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  1. Just finished our sailing on Anthem from Bayonne this morning. We had 2443 guests and capacity is 4900. Expecting 2800 this week.
  2. Boarding tomorrow at 1230. First time back on a ship in 26 months.
  3. What is that called? Can you only get it at Perfect Day?
  4. You would think IT could get it fixed for the black Friday sales. Kind of hard to book anything when they are all mixed up. Maybe that's their way of not selling things at a sale price.
  5. Can't wait to follow your trip! Could you please post the cruise compass as I will be sailing on AOS leaving the 28th. Have a fantastic trip.
  6. I just got the news that our itinerary has been changed. No more Falmouth or Grand Cayman.
  7. I always think of the end of your vacation and getting back home. If you drive then it is another 2 days. For me I would fly. It seems more stressful to my about getting home than getting to my destination.
  8. I am booked on Anthem in April as well and no excursions show up for me either
  9. Please add Anthem. November 28 2021
  10. Thank you. That is a good point about seeing how far you have to go when boarding.
  11. Lots of great info here for arrival. Can anyone help with suggestions for the return trip. Should we put our luggage out the night before or just keep it with us? We are a family of four and probably one bag per person. We are early risers and will be parked in the parking garage as suggested earlier in this thread. Thanks for any help.
  12. I understand it to be for those traveling with children under 12 in their party would be consider unvaccinated.
  13. I stayed at Hyatt Place. Great shuttle service to and from the port and airport. 2 minute walk to a Publix. 1851 S.E. 10Th Ave(Harbor Shops Dr West)
  14. I am on vacation, DILLIGA*.
  15. Can't wait to see the new ship. Anyone else on this sailing?
  16. How sad is it that we all get excited to see what the new schedule will be. This is the only pleasure in the cruising world now. Can't wait to get back!
  17. Thank you for your input. I assumed this was the case but just wanted to see if others experienced this as well.
  18. I am curious if anyone else out there has had to pay extra taxes when they chose to do a lift and shift? I chose the exact same cruise just moved it from April 2021 till April 2022 and my travel agent told me today that there will be an extra charge for higher taxes in 2022.
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