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  1. Going to take a ride to NJ Beach (Wildwood) for a short break (5 nights) next weekend (Friday - Wednesday). My wife & her family co-own a cabin in the NY Adirondacks, think we will head up there for a few nights around labor day. Other than that - try and carry a few vacation days over next year and use a few to finally clean out the garage.
  2. Good friend is trying to get me to go ... Got to be on the next 'guys trip' idea list for sure!
  3. We started the pool conversation, had the hot tub last year but decided maybe not for us (rather cool down vs heat up). The conversation started with "hey a simple round pool and big old deck around it could be neat and affordable" but is slowly headed to -- "well, with no kids and no plans for kids and just wanting a pool to sit in, maybe a small 10x20 cocktail in-ground with an area big enough to put loungers in the pool (think that two inch of water on some of the Anthem / Oasis / pools). Our backyard is flat, it's just asking for it ... I fear it's getting too late in the season to start a
  4. Right? It's like those weddings where they stop bar service at dinner because they only get 4 hours of bar and 5 hours of party... WHY! Cut the last hour out, no one stays the entire time!
  5. This just popped into my head...I know sometimes it's difficult to leave the bed when your stomach feels upside down, but what helps my wife (she is known to get sick day one as she adjusts) is to get to mid-ship & lower deck. One example was the Schooner Bar on Explorer, it was a great place for her to have a ginger ale and relax a bit and she started to feel better; mind you that was after being in bed for a few hours having taken the meds, ate toast, etc, etc.
  6. But there is a beverage package to help settle the stomach :)
  7. It honestly depends. We sailed Explorer to Caribbean in March and don't recall anything major. We sailed NCL Gem out of NYC on 1/11/2011 and a blizzard was coming in, WOW that ship was rocking, but we survived. Anthem is a big ship I wouldn't worry too much about it. When did your friend sail? Was it one of the times the captain took her through a major storm that hit all the news stations? Because that's rare. Now with James Van Fleet monitoring all weather all the time, you'll be fine. I also have never gotten sea sick, and been in some rough seas ... although I keep trying to pas
  8. I'm torn because I could see sailings not happening or very limited until the spring season begins (late March / April). However, my random opinion, I wouldn't use themed cruises as a guide to what the industry will be doing. They want to fill the ship, they want it to be fun and safe for everyone and know even if ships are sailing first quarter it'll be limited capacity, lots of regulations, and only crazy cruise nuts like us will want to sail. A lot of variables, I think it was smart for them to do their own L&S, personally.
  9. Sailed to Bermuda in May once, it was a bit chilly, I insisted on wearing shorts and flip-flops. Everyone thought I was crazy. LOL
  10. Also upstate NY resident. I've sailed NYC in January nearly froze my wife out of the room (had to be on balcony for sail away and left door open). We have sailed out of Bayonne in late March to Caribbean on Explorer, wasn't too bad especially by the second day. We have sailed on Anthem to Bermuda 3 times. Don't have a blog or any public pictures, but she's a great ship with tons to offer. I'm obsessed with the solarium! You will not be disappointed.
  11. My vote is for Allue as well. Never sailed her and love Oasis Class ships, as mentioned better suite perks, I love St. Thomas and never been to Puerto Plata. Although, the Explorer itinerary is something I'd be interested in too.
  12. I've been trying various refreshing drinks to feel like I'm on the pool deck.
  13. I agree with @Lovetocruise2002, this is definitely a personal decision; in your shoes if I thought the price would never get that low again and a WOW REALLY (like the 40% drink packages) I'd get it... Otherwise, I'd wait until ships start to sail again.
  14. Sorry, know how much you were looking forward to it. We moved to next year after the CLIA announcement. Good luck on your hail mary L&S! Diet: ugh, it's all of us struggling. I have to realize, I'll be remote for the foreseeable future. As @SteveinSC mentioned, it's time for me to get a routine, up my workouts (I am doing a little from home gyms still closed), and put away the alcohol during the week.
  15. We talked about a pool this year hot tub last year. Think we will go pool but next year. By the time it's up and running, summer will be over in NY. Same... And this Genie is making some Margarita's tonight!
  16. Yep. Originally things were denied. Mine was an uphill battle but honestly, not all that horrible. I had to lay everything out for them purchase by purchase, and submit a statement via some refund link. The status page made it seem like things were being denied too, but I just sat and waited for emails with every intention of disputing it with my CC. I was okay with the credit and received that quickly, problem was I had a bunch of paid upgrades and United just shrugged their shoulders "non-refundable." I had $793.00 dollars in paid upgrades vs the $376.80 base fare as my credit. I was going d
  17. Yup! Took an act of congress to get my added upgrades with United Airlines refunded. Finally got the last $11.20 USD for two "September 11th Security Fee" for a two tickets booked with miles. I cancelled those flights back in late April. I did cancel some cruise planner purchases on June 6th and June 20th and received those refunds around the end of June.
  18. 1. Due to hurricane Jerry last year we didn't stay an extra day in Bermuda. While upsetting, we had a few friends on board so the extra sea day was a great way to relax with them and enjoy our drink package. 2. Sign me up for e-muster if true!
  19. Sorry about the cruise! It was a few days before final payment of my September cruise that I knew we would cancel, especially since the extension to September announcement just happened. We also had a December cruise we knew we wanted to cancel as it was supposed to be a friends trip but everyone was having trouble making it. I considered making final payment on September until Royal official cancelled (assuming we aren't sailing in September at all) but once my agent told me about the cancellation policy following you with a L&S that was enough to make my move on both cruises.
  20. Lots to do in Bermuda. If they enjoy a day at the beach check out Horseshoe Bay, busses are a few steps away that are dedicated to beach runs. The crystal caves are neat, I enjoyed that. Also I hear great things about the Aquarium, Museum and zoo. Freedom it's been a few years, but LOTS to do onboard, she's a great ship. Make sure to sign them up for Adventure Ocean. Here are a few blog posts from @Matt: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/category/category/adventure-ocean
  21. I did look into Amtrak from NY to FL vs airfare for a cruise. The price was a bit much so we passed. I'd be more into it than my wife anyway. Someday I'll do something.
  22. That's actually on my bucket list. Fly into FLL or MIA and drive the rest of the way. I'd probably fly back from Key West vs drive back.
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