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  1. Once you reach 340 cruise points you will only pay 150% on most bookings which can be a considerable savings.
  2. Liberty still have free saunas and steam rooms inside the change rooms. Adventure and Mariner both still have them too, so far only Navigator has had them removed.
  3. Once you get onboard they usually have specials like 30% off and even more. This depends on how busy each restaurant is during your sailing. On the last 5 or 6 cruises we have been on they have always has some deal going on, even on boarding day....don't be shy and ask the guys with the menus walking around the ship what kind of a deal you can get. Its not 100%, if they have a lot of bookings they offer no deals....but like I mentioned we have been able to get a deal on the last 5 or 6 cruises no problem.
  4. Once you reach your next level you should get recognized on that cruise but points don't get added until after the cruise ends. For eg. if you turn Diamond during your cruise you will/should get your pin during that cruise but you wont get the benefits until the following cruise. You should go and see the Loyalty ambassador and they will give you more info during your cruise.
  5. Although I think having a good travel agent is important I don't think anyone should rely only on there agent for information....there is no excuse today with all the information online and boards like this one to be misinformed. We have been sailing for 20 years and currently sail 10-12 times a year with Royal and I am quite inquisitive but would never believe I know everything about cruising with Royal. In fact I know some very good travel professionals that have only cruised 2-3 times....there is so much info to know and so may companies that it's imposable for an agent to be up to speed on everything.
  6. So I have not sailed those specific rooms I have been on deck 2 of many Voyager Class ships and these are very quiet cabins, please note that there are no interior rooms on this deck so that's 50% less traffic down your hall....You are close to the elevator but I would say you should be OK with your choice.
  7. You should receive your pin with a card congratulating you to the next level on the cruise you get to that level (recognition is on the cruise you get there but your perks don't start until the following cruise)....sometimes they forget or they miss you so you can call C&A and explain and they might post your pin to you or on your next cruise if you speak with the loyalty ambassador they should be able to provide you with your pin.
  8. Yes, they would need the app also but not all ships offer this feature yet. You would all have to be on the ships wifi (not the internet, only the ships wifi)
  9. We have worked with a few different agents in the past and all I can say is that you will have to try and try again until you find a agent that understands what your looking for. These people work on commision so the more they make from you the more they will do for you. There are quite a few agents that only do cruises and I think that's your best bet to get the best info and deals. We always book onboard and take advantage of what Royal offers, OBC, choose your cabin etc. and then we transfer our booking to our travel agent who really has nothing more to do that remind us when to pay. For this they also offer us extra perks, more OBC, specialty dinning etc.
  10. Normalment no aceptan las maletas antes del desembarque del crucero anterior, osea despues de las 9:00 de la manana creo que ya podras dejar las maletas con los maleteros. Normally you will not be able to drop off your luggage until the disembarkation of the current cruise, so 9am should be OK to drop your luggage off with the porters.
  11. We had one on our recent Explorer cruise out of Southampton.
  12. If they catch you they will take it and give it back at the end of the cruise. It will also delay your luggage delivery....
  13. We have always cruised because we have enjoyed cruising but after our 8th Royal cruise we got access to the Concierge Lounge....WoW we were blown away, that was a long time ago and because of the awesome nights spent in those CL we have been cruising with Royal for over 20 years. We believe they have the best loyalty program today. We sail other companies but always feel we get better value for money and more enjoyment on a Royal cruise than any other. I think it's worth getting to Diamond Plus and after that Pinnacle!
  14. Can anyone book thru them or do you have to be Prime or up? I have gotten a few $100 vouchers from the Casino but never been able to use them....
  15. We always take our suit case with us when we board. We try to plan to reach the ship at just about 1pm so we just go straight to our cabin and unpack. Then we go for some lunch and start enjoying our cruise.
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