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  1. Last year I got the 12 night for the best price on Black Friday, It was call Ultimate Dining Package and them it was renamed Ultimate Dining Package after that. For the rest of the year leading up to the fall the package did not get any cheaper.
  2. We had the UDP on our cruise this fall and made all out reservations once we were onboard. If you decide on night to go the the MDR or to the Windjammer cancel your reservation at the restaurant you had booked that evening as a courtesy. The specialty restaurant maybe booked that night and people maybe trying to get a reservation, or maybe a different seating time. If you do not show up for your reservation it is not the end of the world, but if you show them the courtesy, maybe when you need to make a reservation or change your seating time the Maitre'd will be more willing to help you out.
  3. I had the key for the Vision of the Seas this past fall. I had the Key and you just go down the stairs to the level where the tenders are loading and you just show your card and they will point you in the right direction. People that were on the ship that were not in a rush to be on the first few tenders had no trouble getting off. Because both these ships are small there was no advantage to having the Key for tendering.
  4. Wonderland is priced on its own. Even if you have the Ultimate Dining Package there is no credit given towards wonderland or Chef's Table.
  5. The dining menus usually are there for the specialty restaurants. The activities and times are usually not listed until a couple weeks out and even then not all the activities are listed. Even when I was on the ship the cruise compass was the only thing that listed every activity. The app even when refreshed throughout the day did not have all activities.
  6. @Popeye007 there in room safes in this hotel. I have stayed at their hotels in many European cities, very good chain.
  7. I have to agree with @spiralqueen Modern pastry was much better and a favourite of locals.
  8. When there is an inspection by any of the coast guards you will not be able to board until they give the all clear. Normally you would be able to board a cruise earlier but when there is an inspection being done they are not able to let any passengers on board early.
  9. While in Europe I tipped in US$ and in Euros it did not matter to most of the crew. If they were not able to get off the ship in the EU they would trade with other crew members. I would tip our room attendant in US$ and asked her if there was anything she would like in port as a treat. It was usually some form of chocolate, and she was so appreciative for those bars.
  10. I am with Telus and they just charge $12 dollars for a 24 hour period. You only have to pay for the periods you use.
  11. I was just on a 12 night cruise this past September and was waiting for the laundry special, it never happened. I asked and they had a few issues with the laundry so they did not want to be overwhelmed with laundry,so they did not offer the special. Just regular pricing unfortunately.
  12. Motel One is a great German chain, and I just stayed at this hotel before boarding in Barcelona in Sept. Great clean hotel near all the attractions, safe area lots of restaurants within walking distance. There is a taxi lot on the corner of the hotel. I believe it was 19 euros to the terminal. From the airport to Motel One it was approximately 23 euros. Great roof top bar for in the evenings, and the lobby bar is great as well.
  13. The ports were just one day each except for the overnight in Venice. Each port had plenty of time to do your own thing or a tour through the cruise line. I think 10 + is the best for the Med., anything less is to short especially if you have to travel from North America.
  14. Just completed a 12 night Venice Mediterranean cruise on Vision of the Seas and it was fantastic. Could not of picked a better itinerary, and the ship was great too. It is an older ship, but it has been maintained very well, and the crew is what makes this ship.
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