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    USCG Teacher reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in CDC Conditional Sailing Order   
    Or at least refrain from posting the same negativity on multiple threads. 😉
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    USCG Teacher reacted to twangster in Cruising resumes for North America / USA only?   
    You seem to have taken the position that everyone in America thinks cruises will start tomorrow.   That is an incorrect assumption.  
    We all know the restart will be a process that will take time.  That process couldn't start until the CDC made their announcement yesterday.   The process has begun.  Royal is crewing ships today as a means to fulfil the CDC requirement for sample or test cruises.   Once that is accepted by the CDC they'll move onto the next requirement.  
    Everyone here knows this will take time and there will be milestones to complete but we all see that process is now underway.  
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    USCG Teacher reacted to JLMoran in SilverSea Takes Delivery of the Newest Ship in the RCG Fleet - Silver Moon   
    You're one step closer to your Galapagos sailing in January! 😁
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from EmersonNZ in Australia and New Zealand borders   
    Okay, took me a hot minute.  20 from the flight.  In my defense, I did list missing something as the 1st option...🤣
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    USCG Teacher reacted to LizzyBee23 in CDC Conditional Sailing Order   
    Hey, if we're auditioning: It's not too far of a drive, and there's a 50/50 chance I've already been vaccinated... Alternatively, if I got the placebo and end up sick, well, that means Pfizer is one "event" closer to analyzing their data for efficacy. I see it as win-win, so pick me!!
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    USCG Teacher reacted to twangster in Canada-U.S. border closure extended again amid tension over restrictions ...   
    This isn't aimed at you @cruisellama as the person who posted the link to the article but for general consumption.  
    The blog post above is a reader's digest version that doesn't address the details or intricacies that make modifying the Jones Act or the PVSA unthinkable.  When you start down this path you quickly get into aspects of maritime law that involve not only domestic law but international treaties and conventions the likes of which would have massive implications to modify.
    He should really incorporate immigration law into that article.   That is what makes cruise to nowhere impossible for foreign flagged vessels and that is what would prevent cruises to Alaska from happening even if by some stroke of a miracle the PVSA was modified which it won't be.  
    The reason why the PVSA will never be modified for Alaska is due in part to the American companies operating US flagged passenger ships on these routes.  The legal challenges would be swift and decisive.   In addition the impacts of modifying the PVSA or granting a foreign flagged waiver are immense and impact so much more than just cruise ships.  This is why lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are never willing to open Pandora's Jones/PVSA box.  It is afterall the Passenger Vessel Services Act of which cruise ships are a small part of the fleet involved, a fleet that includes nearly all passenger vessels beyond personal use.
    The "archaic" laws he refers to support over 650,000 US jobs and over $100 billion annually.  That's just the Jones Act fleet.  The PVSA fleet has similar impact to the US economy making the paltry $53 billion claimed by CLIA as the cruise industry impact look less significant.  The portion of that impact associated with Alaska is a fraction of that.  The U.S. industries and organizations impacted have not been shy joining the fight to challenge changes to these laws.   
    CLIA's official position is that no member has any interest to challenge or seek to modify the PVSA.  They know better than to poke the bear.  
    As a cruiser who has sometimes been impacted by the PVSA as I try to plan my cruise ship travel even I recognize the value and importance of these laws.  Here in the U.S. we are better and safer in so many ways related to passenger vessels because of these 'archaic' laws so I'll gladly accept the few times the PVSA doesn't allow me to book a very specific cruise vacation itinerary.
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    USCG Teacher reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in News About NAV Staff   
    @WAAAYTOOO does have time now, but I doubt they will give her a suite.😂
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from SebagoSue in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from twangster in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from JLMoran in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from Ogilthorpe in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher reacted to WAAAYTOOO in News About NAV Staff   
    So I was frustrated that you could not read the sign so I snuck back over there to take a couple more pix.

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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from FionaMG in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from vmagestro in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in News About NAV Staff   
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    USCG Teacher reacted to WAAAYTOOO in News About NAV Staff   
    As you all know, Dan and I are in FL doing some house biz.  We have finished all of that for now and are flying home tomorrow morning.  We are staying at the Miami Airport Marriott tonite for a very early morning flight.
    While walking over to the bar at the Courtyard (so weird that everything at the Marriott is closed but the restaurant and bar at the adjacent Courtyard are open !) we happened upon a “registration” table for Royal Caribbean. Being the naturally curious (not to mention, nosy) person that I am, I stopped and chatted with the guy manning the table.  He said that he was registering new staff that were signing on with NAV.  He said they are just part of rotating maintenance crew and said he has no insight regarding cruise re-start, but it was still exciting to learn that new staff is allowed to come in and most notably, they are flying in.  I tried not to stare at the paperwork but I could see that the list of names looked to be fairly lengthy.  Can’t say that there is any smoking gun or intel that provides any real information but at least I did find out that they were headed to NAV.

    On the way back, the table was unmanned so I snapped a quick pic of the table and sign.
    Maybe ?  Maybe ?
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    USCG Teacher reacted to JLMoran in Is it November Yet?   
    I dunno, maybe Australia deserves to be first. They are down to zero, after all.
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    USCG Teacher reacted to RCVoyager in Cancelling December Question   
    I guess you're right.  Warm fuzzy feelings being the only benefit most of the time.
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    USCG Teacher reacted to FionaMG in Cancelling December Question   
    Maybe not entirely without benefit. I usually get a nice warm fuzzy feeling whenever I'm able to provide someone with a helpful answer to their question. I'd say that's a pretty decent benefit. 😊
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    USCG Teacher reacted to GlowTheWeird in Cancelling December Question   
    Thanks everyone. I read all the cruise with confidence options but wanted clarity and you are all the best of the best 🙂   I think it may be in our best interest to wait a bit to see if we get cancelled by royal and just make that separate May booking. 
    We were hesitant to do the lift and shift as it’s a few families that booked separately, with the lift and shift it appears you pick preference sailings, and I was worried we would all put the same preferences but get different sailings. Not sure if that could occur. Didn’t want to chance it. We also didn’t want to wait that long to see one another.  The May cruise is the same pricing as our original December cruise. 
    Thank you for the advice. Avid lurker on the boards and always hop on those live streams on Facebook/Twitter when Matt does them.  I feel some of you all are famous! 🙂 
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    USCG Teacher reacted to RCVoyager in Cancelling December Question   
    As you mention, the group here is awesome.  There is an incredible amount of experience and knowledge that is shared freely but at the same time graciously and without benefit to the person sharing.  It is remarkable.
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    USCG Teacher reacted to twangster in Cruise price doubles   
    So pricing is back to normal?  
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    USCG Teacher reacted to bhageerah in Still Fly In Day Early?   
    Just my two cents, but I am going to have to agree with the popular vote here.....I would not and can not fly in the same day.  There are FAR too many things that are out of your control that can go wrong.  I know how crazy things are and I can tell you that I am a planner and even getting there a day early I still carry some stress until we are curbside.   Flying in the day of the cruise would drive me absolutely insane!  I know for a fact that I would need to be heavily medicated in order to make the trip to the port that same day.I live about three to three and a half hours away from Baltimore and plan on cruising from there here soon, and I still would not leave it to chance....I know I am paranoid but I have been stuck on 95 for HOURS due to bad accidents or chemical spills.  To me being there a day early allows all of us to destress and relax prior to getting onboard, I consider it money and time well spent!  
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