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  1. Long time listener and I know this has been covered a million times, just not so much recently. I am going on Quantum of the Seas out of Seattle in May 2022 to Alaska and BC. Our stops are Icy Strait Point, Skagway, Juneau, and Victoria,BC. Currently booked for shore excursions, I have Yukon Adventure & White Pass Scenic Railway for Skagway and Mendenhall Glacier & Salmon Bake for Juneau. Icy Strait Point and Victoria, BC are still TBD. I wanted to get opinions on what the best sight seeing excursions are and getting most bang for your buck without having to walk 5 miles. I noticed a lot of the Mendenhall Glacier excursions involve a lot of walking and one of them said 3-5 miles. Its not that I'm out of shape and can't walk that, but that sounds really intense on a vacation where there will already be a lot of walking. I definitely want to do the Mendenhall Glacier (just unsure of which specific excursion) and am pretty confident in the Yukon Adventure & White Pass Scenic Railway for Skagway as the train trip with the views is the priority for that. I was wondering if I could get opinions on all stops (Icy Strait Point, Skagway, Juneau, and Victoria,BC) of what the best excursions are. I'm pretty confident in my two excursions for Skagway and Juneau. I am curious about Victoria and Icy Strait Point. Maybe kayaking? Overall, I want something for my fiancé and I that doesn't break the bank and doesn't involve countless miles of walking either. Thank you!
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