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  1. She was hilarious!! I loved her! Hugo was great too... I had to get used to his energy tho lol.
  2. Maybe around March/April? I’m gonna look up these that you listed also. Thanks a lot!!
  3. I did MTD & it was awesome. I only had to make a reservation the 1st night. I didn’t make another the next day because I wanted to try another option. I still was seated right away & request the same awesome waiters.
  4. So I just returned from my 1st cruise aboard the Mariner & it was so amazing!!! I’m already ready for my next one! I originally wanted to do Symphony but it wasn’t sailing for the dates I needed. Do you recommend that ship? If not, which other RC ship you recommend I try next? Someone said I should do a Carnival cruise next just to compare but RC has spoiled me on my 1st sailing... Also tbh, the two C ships that were docked looked very dated, underwhelming & dry. Thanks for the responses!
  5. I booked a $15 shuttle online with American Transport, he was awesome & quick. I landed at FLL. I called him the night before I returned & he said I could ride with him again. My flight was at 10:00 a.m. so I was nervous about what time I’d get off the boat & how long he’d take to pick me up. He actually got me there nice & early. I’ll be using his service when I cruise again.
  6. If you don’t do the refreshments drink package, you can just drink the water, juice & tea they serve during meal times. On the last day before arrive the RC unlimited fountain drinks cups were on sale for $10. I got mine on that day. Don’t do excursions through the cruise. Go find a local at the beach & get a deal.
  7. I just returned yesterday from sailing on the Mariner & it was AWESOME!! I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Great pics!
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