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  1. No, too early. They will probably have all new entertainers after the transatlantic relocation and drydock. I sail her May 15th and will post my cruise compass here afterwards. Could change sailing to sailing though.
  2. You have to pay for a meal there, to get the shake no charge with your drinks package.
  3. The APP has the MDR closed along with everything else on Day 8 of our future cruise. Don't trust it!!!??
  4. We absolutely loved the MDR when we sailed on Anthem September '19.
  5. Yeah, Don't trust the menus on the APP. On my sailing the APP has the MDR as closed on our 8th day ?
  6. I six page word document with no pictures is very small, so I would say yes, if you have to wait until early in the morning when everyone is asleep and not using the internet:)
  7. I think it all depends on the exchange rate:) whether its cash (the rate you got the cash for), or card (the rate they charge to change) you are paying with as well.
  8. From my own experience booking from the UK, and sailing from New Jersey, USA and Southampton, UK (different trips), we were charged the same - $14.50/day pp when prepaying. Having said that the amount we were charged for the New Jersey?Bermuda trip, IF it was converted to £ today (instead of when we booked it April 2019 with different exchange rate) would have been $14.14/day pp. But on paper we were charged the same as the website for both sailings, when sailing from different countries.
  9. Have booked twice in the UK ( past cruise and future cruise both Anthem and prepaid tips were the same price as onboard), any variance really just depends on the exchange rate converting dollars to pounds.
  10. You will have plenty of choice, I have never had a problem getting the location and time I wanted. Just make sure you make your reservations as soon as you get on the ship.
  11. Yes, if the price comes down, just cancel and rebook for the lower price.
  12. Nobody from Royal Caribbean may ever see this as this is NOT an official company blog.
  13. I had the 2 night Booked on Anthem and that was great. I am sailing on Anthem again and have the 3 night booked. I would say 5 night package would be great as well on a 12 night.
  14. Ooops, thank you, forgot about that option.
  15. Does anyone know when they become available to look at on the app? Is it before your sailing, or the day of sailing?
  16. My five night in September in Anthem had the lobster tail.
  17. My thoughts are this: I count auto-gratuity as tips (and always gladly pay them), because I have been on cruises where persons have optioned to complain and not pay these, knowing full well it came out of the crew's pockets. Most of the crew on the ships make less than minimum wage (US or UK minimum wages) without tips. While you may be uncomfortable, imagine how you would feel knowing someone who gave you service on a ship wasn't able to make a living wage because you were "uncomfortable". Just remember you are on holiday, they are not. Most of the crew will go out of there way to make sure your holiday is a great experience, and most deserve your tip.
  18. Having sailed on Anthem, and already booked Anthem out of Southampton in May 2020, Anthem gets my vote.
  19. I can confirm that on my last sailing (Anthem of The seas September 2019) the UDP covered and included drinks up to $13.00.
  20. Booked for another trip on: May 15th, 2020 - Anthem of the seas
  21. IMO, Anthem is the opposite of this. I find it very interesting how we all can view things differently. I loved Anthem when I sailed her to Bermuda September 2019, and have already booked Southampton sailing next May. Probably the best or 2nd best ship I have ever sailed. Cannot wait to sail her again.
  22. UK site still showing very limited offerings.
  23. I have seen it go as low as $26 per person per day on Anthem. So anything below $360 per person is probably a good deal. It’s currently $30 per person per day on my 8 day Anthem sailing.
  24. It will be on a sheet in your cabin, possibly the app, but as soon as you board, you can definitely go to any specialty restaurant and they will have the booking there, then you can change and or make the rest of your choices.
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