they were damaged in transit or the signal was blocked on the ship. Either way, it didn't work. Thankfully the ship really isn't that big and communication was never an issue. A few nights my boys just wanted to stay in and watch TV while my husband and I went to a show or the casino. There are phones on the walls in many public areas and we would just call them every hour or so.
  10. Use the child care facility! My kids were 6 and 10 when we sailed, so not quite the same, but they both enjoyed it. One evening they dressed up like pirates and learned a little song and dance and paraded through the main atrium area where I just happened to be watching whatever entertainment was going on that evening. It was the absolutely cutest thing the whole world. They have lots of fun programs and the facility is clean. Check in can be a hassle when everyone shows up at the same time, but it's because they're making sure kids don't disappear with the wrong person. It was 100% free
  11. I'm booked in a standard interior room for our cruise in July and I've been waiting for a sale so I can upgrade. I've called twice now, but no luck. Thankfully I have until May to find a deal.
  12. Sounds amazing! We cruised on the Enchantment this past January but had to skip CocoCay due to bad weather. My kids were devastated! Coincidentally, we're cruising on the Enchantment again this coming July but we're headed to Mexico this time. It took me 38 years to go on my first cruise, but we're definitely hooked!
  13. We're cruising next July and we want to do the Secret River in Cozumel. It's very highly rated online, so we feel like it's a must-see. However, I have 2 boys who will be 8 and 11 at the time. They're both good swimmers, but I'm wondering if this excursion will be able to hold their attention for 8 hours because obviously we can't leave halfway though. Can someone who has done this tour give a quick rundown of the itinerary for the day? There don't seem to be any details online. TIA!
  14. We will be sailing the Enchantment of the Seas in January and will have a full day stop in Nassau. We definitely want to do the Atlantis waterpark. I've heard that maybe you can get in cheaper than what Royal Caribbean costs. I saw that I can book passes directly through Atlantis, but I heard that may I can also book a night at the Comfort Suites nextdoor and get complimentary passes? Is that right? What's the best way to get passes?
  15. My family will be cruising this coming January on the Enchantment of the Seas. It'll be myself, my husband, and my 9 and 6 year old boys. I have a MILLION questions. I'd love advice, tips, etc from anyone who has sailed on this ship with kids before. 1. It appears that the kids club is free. Is that right? My kids fall into different age groups, can they stay together? 2. My youngest is still a weak swimmer. Are there life vests on board or should I bring my own? 3. Are kids allowed to walk along on the boat (no parents)? I wouldn't do this often, but if they wante
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