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  1. I thought the same thing, a bit irresponsible, IMHO, BUT, this isn't @Jill's story, it's one she's sharing.
  2. CK is LOVED by most of the regular suite guests. I'm guilty of only 2 visits over 3 cruises. Not because the food was bad or anything like that, but we were sailing with non-suite guests and wanted to enjoy meals with them. Friends > CK (barely ?). The food is delish and service is exceptional, I'd say think of it as specialty dining included in your suite fare. I'm sure the maitre d' will accommodate and keep you with the same server. I'd say you'd prefer CK over MDR. With that, I'll leave it to the CK experts to chime in with better intel!
  3. Unfortunately, false positives and negatives will happen. These are the risks anyone cruising right now needs to accept.
  4. From @Matt's blog post it looks like (if I am understanding correctly) your situation falls under "wait & see." https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/01/royal-caribbean-will-refund-your-future-cruise-credits-if-you-dont-new-health-protocols
  5. Yep. Politics to the side (I'm not a political person and try to steer clear of all conversations) I think the FL lawsuit in general is what lit the fire under the CDCs behind. If not for that, we'd still be talking about next round of cancellations vs next round of ships re-starting.
  6. Congratulations! If it were me, I wouldn't be thrilled about a vacation with a newborn for several reasons. (Disclaimer, no kids here). You're in a tricky situation, I'd suggest sailing before the baby is born, if you can change those sailings, BUT she cannot be more than 23 weeks, so you'd have to go soon. Maybe a relative would love to babysit for a week while you're gone? Another option, maybe mom would love a solo cruise or cruise with her girlfriends while dad hangs back with the baby? Doesn't help your itch to cruise however. I wasn't big on refundable cruises but now agree with @ConstantCruiser and others who advocate refundable fare. I did for my January 2022 cruise and will for another I'm considering. Too many unknown variables these days. Whatever you end up doing, try to work in refundable if at all possible.
  7. Hopefully I didn't miss someone saying ... I might book last minute as a solo ... Any solo travelers? To preserve vacation time I'll probably work some half days... UGH, Working from my balcony, worst thing ever... ? Edit: Flight costs are insane and not entirely thrilled about using Air 2 Sea and flying from LGA. So for now, my last minute solo cruise idea has a wider net for dates.
  8. Awesome accomplishment! Congratulations @Matt and thank you for all of this.
  9. Sailed Anthem 3 times and each in a Grand Suite. Everyone raves about Coastal Kitchen, us included (although didn't take full advantage and only ate a few meals there). Also, the Sun Deck (accessible AFT just before area with bumper cars, etc) is a nice quiet spot to enjoy. A lot of the time suite perks were wasted on us :). Enjoy he cruise!
  10. I came here to say basically this! A GOOD agent can be worth every penny. My agent was travelling last week on the inaugural sailing of Adventure, which I didn't know it at the time. I sent an email about an upcoming final payment & about another cruise - wanted to switch, blah, blah, blah. Kathy from MEI not only had her 'auto reply' stating to expect a delay in response, due to out of office, WHY she was out of the office AND someone to contact if it was an emergency. I decided it wasn't an emergency and patiently waited. Once she replied, I had her full attention and not only did she answer questions thoroughly (giving me way more info and answering questions I didn't know I had) but handled the cruise with upcoming final payment AND booked the cruise I was looking at, IN the room I wanted, for LESS! (Let's not forget, while onboard Adventure). Like you @Jill I decided to use a travel agent because I wanted to do a group thing December of 2020, also while I was at it, I gave her my September 2020 cruise. The December cruise I was hoping to get a bunch of friends and make it a group rate, and having run a group thing myself once, wanted no part of doing that again LOL! Kathy, for the last two years this upcoming September, has been amazing and treated me like I've sailed 10000 cruises with her, yet, due to the pandemic, I've sailed ZERO. TL;DR: A good travel agent is worth way more than they are paid by Royal Caribbean and at $0.00 cost to you, it's a no-brainer.
  11. Welcome to the forums. I've personally been at a table with about (going off memory) 12 and I'm sure they would have figured out how to get a few more. I'd speak to the main dining room when you board to see what they can organize for you. With 21 people, guessing about 10 cabins (give or take a cabin) have you considered a group rate? I believe the minimum is 8 cabins and you'll get some perks, nothing life changing, but a "freebie" nonetheless. When I did a group rate it paid for my (and wife's) drink package with enough left over to spread a little OBC to everyone. (I considered spreading it all but many said to keep it, plus not using a travel agent (BIG MISTAKE) I earned the drink package ?).
  12. Yep! I was under the false impression all Odyssey crew was vaccinated, until I watched one of @CHRIS WONG's vlogs where he mentioned getting the J&J vaccine after already joining the ship; So, the crew isn't fully vaccinated yet. So, with all those employees traveling to the ship, a few positive cases was inevitable.
  13. This is a GREAT tip. Example: We decided to cancel a cruise, prior to notifiying our travel agent I went and cancelled our Cruise Planner purchases... Even though I cancelled our Beach Club cabana it still showed up as "sold out" in the planner ... maybe a wait-list? No idea because technically there is now one. In fact, because I had purchased it, it didn't show sold out just "you purchased on ..." when I cancelled it flipped to sold out. Same for us, the beach bed is $149.99 - $199.99 (for South Beach) vs $321.98, I'm thinking the wife will enjoy the bed more than having access to the club. I'd consider the cabana again but it was a hard pill to swallow at $800, now it's $1200 ... I'm good. ?
  14. It could be sold out? I wouldn't be too concerned, as Freedom of the Seas is part of the initial restart with a date of July 2nd. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/06/04/royal-caribbean-announces-it-will-restart-cruises-the-us-july *edit: It is strange the first available date is September, but could be anything, really.
  15. Yes! I really enjoyed the innovation and changes in both Oasis & Quantum class ships but still keeping the feel of a Royal Caribbean signature ship. I have faith Icon will not disappoint continuing that trend. I've already warned the wife, I need a new ship (& class) smell, so Q3/Q4 2023 we are cruising LOL.
  16. Let's not forget about the chemistry lessons of drink mixology.
  17. Last few years it has been NJ to Bermuda cruises, almost exclusively. I'm just excited to get back to the Caribbean LOL! I also love the NY winter escape to FL and a cruise, been a few (okay 10) years since we did that. Hey, that was Oasis 2012! We did do Adventure from PR in 2013. Yes, it will be great to sail with you too!
  18. Awesome! That sucks about the charter :(! We haven't been to Coco Cay (pre or post Perfect Day), Roatan, or Costa Maya so that was our deciding factor - new ports. Of course having sailed on Oasis in 2010 & 2012 we are looking forward to experiencing the enhancements. Yeah, I am not holding my breath for that magical price drop. We had a GS for September $4,409.78. A quick search for a GS for this cruise: $6706.88. If it was in the 5's I could justify it to the wife better :). Oh well.
  19. Just had my travel agent book this cruise today! Unfortunately, it's a replacement cruise for September 19th, 2021. New job for the wife leaves too large of an unknown and too large of a FCC if we had to cancel after final payment. Currently we are in a "Large Balcony" cabin deck 12 (the hump) but hope the Grand Suite prices drop down closer to something I can justify. Anyway, who else will be on this sailing?
  20. I saw it the other day but wrote it off as it remembered I was looking for Oasis cruises. I too was incognito, but didn't close and reopen the browser to clear any lingering cookies, cache, etc. Since I am looking at a cruise on Oasis in January, because, sadly I might be replacing Oasis this September (although same ship is a coincidence), I'll keep a closer eye on that behavior.
  21. Wasn't sure if it was 1 at a time or more. So, if I have two drink packages could I in theory snag 4 at once? That would easily solve @Tami's issue without making a project out of it.
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