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  1. @Lovetocruise2002 awesome advice, much appreciated! I've been poking around and reading posts of other's experience (yours included) and I did get that sense that every genie and ship is different. Its like any trip or vacation, no two peoples experiences will be exactly the same. This is completely understandable to me. Quite honestly though we booked the stateroom for the views and that the drink and dinning packages were "included." My wife and I are fairly easy going and wouldn't be disappointed or blame a genie for something they couldn't or weren't allowed to do. For us
  2. I've read about the Seafood tower. Its on the list of things to try!
  3. My wife is a big coffee drinker. She can't start her day without a cup. Can you have Starbucks delivered or was this something you got and brought back to the suite? Either way just glad its included, my wife could probably spend the drink package's worth in coffee. lol!
  4. No doubt there is a bunch of good info on this site! I'm really only concerned about the first night and getting that in-suite dinner setup. Anything after that we are all for. I plan on letting our genie know we are new to cruising and will trust that we get to experience as much as we possibly can.
  5. We originally wanted to sail for our anniversary (last week) but never got chance to book anything. Glad we waited though because we got a deal for January. Now it'll be a birthday cruise!
  6. This will actually be our first cruise. We travel quite a bit, but never by ship/cruise. We've stayed in numerous places, especially around the Philippines, and have experienced "VIP" treatment, but probably nowhere in comparison to SC. The price was way too attractive to not book SC. For all the amenities listed, it seemed like a steal! Heck of a way to cruise for the first time! $25 PP seems reasonable, still debating if we want to schedule it or not.
  7. I know its 6 months away but I'm excited to sail with star class. We'll be on the Quantum of the Seas. One thing I'm hoping my assigned genie can do is arrange an in-suite dinner for my wife and I. Embarkation day is her birthday. Any suggestions on what to do? Also, how does the dinning work with star class? Can we basically eat wherever and whenever without incurring extra costs? Same thing for drinks or does the beverage package rules apply? Thanks in advance for sharing!
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