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  1. I enjoy all of them except the empress, just to much motion on empress for me. I do think you get awesome service on the smaller ships. Personally the Freedom is our favorite.
  2. Very good place to jet ski, we have did it twice their.
  3. That's good news, I think we are on the same cruise, we fly out of cvg, that's the Cincinnati airport that's in Ky, to Atl to San Juan also arriving on the 24 th. Hope to see you on the Vision.
  4. We are cruising out of,San Juan the end of January , I called our motel yesterday, which is in the the lagoon area, about two blocks from the ocean, they said everything around them is fine. You have to feel for,the folks in San Juan with all the major weather issues the last few years.
  5. They will give you a meeting spot and time, someone will have a sign with your,excursion name on it, you will follow them to your transportation.
  6. We also enjoyed the blue lagoon, we did Segway tour while on the blue lagoon, island is not that large, but very pretty, if you want to buy anything you will need cash, your sea pass card does not work there, it is also very safe and will be on a boat with many other cruisers, the boats come and go all day.
  7. Wow you do have overpacking down to a science. Ha , enjoy the cruise.
  8. We enjoy a short boat ride,over to the blue lagoon, senice ride over, once their you can ride segways, swim with dolphins or just enjoy the white sand beach.
  9. I am curious also, we cruise the end of January and are also diamond but,we do have expedited boarding, so not sure what advantage it is. The last few cruises we have had no wait without having it.
  10. Starting to plan a cruise out of Ft Lauderdale or Miami, taking grandchildren for first time, they are four and seven. We as adults have passports, will birth certificate work, I know many people on here cruise with children, any info would be appreciated. Parents are also going as well and they have passports. Thanks in advance.
  11. You should have lobster night on a 7 night cruise, usually on formal nigh or what ever they are calling it now. Usually also,have prime rib on the same night, the lobster tails are not huge, but don't be shy to ask for a couple. Enjoy.
  12. We booked months ago,and picked the rooms we wanted, have no interest in upbid, just got email this week about bidding for end of January cruise, my confusion is that about two months ago,we had some friends who,decided to also,go on same cruise, when they called to book a room, was told cruise was sold out, now I am getting emails about,bidding for upgrade, makes me think they hold so many rooms to make more money on them than just booking them at normal price. This seems to be a rather new practice, I don't remember getting these emails on cruises the past years.
  13. We,always go to the Quest, it is amazing what they do for a key chain. I,was brave enough one cruise to be on the floor. We also enjoy love and marriage, but agree, need to change up,the questions sometimes. Thanks for all the pics.
  14. Still one of our favorite ships, did our first cruise on Majesty, just did another one in September, crew is top notch. It's a plus,going out of NO. Ship is easy to navigate, would highly recommend.
  15. I dont think an excursion will go,down this close to your cruise. @SPS we are also on Vision out of San Juan in January.
  16. Like someone else said, formal night in the mdr is the only time my wife can get a tie on me, and that's a bow tie, for her this night is special and we have cruised many times, we still enjoy the pictures and she enjoys putting that long dress on and some nice jewelry as someone said. One of our favorite parts of,the cruise is the mdr with friends we travel with or new friends we meet at the table. I am a blue jean and ball cap guy and just don't enjoy dressing up, I,always say if I need a tie, I don't need to go. But,one night, maybe two,a year I,can handle, but to each their own,I,really don't notice what,other around me wear and like most said, it don't ruin my dinner.
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