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  1. I don't have a menu, but sailing on Apex in 2 days. If it comes up on the planner, I can snap and post. I do know the meals are all prepared in the Luminae galley. There is also a lunch option (weather permitting), that has a lower cost. If winds are too high, it's not used as a bar/restaurant. BUT, it's a great bar space in the evening. People forget its out there.
  2. I've always thought the park looked great. I wondered about all the processes of dealing varying cruise climate especially salt air, etc. Didn't think about the USDA invasive species angle (which is an important selection consideration). Seems like it's could be a notable maintenance cost item, maybe include some artificial ones in the mix.
  3. Any recent post-hurricane news about San Juan? Was it aversely affected?
  4. Is the optional ship-to-airport luggage transportation option opening up yet from Miami/FLL/MCO?
  5. Staffing continues to be a problem. Its tough keeping an international hospitality company sufficiently manned in today's environment. Not getting back many of the experience crew members. It will improve, but we're in the lean recovery years.
  6. Anyone having issues getting to FLL/MIA today because of Nicole? Looks like both airports are operating.
  7. I think you can get a "kettle" to heat water for tea.
  8. Yes. Some butlers are more eager than others to bring the stuff from Cafe al Bacio, if you're in a higher level suite, more enthusiastic service. The generic coffee in the metal carafes should be avoided.
  9. You can make them embarkation day. Luminae will be open for lunch. Just tell the maitre'd when you go for lunch. (Or give him/her a card with your preferences (incl stateroom) when you enter). We used to make reservations, then found it easier to just float. Never had an issue getting in.
  10. But it comes in such a nice box (probably costs more than the watch).
  11. Buy 100 shares for the OBC and take that as the return.
  12. I can see how people get "dinged" for a low cost beverage and lose out on using it on a more preferred cocktail. Bar tenders always asked us if we wanted to use our vouchers, so lucky I guess. But it will provide some level of assurance you're getting what you want. A minor inconvenience and just killing more trees that could be used for better straws.
  13. You get Luminae and the Retreat area. Luminae is like Coastal Kitchen. You get better service than in the MDRs, and the food might be considered notch better (depending upon what you're looking for). Luminae has its own galley that services itself, Retreat bar, and Dinner on the Edge. Edge Retreat area provides a good value with less crowded access to the food, drinks, and dedicated pool . Less people competing for bars and deck chairs. I've found the service to be more attentive (better staff to guest ratio). We'll book it because of the "perks" that come along with suite level.
  14. Actually found the Eden cafe to be very nice. Its tucked away behind the bar and even has outside seating. Many guests don't discover it until halfway through the cruise. Once people find it, gets crowded for lunch. I thought it had a nice breakfast menu, but also a very adequate lunch menu. Both hot (grilled paninis) and cold sandwiches, soups, salads.
  15. Yes a punch card. Which I really can't figure out why they still use a punch card as they could just as easily load them onto your sea pass card. We've actually used the same card on different cruises (had unused punches).
  16. Suite perks are the same BUT you don't get as much attention (service) from the butler staff (concierge). Good ones will put forth effort. Try Celebrity customer engagement. [email protected] (The desk is operated by the Capt Club loyalty team VP staff so they tend to be a bit more responsive.) or [email protected]. I found Jennifer to be very helpful on pre-cruise issues (even though that's not in her job jar. If you strike out ahead of time, prepare your preferences on a piece of paper and give it to your butler when he/she checks in with you after you get in your cabin. They'll always ask "what can I do for you?" . Hand him/her the paper and it will get done. Always had luck with that - writing on a card makes a difference in getting it right.
  17. Get the name of the Retreat concierge and email (they manage all the butlers). If not before, go to the Retreat concierge desk. If you're able to get an aft suite, no issue. On Celebrity Solstice and Millennium class ships, the have more appropriate chairs (& tables) with leg rests so you can relax on the balcony (which are smaller than Edge class) . For the newest class ship, its disappointing they decided to skimp on balcony furniture. [If you do not get satisfaction, make sure you call it out on the end of cruise survey when they ask about the cabin. With enough formal feedback, change should eventually occur.]
  18. Not while on the cruise. If you're on a port/starboard balcony its bad! Cheap patio chairs that you can't recline. (If you have an aft room its ok). We're on Beyond in 2023 and I'm going to make a request pre-cruise to get something adequate. Even the table is not adequate to have a meal, just drinks.
  19. The martini bar seems to be the center of action. The bartenders put on a show with multi pours and custom martinis. On the Millennium and Solstice class ships, the martini bars are "ice bars". Edge class did away with the iced surface bar; however, they moved the marti bar to the center ship atrium making it a focus area with entertainment and more seating. On Edge class, the martini bartenders do their demonstrations to music and a light show. So IMO, the martini bars are the signature bars.
  20. I'm sure port LNG fueling infrastructure will be part of the decision on where it will (can) sail.
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