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    GlassSlipper got a reaction from SuperNinja in First Time Star Class!!!   
    I’m so excited to hear about your experience.  We are *patiently*  or maybe not so patiently waiting for our first Star Class Cruise in April.  Have ever best time!
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    GlassSlipper reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Today I talk about the process of getting transferred to another ship, during the middle of a contract.
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    GlassSlipper reacted to twangster in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    I like to help the greater cruise community.  
    I find a chair for myself that is available.  Then as I have observed an area for a while, I move chair hog stuff and return to my chair.  Some innocent person comes along and starts using the now empty chair.    Chair hog returns and confronts innocent person who can honestly claim they didn't do it, the chair was unused.  
    Walking to breakfast if I notice a series of hogged chairs that are still hogged when I return from breakfast I grab the towel and drop it off somewhere.   Chair is freed up. 
    I consider it a community service.  
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    GlassSlipper reacted to CHRIS WONG in Hello! I Am A Crew Member!   
    Today I talk about how many hours a day I work onboard!
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    GlassSlipper got a reaction from lauraodonnell86 in Confusion over Caribbean Paddling in Saint Martin   
    My parents just went on a great excursion with Caribbean Paddling 2 months ago.  It was our 2nd time using them.  Great day, on time-everything perfect.  I think it is just a case of contacting a similar company.  Hope you have fun on your trip!
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    GlassSlipper got a reaction from PRebecca in First Time Star Class!!!   
    First time Star Class and first time Royal Caribbean cruiser here as well.   I would also like to know some of the more hidden inclusions of Star Class.  For example, I was surprised the Escape Room and the Cupcake Class were included-anything else?  We are on the “new” Oasis of the Seas this spring-so I know my kids would love Laser Tag-is it included?   I also saw on a blog where you could get Cotten Candy from the sweet shop or other snacks.  
    Also, how does the “priority” for things like the Abyss or the Flowrider work?  Or do you even have priority?
    Sorry to be so clueless here-we are just so excited and do not want to miss out.  
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