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  1. Does coco cay beach club include snorkel gear and floating mats for ocean?
  2. Looking at two different excursions in Falmouth Jamaica - Catamaran Sail & Lagoon Snorkel OR Discovery Bay Snorkel Party Beach. Has anyone been on either of them? Both are about 1/2 drive from the port. Reviews? Comments? Thank you.
  3. Has anyone ever went on a private excursion with good day charters in st thomas? We have a private excursion booked and just wondering how was your experience? Also when RC is on st thomas island do they go by ships time or change to st thomas time?
  4. What kind of Black Friday deals have you seen in the past for deluxe drink packages?
  5. In general, we can you start to book onboard activities, shows and beverage packages? Sailing in Feb 2019.
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