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  1. Yep just saw the PDCC stops on the Celebrity site for the 3-4 day cruises. Refection and Beyond. Both nice ships, but with no "toys". Guess a move to get younger families on Celebrity.
  2. Did anyone notice on this sailing that there was no "lounge hogging" going on despite 6700 people? It was a very pleasant experience.
  3. It's sounds like it, but in the past when they've run an ad like this, it ended up being a disappointment or at least underwhelming. I was under the impression that PDCC is very "booked" with current fleet sailings. If this is going that way, expect higher loading on the island. But maybe there will be an isolated stop like they do with Labadee.
  4. I noticed that too which had me scratching my head when Allure was sent first, and Galveston is gateway to lots of families in the central part of TX and surrounding drivable region (OK, LA, MS, AR, MO) Allure doesn't have enough "kid" stuff compared to the competition. Harmony is coming (updated version), but Icon would be a real draw.
  5. Allure twice and enjoyed the smalls. Entree's were very generous, but we wouldn't equate the quality to what we get in a local TX establishment.
  6. Good picture. If you purchase the premium covered lot, they will route you to the right middle of the pavilion where you get a second scan to enter the covered parking. We arrived about 1015a (we had a 1030 boarding window). The "X'd" entrance was blocked and so we had to drive past the terminal to access just as you highlighted.
  7. We booked early for the covered parking. To me well worth it for the short walk and cooler car when we returned.
  8. Especially since they already have Blue Planet, an Aquatheater production and ice show. There are three 3 nights with internally generated content.
  9. Eclipse over the Thanksgiving break. Mexican riviera.
  10. Always thought the bionic bar was a waste of space. Interesting to watch once, but too slow from ordering to delivery.
  11. They match tier benefits up to and including Diamond. But you only receive new points on the line you're actually sailing. So look at the Captains club match for C&A to define the benefits
  12. I agree with Matt, the steak at Giovanni's is better than Chops.
  13. Yes on reservations, but there isn't an early outreach email for Celebrity Sky Suite as in RCL Sky Suite level. There is an early outreach for suites above Sky. The suite concierge(s) in the Retreat can take care of requests. Magic Carpet dining is a premium venue. Lunch is a less expensive option than dinner. Also, offerings are "weather (wind)" dependent. La Voyage is unique to Beyond (and Ascent), very small and intimate dining experience. Found the atmosphere and service excellent, but we're not a fan of Dan Boilud menus (you can also get a sample in the Retreat overnight and Chef's table). As it's a small venue, reserve early. We've tried all the specialty restaurants to gauge preferences. Personally I prefer Fine Cut, Eden & Raw on 5. But IMPO - they're really not necessary for a great experience. In the future, we'll only do 1 or 2. The butler will take care of you so start thinking of preferences.
  14. The same geographic area they've launched rockets for 50+ years. (and they do blow up occasionally)
  15. Thinking about it, all fuels are moved via tanker if pipelines are not available. At many ports you'll see a refueling tanker position next to the ship to offload diesel. In the long term I would think storage infrastructure will be built so they wouldn't have to move fuel from GA. Is it safer and more cost effective to frequently move the fueling station a few hundred miles, or establish a nearby storage facility to offload LNG. Obviously some cost and risk management trades.
  16. Isn't Utopia LNG? If so could fuel logistics be contribute to the proposed itineraries?
  17. If you plan to spend a lot of time at the martini bar, world class bar, or Eden bar, upgrade is worth a look as it opens up some interesting options.
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