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    IRMO12HD got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in xSAILEDx Navigator of the Seas 3-Night Ensenada 28 January - 31 January 2022   
    This will be the first part of my first B2B -- a 3-Night followed by a 4-Night on Navigator.  No special excursions or activities planned yet -- just want to be on a cruise ship!  Anyone else?
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Funeegal in Can't find answer - Positive COVID test for one but not the other   
    Thanks @AshleyDillo This is my first cruise without my family!  So excited for a mom's get-away!
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    IRMO12HD reacted to AshleyDillo in Can't find answer - Positive COVID test for one but not the other   
    Absolutely no benefit to letting them know ahead of time there's going to be a no show, either for you or them.  You can just tell them when checking in if they ask about the other party. 
    If both of you sail and you don't check in at the same time, that's absolutely not an issue either. You don't have to have the entire party there to board the ship unless there are minors involved.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Matt in Cancellation of single traveler in a double occupancy room   
    You got it. Complete your check in. 
    When you get to the port, they'll ask where your second person is and you tell them they aren't coming.  That's it, they wont bat an eye.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to ChrisK2793 in Cancellation of single traveler in a double occupancy room   
    Just have the person not coming be a “No Show” ….. that way the person going doesn’t have to pay more  than their current total rate for the room AND all the port charges/taxes for the person who “no shows” will be refunded.
    No matter what, 1 person in the room will have to pay the cost of 2 people being in the room, but the room could cost more if you cancel one of them now.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to cotterb in Cancellation of single traveler in a double occupancy room   
    We're currently booked on the Grandeur OTS out of Barbedos in March.  My mother and aunt are sharing a room.  In light of the recent reports of Aruba, Omnicron, CDC, etc I want to be able to consider our options.
    With respect to the Cruise with Confidence program, if either my mother or aunt, but not both, want a refund, how does that affect the remaining traveler?  Will they get hit with a higher bill at the last moment?
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    IRMO12HD reacted to PG Cruiser in Set Sail Pass Question   
    Since I was going to present my physical passport and vaccine card at check-in anyway, I decided to have everything printed so I don't have to have a phone on one hand and documents on the other.  I neatly organized everything in a document holder.

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    IRMO12HD reacted to teddy in Set Sail Pass Question   
    I have a iPhone so I add the set sail pass to the wallet.  There must be a similar thing on other makes of phones?
    I’m also just old enough that I bring hard copies of everything, set sail passes included. 
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Andy & Sheryl Unwin in Set Sail Pass Question   
    We carry a printed copy as a back up. The primary is a screen shot of our Set Sail passes on Cell phone.  I have been doing that with airline tickets for a few years. The screen shot means you are not at the mercy of failing wi-fi
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    IRMO12HD reacted to BrianB in Cancellation of single traveler in a double occupancy room   
    As far as the question will one get a refund for cancelling…not the cruise fare. The bane of us solo cruisers is the double occupancy requirement. We pay cruise fare for two people. Which makes sense because it prevents couples from booking two cabins for the price of one. Port fees and taxes are for one. I agree with the idea that if one decides not to cruise, just don’t show up. The cruise fare will remain the same but the port fees and taxes for the no show passenger will be refunded. By cancelling one passenger…the cruise fare may be higher just because of the current rate.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to steverk in book with air2sea but want to arrive earlier   
    I've always felt the prices were about as good as I can do on my own, but only once did I ever dig in to it in detail.
    That said, they do have a price guarantee.  If you find the flight for a lower fare, they will match it.  I've never had the occasion to try, so I don't know the details on this.
    Even if it is more expensive, they've bailed me out twice now and their service is worth spending more.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in book with air2sea but want to arrive earlier   
    You got it!  When I book through Air2Sea, I track prices just like how I track my cruise cabin pricing.  When I see a drop, I call Air2Sea back and ask them for a price adjustment.  You can do this up until final payment when the air fare that you book is refundable.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Jill in Cancellations have started :(   
    ‘Atta girl! I like the way your wife thinks! 
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    IRMO12HD reacted to SpeedNoodles in Cancellations have started :(   
    I'm determined to not worry about the end of the month for at least another week or two. I just refuse, lol.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Vancity Cruiser in Cancellations have started :(   
    It was a wild ride for sure! I was ready to cut our losses and book a couple nights in a hotel and head back but my wife always finds a way to make things happen
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    IRMO12HD reacted to SpeedNoodles in Cancellations have started :(   
    I'm glad you are finding a way to salvage this, especially after the troubles getting there!
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Vancity Cruiser in Cancellations have started :(   
    We just landed in Miami 2 hours ago after 12 hours of travel through snowstorms from Vancouver to find our Symphony sailing tomorrow is cancelled. Literally got the notification at the second wheels touched down. Obviously disappointed but we knew things are crazy and anything was possible. First reaction was let’s see if we can get on another Royal cruise sailing in the next day or two. Unfortunately Royal has all sailings through January frozen for new booking and no one at customer service was any help.
    Ever the optimist, my wife got on the phone with Norwegian and long story short, we are boarding on Norwegian Joy in 17 hours. What a wild ride!! 🤯
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    IRMO12HD reacted to SpeedNoodles in The "til Jan 5" mask mandate should be revised any day now?   
    I have such little tolerance for losing that I'm typically out of a casino in 20-30 minutes, smoke or no smoke.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to kas4488 in 3 YO Positive at Embarkation for Navigator   
    Thanks all. The rest of us have dodged it (vaccines work sometimes at least). He is doing fine. Fever for 1 day and a pretty good cough. Just booked Oasis out of Miami in April as a replacement 😉 Much better stops and excursion options...kids have to wait a bit longer but will have a great time eventually!  Hopefully this wave dies down by then.  Sail safe friends. 
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Traveling Mike in 3 YO Positive at Embarkation for Navigator   
    I am sorry this happened to you.  It looks like you have similar attitude about this as I do.  I always look at these things as experiences.  You can always tell your kids this is an experience that not very many people have and a story they can tell.  Their next cruise they can tell everyone about the time they traveled to California and their little brother tested positive.  Life is a bunch of experiences good and bad.
    My thoughts are with your family,
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Neesa in Disappointing new mask requirement   
    @Kim Amato we also reside in Florida & were not happy when they advised us the evening before our sailing that the mask requirements were going to be even tighter then when we booked the sailing. I was not happy as we also only wear masks IF inside a Doctors Office. We decided that night in the hotel as a family we wanted to be at sea for Christmas & we also agreed that Royal is a business and like it or not, agree with it or not we signed up to sail during these weird times and knew things evolved and changed all the time.  Some ones sailing had to be the first one with last minute notification & it was ours.
    We decided not only would we sail we wouldn't engage in speaking or complaining in any active conversations about it once we were on the ship, alas taking away from our joy we had anticipated. It was tough at first because in the terminal there were some really heated discussions but we promised each other we spent a lot of money to celebrate the blessings we were experiencing and the crazy year we had just gone through. 
    Honestly after the first night I promise you, we didn't even flinch;  the idea of wearing it everywhere was worse then actually wearing it everywhere. I personally was more perturbed at how Royal packed the ship, relaxing to soon being a bit cavalier with so many people on board, we sailed twice since the "come back" & that was a bit much coupled with the limited capacity protocols everywhere else. 
    You know your own comfort levels, the masks that @SpeedNoodlesmentioned were all over the ship, people really seem to like them, comfortable I was told especially with glasses, (mine always fogged up) 
    Some actively desire this industry to fail, I am not one of them. We enjoy sailing and hated it when they were shut down. Whatever you decide have a very Happy & Healthy New Year! Denise
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    IRMO12HD reacted to AshleyDillo in 3 Night Dining Package a la carte pricing question   
    Izumi Sushi has a deal where you can pay 34.99 and order a small plate, two large plates and a dessert..it's a lot of food if you look at the menu. You can choose to use that as your 2nd meal choice if you want for Chops + 1. If you choose to use the Izumi Hibachi as the 2nd meal choice it's a $10 or $15 upcharge depending on what protein you order. The issue is if you have a party at Izumi that is mixed between non Hibachi and not, the ones not doing Hibachi are going to be taking up seats at the Hibachi table that could have been sold to another passenger. I am not sure how they accommodate this. Additionally you would gave to ask for the full Sushi menu at the Hibachi table. The Hibachi menu only has a few select items that you can add on in addition to your Hibachi meal.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to CGTLH in 3 Night Dining Package a la carte pricing question   
    In my own past experiences with Playmakers you have to tell them you have the dining package so you don't get charged. I'd also assume they'd ask prior to using one of the dining credits.
    From what I recall nothing noted about having a dining package when they first start processing the charge. 
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    IRMO12HD reacted to AshleyDillo in 3 Night Dining Package a la carte pricing question   
    That's if you want to use one of your three dining credits at an ala carte restaurant, which it's a better deal to just pay out of pocket for those. 
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    IRMO12HD reacted to teddy in Michael Bayley update re: capacity and omicron   
    Straight talk:
    If you are flying to the port, wearing a mask while indoors onboard the ship will be the least of your problems. 
    Masks are mandatory while in airports and planes.  With layovers and delayed flights, the travel day can be very long.   
    I don’t see mask mandates going away any time soon. 
    With your knowledge of how wearing a mask affects you, I think some really intense reflection of whether this is the best time for you to travel is warranted. 

    I don’t particularly care to get into any discussion of the pandemic/politics/science/mask mandates, etc.  Cruising at any time is a luxury and is much more so during current times.  I want to cruise, so I agree to follow the rules because I know I am able to follow them.   Those who can’t or won’t follow the rules should find another way to vacation. 
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