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  1. Wife and I did the Harmony back in August, but are now going in May and taking the 3 year old daughter. Has anyone used the Aquanaut place for Kids? Pros and cons? Was it super busy with kids? Any general info would be appreciated
  2. Hey folks, The wife and I did the Harmony in August and are set to do it again in May. This time we are going to Western ports of Roatan, Honduras Cozumel, Mexico, and Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico. I am looking for anyone that has done an excursion to any of these. If there are any to do or any to avoid? or if theres a port that is good just to go to the beach. Thanks!
  3. So, the wife and I just got off our 7 day Eastern caribbean on the Harmony last week. It was the wife's first time on a cruise and she is hooked lol We are looking at booking another one for next year and was seeing if anyone has done the Harmony and Symphony? If so, is it worth doing the Symphony next or is it like being on the same ship? Also, wanting some other ships that you all have liked we aren't dead set on the Symphony yet. We are wanting to sail out of the East coast so try and keep that in mind for suggestions. Thanks!
  4. What are some of the specialty places we NEED to go eat at? Love any kind of food but don't want to waste money on somewhere that people didn't find good. Thanks!
  5. Prolly a dumb question but was wondering if I can bring a hand steamer onto harmony next week? Thanks!
  6. Is the Key worth the money? It would be 418 dollars for us to get it. Is the embarkation and debarkation on the ships that bad that you would pay that kind of money for it? Thanks!
  7. Kingk92


    I appreciate it y'all! Also found out that our drink package includes adult beverages on the island so we are for sure going to go by the pool and enjoy those lol
  8. Kingk92


    So, we are leaving on the Harmony of the Seas on August 11th. Just two of us both being 27 y.o. and not big on the water park scene. My question is there other things for us to do? Would it be better for us to just stay on the ship if we aren't into water parks? Thanks!
  9. What is parking like at Port Canaveral? As I am sure its not free does anyone remember what the cost is for a Sunday-Sunday parking. Thanks
  10. I don't know what happened to my math that day lol Only 18 more days until cruiseing time on the Harmony!
  11. Only 18 days until Harmony cruise. Any tips for the boat or must dos? I was also wondering if there is any specialty restaurant we needed to go too? I got the drink package so I can indulge in the booze, but didn't get the dining package because I want to eat the food I already paid for. Thanks!
  12. Thank you! 24 days left until cruise time
  13. Thank you! 24 days left until cruise time
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