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  1. No need to leave the suite - has everything!
  2. Scratching my head too. They do need lots of cash to keep things warm. The uncertainty of restart - another quarter, two, a year? No one knows and carrying the debt long term can sink everyone's fleet.
  3. We've seen them as early as 90 days out. (After you've paid)
  4. Anyone with experiences to share? Most curious about the different cabin levels and how to distill from the marketing. Thinking we'd like to try them out once the ocean opens up again.
  5. Guessing the CDC oversight is because cruise ships deal with international clientele , itineraries across boarders, etc. Theme parks are located in a single state and subject to the home state rules and regulations for food and health safety. A cruise ship touches more than the port it calls home, but every port it touches and anyone who comes in contact with the ship's compliment.
  6. I use cruiseline.com. You can select any cruise for a price alert. You'll get an email if the price drops from the date you set up the alert. I've saved $$$ with this automatic feature but getting the updated rates and working through my TA or when I don't use a TA, the cruise line directly. Works as long as we have not made the final payment.
  7. Actually being on a ship at 50% capacity could be a good deal. Less lines, more space, no need to hog deck chairs - probably better service.
  8. They can social space on the larger ships. I'm curious on operations cost. Read one place that the newer ships are more efficient from a fuel perspective. Guess you pick the ships that you can make the most profit with the lowest number of people. I'm sure they'll fill the sub-capacity ships - lots of penned up demand to get back on the seas.
  9. I would guess they focus on keeping the higher priced rooms. Balcony/Concierge/Suites as they have a higher margin. I think those with "outside" air will get priority. Will be interesting to see what that translates into capacity - 50%, 75%? If you get on-board with the lower loading, obviously no fighting over deck chairs. It could end up being a more pleasant experience with a better passenger to crew ratio. If shuttering lower deck cabins, the ships would not need as many in housekeeping, so could save some labor. This will be very interesting.
  10. Three major classes in service from small to large: Millennium (Millennium, Infinity, Summit, Constellation), Solstice (Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, SIllouette, Reflection)and Edge (Edge, Apex). Then there are 3 smaller explorer class ships that sail the Galapagos. Passenger loadings about 2,200 for M, 2,800 for S, and about 3,000 for E-class. So not close to the Oasis or Quantum class. Celebrity is lower key, demographic is a little older. Service has an uptick in elegance as there are less passengers and a slightly better guest/crew ratio. The S-class ships have a lawn area on the top deck. M-class have 3 elevator areas so less congestion moving through decks. Edge is a game changer. It really focuses on diversity of dining opportunities, theater and art. MDR is split into 4 different venues with their own specialties, plus a number of specialty restaurants that are over the top. Branded with the Magic Carpet, which is a moveable deck extension that serves as a bar and restaurant depending upon the weather. Its pretty cool, but you find out not very practical because of the wind restrictions for its use. It is nice sitting out there on the evenings when its in bar mode. After sailing a number of lines, we've settled on RCL family. Tend to sail Celebrity because of how they package "perks" like drink packages, internet, gratuities, OBC etc. If you book an entry suite with Celebrity you get all the perks. On RCL you have to go up to Star level on Oasis to get everything. Celebrity doesn't have toys, but is fine for families. Think RCL does a better job for all ages.
  11. Edge is a great ship, and offers new ways of enjoying cruising. Very well laid out. Believe the cuisine is the most diverse and high quality on Celebrity. The MDR is split into 4 smaller main dining rooms, each with a specialty entree (Med, French, Italian, Continental), but they also have a large common menu thats served in all of them. In order to enjoy all 4 dining rooms, you want the Select (anytime dining). If you take the set dining schedule, you'll only be able to rotate through 3 of them. The special restaurants are also very good. Eden very unique - like Wonderland on an Oasis class ship. Steakhouse also excellent. There's entertainment throughout the ship, lots of art, and plenty of deck space. Virtual balcony is is like a sunporch. The window does slide down, but its not a full balcony experience, more like a sun porch. Balcony is separated with a set of doors. If you open the window, the A/C is turned off. When you close the window, the A/C is restored. In terms of experience, if you've had a balcony in the past, you'll notice a different feel to the room, if you haven't you won't really care. Very smooth ride. Edge class has a new bow design that makes the ship very slick and smooth during the cruise.
  12. Does Coco Cay have a "Captain of the Island" or a RCL Governor (General Manager) who is directing operations? Seems like it has many of the same features of the ship without the engines and hotel side of things.
  13. Cruised to Alaska 3x. Love Sitka and Icey Point (Hoonya). Icey point is just a dock with a small tourist area. Recommend making the walk into Hoonyah and talk to the locals. Also the land tour to include Denali is a great add on. Take the train and look for the moose.
  14. Dined in Tuscan on a couple of ships. Better service than MDR - more relaxed. Food quality is a little better too. Is it worth the money - that's up to the individual. Thought it a little high, but when you're on vacation - you need to splurge a bit.
  15. There are some future Liberty itineraries that are more than 7 days. Include a canal pass-by and Columbia.
  16. Guessing that will apply to Celebrity also. We have a B2B on Celebrity Infinity next year, but haven't heard any announcement of the port move. Nor seen itinerary change on the website.
  17. If Celebrity starts sailing 4th quarter, I'm guessing Apex and Edge will be 2 of the ships they'll put back to service. Apex is supposed to start with the Med before coming to the Carribean. Now that the EU has clamped down on tourism from the states, will be interesting to see if Apex stays with the med itinerary, or is redeployed to Carribean early. Bunch of what-ifs - we're all guessing right now. But as no one can cruise, what other diversions are there?
  18. We're on Edge over Thanksgiving break. I'm not confident we'll be sailing by then. We won't cancel, will make final payment and hope for the best. Seems they've been working hard to make things right with the FCC.
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