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  1. I'm taking the train to Haifa and our hotel is in Haifa by the port! The train station is in the airport and I heard its a direct transfer and easy to get on even with luggage.
  2. We are going in September on Rhapsody of the Sea, which is the smaller ship. There is only one day at sea and the rest are Greek Isles. We wanted more of a location and relaxation! We are going to be busy in Greece every day so really won't be able to utilize a bigger ship I think. Only one day at sea to utilize the ship. I guess its just a preference. But I'm good with a smaller ship!
  3. My husband and I are leaving from Haifa, Israel on September 1st, is that when you are cruising as well.
  4. Hi have fun on your trip, I’m heading on rhapsody in September, safe travels! debra
  5. Have a safe trip I’m going on rhapsody in September, have fun! debra
  6. Does the app work overseas, I saw someone say on the you tube Q & A session suggesting it doesn't. Also, will internet package work out of the country and is it worth it? Sailing from Haifa, Israel 9-1-22
  7. Hi just wonder if anyone has ideas on excursions for the Greek Isles. Heading there Sept 1 thru 9th. Thanks
  8. We are staying at a hotel in Haifa by the port.
  9. We are leaving from Haifa, Israel port and was wondering what kind of transportation options are from Tel Aviv airport. We are coming in a day early! Thanks
  10. Anyone have any experience with abroad cruises! This is my 5th Royal, but 1st European! Any suggestions!
  11. I’m doing a Greek Isle cruise in September 2022 on Rhapsody of the seas, I haven’t heard any of your Live sessions about abroad cruises any recommendations or information this is my first abroad cruise, cruise with Royal Caribbean many times before
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