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  1. Hello Glass Slipper, What plans have you going on in Italy Our family is planning on getting to Rome on the 19th and seeing Rome, Florence and a day in Venice. Any good recommendations? Thank you , Michael
  2. Hi, Has any one booked Rhapsody of The Seas for June 26, 2021? I have many questions, would like to chat about the cruise and pre cruse activities. Thank you Michael
  3. Hello, I was wondering what experiences everyone has had using the Royal Caribbean visa how is the redemption process and is there good value over other cards rewards programs thank you Michael how
  4. Hello All does any one have good information about M life for members how do you use it? Dont gamble much only know it gives discounts in Las Vegas MGM hotels how do I increase my discounts? What else can i use it for.
  5. Hello all, Question is. there a way to tell what state each person lives in without looking up the complete profile of each person
  6. Hello All, just wanted an option , I am currently a diamond member about 55 points away from diamond plus. Question is the change in status worth the climb? Michael
  7. Wanted to know if you had any information on when the Europe 2021 itinerary will be ready 

    Thank you 



  8. Hello All, My family Wife and triplets at time of cruising 19 need some advice on pre cruise tour. Planning on a 9 night greek Island cruise but want to go to Italy for three days before the ship leave. Question with limited time what is the best choice . Rome to Florence for the day or Rome to Venice for the day. Plan on getting a hotel in Rome and spending 1 to 2 day in Rome. Need ideals please , also on a tight budget. Thanks for all the advice Michel
  9. Any comments about ship safty and the baby that fell out the open wundow?
  10. Can some one give me instructions on how to list all my past cruises wheni respond or post a comment or new topic
  11. Can I get some more information about the WOW wrist band, on one of the blog videos said the price if 4.99? is this correct. is there value? Can it be shared between family members? Can the fee be waived for Crown and Anchor members? I sounds good not having to carry the card everywhere. can it be used to get back on the ship after an excursion? Thanks for all the information Michael
  12. Does any one know when 2021 itinerary will be posted for Europe?
  13. Hello All, My family and I are planning a Greek Island trip in 2021 for my 60th Bday year and would like some ideas for tour excursions on a nine day cruise. I know that this is early , but I like to plan ahead. Can I have some thought and ideas. Also going to do a pre cruise in Italy - Only have time for Florence or Venice ? What is the best choice. Also to add to this I will be traveling with the wife and our 19 year old triplets , two girls and a boy Thanks Michael
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