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  1. UPDATE: Good morning - I want to thank everyone who let me "vent" about my recent situation with Royal Caribbean. Since my former friend was able to access and cancel my 40th anniversary cruise (since she had been provided the reservation number to link to our reservation) I have been doing everything in my power to have someone from RCCL just hear me out and take the time to investigate my claim. This finally happened. I reached out to an advocacy group - the Elliott Advocacy Group - for help. Michelle Friedman took the time to review every document that I had provided RCCL in hopes of at least getting my $200 deposit back. I am happy to report that the Chairperson of the Resolutions Department at RCCL reached out to me with a formal apology and stated that she and other staff members actually took the time to review and listened to the cancelation voice recordings. Although they were not able to provide me with a copy of the actual recording they were now convinced that it was not me that phoned in the cancelation. RCCL also offered to reinstate my original reservation - they were not able to offer the cabin on the back of the ship since it had already been sold - at the cost that we paid back in 2020. Since we had already rebooked a cruise for the same week on a different ship they applied an additional $200 to the balance we owed and even provided us with a $100 on board credit. I am so glad that this is finally over. They too were surprised that someone would stoop that low and be that hateful. So this restores my faith in RCCL and the groups that advocate for others. Not sure that without the help of the Elliott Advocacy Group I would have ever received a response from RCCL - but I did and I am happy with their response and the outcome -so time to close this case and move on - looking forward to sailing in 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! - rita
  2. sorry just noticed I had not responded to this -- I was out $200 since RCCL said my deposit was non-refundable. I am going to post an update since I finally heard back from Royal yay
  3. but they are saying my FCC is less the $200 non refundable deposit I lost when "I canceled" - frustrating!
  4. AGREE!!! As annoying as some of the password protection policies are - they are there for our protection - thanks for your response!
  5. Thanks so much for your response - venting about this situation makes me feel a little better - RCCL stated that this doesn't fall under the cruise with confidence policy and that I will not be refunded my $200 deposit however they will provide a $300 FCC - which to me is totally unacceptable - I am not giving up - I figure someone somewhere will be able to get me through to RCCL - who I look at in a totally different light these days --- thanks again and happy holidays -
  6. Funny thing is I talked to the "resolution manager" at RCCL who gave me the instructions for obtaining the voice recordings (sending certified/signature required envelop). The police detective said since this is fraud/impersonation it would be best for the police to get all the information and than present my legal case to an attorney. Guess I am going to have to skip the police and go straight to the lawyer - sad but this toxic "person" should not be able to yet again walk away as the victim --- thanks for your response - appreciate it!
  7. Thanks for your response - just venting and having people hear my situation makes me feel a little better. This "abuse" has been going on for 15 years and now it is just the last straw with her canceling my anniversary cruise - if you would have seen my husband's face - not only when he was so proud he had booked this cruise as a suprise - but than when "she canceled it" - that look will never leave my mind. He had booked the suite on the back of the ship over a 1 1/2 year ago - something that has been on our bucket list - it is now a matter of accountability. I am under a lot of stress but it would be more difficult to let her once again claim she is the victim and walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist. It is a game to her and I as of now am ready to play so she can realize that this is not acceptable behavior. I am extremely curious to hear the tapes of "me canceling" - and the fact that RCCL won't cooperate or even let me hear the recordings is again frustrating! The police are trying to secure the tape recordings so I can pursue legal action - without RCCLs cooperation - it goes nowhere - I did everything they asked me to do to secure the recordings - sent a $25 certified/signature required letter explaining what I needed (per their instructions) they don't call the detective back despite his numerous calls and requests - they make these recordings for a reason - and this is a good reason! Thanks again for letting me vent - I pray this woman will be made accountable and than I can move on!! Happy holidays!
  8. I have a "criminal order" obtained by the police department - this is needed prior to determining if I have a criminal case to take to a lawyer. Without the voice recordings it is her word against mine - just wanted to warn everyone about how important the booking number is - I for one did not realize this and I have learned my lesson - just hope I can make this woman accountable and move on to cruising and celebrating my anniversary! Funny thing is - I never received any email confirmation on this cancelation - that was the first thing I asked RCCL - it wasn't until I called and inquired about my so called cancelation that I was sent an email cancelation - makes the situation even more frustrating! I need to hear what "I said" on the voice recordings -
  9. Thanks so much for responding - in my 15 years of dealing with this toxic narcissist I have "turned the other cheek" so many times. The RCCL incident is just the tip of the iceberg. Like you mentioned, I decided to move on and just ignore her - but that is when she wasn't used to being ignored and she turned to ways to hurt me (emails/texts to my friends and family) - I could tell you stories - she just needs to be accountable - no one every stands up to her and she is always the "victim". The Royal incident was the final straw because it did involve a surprise that my husband planned. It is really not about the money- it is making this woman accountable - I now fear if she could convince Royal she is me - who is next - my bank! I appreciate your well wishes - rita
  10. Thanks for taking the time to respond - this 40th anniversary cruise was the first "surprise" my husband has ever planned for me in our 40+ years together - you can rest assured from now on I will be using a travel agent - I hope no one else has to deal with what I am going through - it is horrible - all I want is to make the "woman" accountable and I cannot do it with the help of RCCL - they gave me their protocol for obtaining the voice recordings and I followed their instructions including sending out the documents in a $25 certified mail /signature required envelope - just hope that just maybe someone will read my correspondence and help me obtain what I need to get RCCL to help me stop this toxic person and make sure she doesn't get away with this!! Happy Holidays !
  11. I know - but I need the voice recorded message to be released from Royal before the lawyer can move forward - that is what is so frustrating - Royal is not cooperating - despite me doing everything they told me to do to obtain the voice recording
  12. you're missing the point -- I need royal to release the voice recordings - I am not going after royal I am just mad that they won't provide the evidence I need to take this case to the courts -- and since I wasn't the one linking my reservation - I was unaware of all the warnings - this cruise was a surprise from my husband who had never booked before - lesson learned !
  13. I am not bad mouthing Royal - I am a diamond member and have 4 additional cruises booked - just want to press charges against this former friend for impersonation and Royal hasn't been cooperating - despite them requesting I send a registered letter with copy of police report, etc - which I did - it is just frustrating and wanted to make people aware to guard your booking number - hope no one goes through what I have gone through and believe me I will be more careful with friends - this person was a "friend" for over 13 years and I guess she has snapped!
  14. It's not about getting my booking back - it is too late for that - I am just frustrated that Royal has no security in place - ie pin number, etc. - never would I have ever thought someone would step so low but right now I just need Royal to cooperate with the police - this is a matter of impersonation and fraud
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