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  1. Keep in close contact with the airlines, your mom and the cruise line. Galveston got hit pretty hard today with Tropical Storm Imelda. Both airports experienced an all stop for a period of time. It is going to take a couple of days to get things to normal in Houston. Have not heard horrible things about Galveston, just lots of rain and water on the roads. Have a great time...jealous.
  2. I just received a flyer for booking a room through the Casio Line. Are the prices that much better than the current sales.
  3. What is the Terminal number that Harmony usually docks? Does it have a regular.
  4. 2 bottles per CABIN. I reserved all our shows on the Cruise Planner on line. If they are showing sold out, then I believe there is a place outside the shows that you can wait stand bye for people who may not show and the seats are empty. No promise of any kind if you get seats. When we went with our kids, my daughter was under 21 but she was allowed to stay in the clubs, only if one of us was with her.
  5. Could someone send me a link of the cost per day of gratuities? I'm sailing Harmony in January, in a junior suite and I can't find any place and the person on C & A was clueless.
  6. Be careful of the jewelry sales. We bought an Evictus watch on the last cruise. (Hubby just had to have it) When we returned home, it wasn't any where near the "MSRP" price they said. People hear jewelry sale and go crazy. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful watch, just not sure we saved that much money
  7. Update No Construction this weekend.. https://m.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Gulf-Freeway-closure-postpone-because-of-rain-in-13247537.php?utm_campaign=chron_breakingnews&utm_source=email&utm_medium=newsletter
  8. I really thought about this after reading your post. The flu/cold could have been picked up any number of places. Excursions that you may have went on, someone sitting at your table, someone who touched a door knob. There really isn't a way to blame RCI for getting sick. There is no way to guarantee even if you had went to the ship's doctor you wouldn't have still needed several courses of antibiotics or that your husband wouldn't have been ill. We were on land last winter and my husband and I both went through several rounds of antibiotics. We have sailed several time and there has always been a section of Windjammer with desserts that are marked Sugar Free (I am diabetic, so I do watch for it) No the variety of Sugar Free Desserts is not as large as regular desserts, but I don't expect it to be. Usually jello or some small slices of cake. I do not remember seeing Gluten Free desserts, but I am not normally looking for that. It sounds as if when you contacted RCI to complain, you may have gotten someone who might need a refresher in customer service. I am sorry you both became ill. It is hard enough when one of a couple is ill, let alone when both are ill.
  9. Make sure to leave extra time, as the feeder road will not flow very smoothly . This is a distance of about 5 miles.
  10. The ships prefer to use their own extension cords, as they are responsible for the cord, upkeep (no frays) and such. I travel with a BiPap machine and have always been able to find an outlet near the bed.
  11. Keeves--I too find fountain soda less carbonated. I like it better.
  12. We did it on our cruise last November and had a ball. I did see a lot of families in the dining area. We might do it again if it is offered. The food was good. I am a self proclaimed picky eater, for lots of reasons. They had a meat/cheese board that was passed. (not my thing) Show was great and so was the 21 year old young lady that we (the table) finally told the waiters no more wine for her. She had a friend with her to get her back to their room.
  13. regardless of how you get to the airport, just know you will have to go through an agriculture screening of luggage before going in to check in. All bags have to be scanned, looking for fruits and plants that are not permitted. We booked a transfer back to the airport through RC. The problem is your luggage goes on a big box truck while you go on a bus. The box truck was about 20 minutes behind us when we got to the airport. They unload the box truck and then you can get your luggage. It is bit of mayhem, but if you know about it ahead, it helps. No one told us about the extra screening, I just happened to find it. Several people rushed in to check in and try to make flights but were turned away to come back.
  14. ok--can someone provide a phone number to this great travel agency/person. I want to see if they can beat what I currently have. I have refundable deposit and that is all I have paid on our next cruise.
  15. This was posted on a Facebook I am member. I am not sure if it is true, but people are being left stranded at port with no transfer back to airport
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