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  1. Learn something new every day. . . I never realized that's what the 'activity' part was referring to. . . Thanks everyone!
  2. This is my first time ever hearing of tendering (I've only cruised to the Bahamas before and neither port was a tender port). Where do I find out if any of the ports on my upcoming cruise require this time of embarkation? I am on Freedom of the Seas, June 9th, St. Martin, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. Thanks for any help!
  3. I've searched and can't seem to find any info. . . I understand that Harmony has a teen SPA for those 13-17, but wondering if Freedom offers that also? My son will be 17 and our cruise is his graduation present, and he is BEGGING for a deep tissue massage (athlete of course. . LOL!). Wondering if it's offered or if I could get for a 17 year old? Also, are there Mommy and Me services? I seen on other ships (Disney obviously!) Mommy and me mani/pedis, etc. Just something fun to do with my 10 year old for a girls pampering. Any one have any info or experience I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any experience with booking through Shoreexcursioneer.com ? They seem to have the same experiences (actually more) but better rates. Looks very legit, just wonder about anyone's thought?
  5. Great points everyone. Thank you. I also figured roaming through markets trying to buy things and showing cash is DEFINITELY not what you should do anywhere (US included!!!) I've traveled Europe on my own and knew what to do there, guess you get a little more concerned with kids---although they aren't babies, a 17 year old young man in tow would definitely be more safe than a 17 month old!
  6. Hi everyone, I think I've made a mistake by researching a little *too much*, you find out info, but then you keep digging and get all the bad too! I totally understand that you can't please everyone and every cruise/port/ship/company is going to have those comments of unhappy people, but something I'm concerned about is excursions by myself with my kids. I've read a couple places that say Jamaica is dangerous and so are other ports of call. I was wanting to do some structured excursions (looking at the horseback riding in Jamaica and possibly something in Cozumel) and I for SURE am not going to roam around anywhere on our own, but wondered if anyone could share some advice? I want my kids to see some interesting things and experience different cultures, but I definitely don't want them to be in danger!! Thanks for any advice :-)
  7. I was also looking at this on Freedom of the Seas, are older kids allowed (10 and 17)? Would they enjoy it?
  8. First post! Planning to surprise my two children with a cruise next June during my son's *slim* window of opportunity to take a vacation. They will be 17 and 10 at the time. Traveling as a single mom with them, I'm wanting to have as much assistance as possible, so wanted to do a Suite in order to have priority boarding and luggage assistance, plus concierge service. They both wanted to visit PR or Jamaica, so thought Freedom of the Seas from San Juan would be perfect! Also saw this is a good ship for 'first-timers' since it's not as large as the Quantum Class (although we're not technically 1st time cruisers, only have done Disney but I think they've outgrown that and Disney ships are very limited in activities after you've done them so many times!) Is this a good choice or is the ship too small compared to Harmony, to find activities? Is the up price for Suite worth it or should I just do a JS (because we WILL need the extra room for sure!) Any advice greatly appreciated!
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