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  1. wife & I discussed it and have decided to call and cancel... ...funny considering just got email that our Royalup bid for JS was accepted thinking of doing a driving trip hoping to be able to get an actual refund instead of FCC, but don't know how realistic that is. Thanks everyone for updates....we will be with you in spirit
  2. very much appreciate the status updates...keep em coming. scheduled for 12/26 sailing...see that my JS royalup is pending and others expired, but worried that more crew cases will lead to more cancellations....guess I have another 24 hrs to still cancel.
  3. not sure if anyone in PR at Royal Monitors social media, but you'd think someone in HQ would have an immediate zoom meeting with all captains to get the point across (and maybe make Cap of Symphony Stay after class with their positive #'s)
  4. how does this apply to: 1: smokers...are they allowed to take masks off...specifically in the casino...to smoke? 2: fitness area...masks required while on treadmills, etc just curious.
  5. definitely don't expect speed like home...just enough for functionality. I do have a hotspot strength app on my phone, so plan to do a little walkabout to find the best locations to use. Not sure if the ships still have the little computer shop that actually had some hardwired computers (which likely wouldn't run what I need to run)...I suppose they might know of good spots. In Glacier Nat Park last year the access point was in the main lodge on the ceiling, so if we sat on the top floor near the railings we could actually get a signal =:-).
  6. Being fully vaccinated/boostered, I feel fairly safe onboard and in open air excursions, but my wife/I had intended to do the certified scuba excursions at CocoCay and St Thomas, but now find ourselves wondering about the sanitization of the provided BCD/regulator/etc. anyone done scuba since the restart? Did you feel equipment was adequately sanitized? Thanks!
  7. Rose Bowl (go Bucks!) on Jan 1st....they better be avoiding any storms!
  8. thanks everyone (esp Twangster for the tech-splanation) need to remote into my work computer...sounds promising that it should work.
  9. Thanks....will be at sea the day I need to get on...hopefully VOOM doesn't go BOOM that day.
  10. have read in a couple of reviews that wifi was "spotty" on Odyssey. I had intended to be able to do a couple of end-of-year computer tasks while onboard....curious to get more details on how unpredictable it actually is (or does spotty just mean certain areas of the ship)? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info....will definitely plan to do the self assist...have an 11am flight, sounds like it should be do'able.
  12. Sailing on odyssey on dec 26…wondering under current protocols how early you can disembark. Previously on celebrity we were able just keep our luggage and carry it off pretty early. Any recent cruisers care to comment? Thanks
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