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    JasonL reacted to melski94 in TA Accessibility   
    I think if you are expecting her to get back within 24 hours during a holiday week while she is on vacation, then you sound like you may be better off managing your reservation yourself without a TA.  Then you could call RC at your leisure.  If you are changing a cruise and assuming refundable deposit, you could have your TA cancel it when she comes back and book a new cruise yourself.  You may have your deposit tied up for a few days but if you can manage that then that may be the best for you.
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    JasonL reacted to JLMoran in TA Accessibility   
    Hi @JasonL, welcome to the boards!
    If your TA is on vacation, I don’t think you can really expect any kind of rapid response time. It’s not unreasonable to hope she’ll see it and be able to act quickly, but I would never expect it after getting the notice and disclaimer that email and phone will be checked “as much as possible”.
    If she’s on a long flight with her family that day, or you emailed when she’s not in ready access to the internet, or she’s in some location with a big time zone difference that makes it impractical for her to follow up, you could be waiting a couple of days or even several. She could even be dealing with an unexpected emergency that puts doing anything work-related to the far back of her mind.
    Does she have any listed secondary contacts in her out of office notice? I know my TA always lists at least one for any urgent matters like yours, but she’s part of a larger agency. If your TA is working solo and runs her own shop, you might just be out of luck until she can check for your message.
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    JasonL reacted to Vacation Crazy in Barbados   
    We decided on The Boatyard when we are in Barbados.  It looks like a boat tour to a shipwreck and snorkeling with turtles are included too.  Can't wait!!
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    JasonL got a reaction from Vacation Crazy in Barbados   
    Barbados has such perfect white powder sand beaches. I've only done The Boatyard, but we absolutely loved it. The beach is deep and the sand perfect. They have water toys to play on and a rope swing off the pier. Volleyball nets, music ect...  For a beach day we loved it.
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    JasonL got a reaction from AlohaLivin in Bidding for upgrades   
    I cruise in family suites often with 5 total guests. RCCL should really update their system to allow more than 4 guests in a booking. I don't know if I could bid on upgrades since a party of 5 has 2 separate bookings for the 1 cabin.
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    JasonL got a reaction from Jason in Barbados   
    Barbados has such perfect white powder sand beaches. I've only done The Boatyard, but we absolutely loved it. The beach is deep and the sand perfect. They have water toys to play on and a rope swing off the pier. Volleyball nets, music ect...  For a beach day we loved it.
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    JasonL reacted to Matt in Hotels with beach/pool in cozumel   
    Here are my top 3 choices for all-inclusive in Cozumel based on the pool
    1. El Cozumeleno
    2. Mr. Sanchos
    3. Iberostar
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    JasonL reacted to tdcackler in Priorities...   
    As we plan our 2020 cruise, we asked our 9 year old if he wanted to go to new places on our cruise or have cool things on the ship. We explained that not every ship has water slides or laser tag. He said, totally seriously, "What about buffets? Do they all have buffets?" We assured that any ship we take him on will have a buffet.
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    JasonL reacted to melski94 in My time dining?????   
    It sounds to me as if you tried to get Traditional dining but couldn't and so you were placed in My Time Dining.
    Did you make reservations for My Time Dining?  It doesn't sound like it and you could have done it in the cruise planner 6+ months ago.  I have made reservations for a large group for MTD that way. Just think that if you went to a land based restaurant with your party of 12 and tried to be seated right away as it is no different on a cruise ship.  It can be challenging with such a large group and I'm sure there are many large extended family groups on this cruise.  I'm sorry this isn't working out like you hoped.
    To make the best of it, make reservations for small groups for most nights with the time you want and choose 1 or 2 nights with a late dining time of around 8:30 to eat together.  They probably could accommodate everyone later in the evening.  Everyone could have a hearty snack pre dinner at 5ish.  
    If that won't work then chose Windjammer for dinner. 
    You need to decide if the time, place or being all together is the most important and work towards that.
    Good luck and I hope that you don't allow this to ruin your cruise.
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    JasonL reacted to Oliver in My time dining?????   
    It’s very difficult to have 12 people together for My Time Dining. I don’t know what happened when you tried to make reservations ahead of time. May I suggest you get two tables of 6 next to each other and maybe rotate the people around. Try to enjoy your cruise and not stress. Even if you aren’t all together at a table at least you are on vacation together 
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    JasonL reacted to WAAAYTOOO in My time dining?????   
    From experience I can tell you that it’s a fool’s errand to try and coordinate a big group for dinner.  Traditional dining is the best bet so it’s a shame you weren’t able to get that scheduled.  Since that didn’t happen I would just show up with whatever group is there and get as many seated together as you can.  You may have to wait a bit for a big table but I have learned to just let everyone do their own thing. It’s a nightmare trying to coordinate everyone. I never  do it anymore.
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    JasonL reacted to DRLPP in Royal Caribbean Ships   
    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Its a great reference . I was always having to double check ship info. Just printed it and put it in my cruise folder.
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    JasonL reacted to SDanielT in Royal Caribbean Ships   
    Here's a graphic I slapped together since I like to see fleet info with the tonnage listed.  The pictures and below came straight from the RCI website.  I only added the header and the tonnage info.  I've attached a pdf version and also included a ppt version if you want to tweak the image to your liking.  Enjoy! 
    RCI SHIP INFO.pptx
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    JasonL got a reaction from Baked Alaska in Bidding for upgrades   
    I cruise in family suites often with 5 total guests. RCCL should really update their system to allow more than 4 guests in a booking. I don't know if I could bid on upgrades since a party of 5 has 2 separate bookings for the 1 cabin.
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    JasonL reacted to DDemuth in Friendly reminder to check for those price drops!   
    Our cruise on Freedom in November just dropped $400 with the new promotion.  😁
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    JasonL reacted to rjac in Friendly reminder to check for those price drops!   
    Obviously, they saw you coming! 
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    JasonL reacted to Canadian Gal in Nassau Safety Alert & Advisement   
    I am from Nassau, I live in Canada. I am actually currently in Nassau for Christmas vacation. I am very sad, upset to read all the comments on this post. 
    Yes the Port needs a serious make over and it was recently announced they are going to fix it up etc etc. 
    There are many things to see outside of downtown Nassau. Also is perfectly safe to walk in the downtown area during the day. My father is a lawyer and walks to courthouses almost everyday, in downtown Nassau and had yet to be robbed in 20+ years.
    There is a beautiful beach on Paradise Island, called Cabbage Beach (see attached picture) You don’t need to access it though Atlantis Day Pass there is public access for free. I go to it ALL the time.
    Nassau is not perfect, yes it has crime. I am sure the town you live in, is not perfect and has crime too. 

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    JasonL reacted to DDemuth in Blog Ranking   
    So does being a Diamond on this site allow me 3 free drinks in the D Lounge?  Or a balcony discount?  C'mon Matt, show us the money...  🤨… 😀
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    JasonL reacted to JLMoran in Blog Ranking   
    Looks like you've already done that change. What are the new thresholds? 750,000 posts to reach Pinnacle? 😉 
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    JasonL reacted to mworkman in ? What Will The Oasis Get During Dry Dock ?   
    A Look Ahead at Royal Amplified
    Freedom Class – Independence of the Seas will be the first ship in the Royal Amplified program to reveal multimillion-dollar upgrades, including Sky Pad, Battle for Planet Z, a glow-in-the-dark laser tag experience; The Perfect Storm trio of waterslides and a new Escape Room: The Observatorium challenge, where competitors can solve a series of high-tech riddles to unravel a mystery. Not to mention the addition of new dining venues, from Fish and Ships – a seaside seafood spot with freshly battered fish and chips and other guest favorites – to Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade, Izumi Hibachi and Sushi and Sugar Beach. Independence will offer 3- to 14-night sailings from Southampton, England beginning in May 2018, before she heads across the pond in Nov. 2018 to sail from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 4- to 5-night Caribbean cruises. Freedom of the Seas will be up next, debuting new features in 2020, followed by Liberty of the Seas in 2021. Voyager Class – In summer 2018, the transformation of Royal Caribbean’s short Caribbean cruises will begin with the $90 million amp-up of Mariner of the Seas. Mariner will redefine the quick getaway by giving guests the chance to take their weekends to new heights with the addition of new thrills, such as Sky Pad and laser tag; The Bamboo Room, a retro lounge with its tiki-chic décor; and the fun and vibrant Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade. The program will continue in 2019 on sister ship Navigator of the Seas, which also will be redesigned to specifically cater to those who seek a quick getaway. Oasis Class – Oasis of the Seas will be completely reimagined in fall 2019, ten years after her revolutionary debut. The ship will gain new thrills, pools, bars and culinary creations, as well as introduce new restaurants and onboard adventures found on the newest Oasis Class ship, Symphony of the Seas. These enhancements will cascade to Allure of the Seas in spring 2020, making every ship in the class more adventurous than ever.
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    JasonL reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Freedom OTS Amped   
    Yes.  That sounds right to me
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    JasonL reacted to karl_nj in Bringing my own wine   
    I've been charged, occasionally, but it's sort of random.  Same thing on other cruise lines too, sometimes they charge, sometimes they don't.
    If they don't charge me, I just add it to the cash tip I give them at the end of the cruise.  So in my case, either the cruise line gets the cash, or the wait staff does.
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    JasonL reacted to Matt in I just create a mini cruise-a-holic   
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    JasonL reacted to marti314 in BOGO60 2 months in a row?   
    these promotions mean nothing when it comes to best prices.  They could do a 99% off promo and I guarantee magically the prices would still come out to be similar to what you see on any other day.  Their pricing is based on time of year (for far out bookings) & how well the ship is filling up.  Beyond that these promotions are just ways to say "Hey come look this new sale we have going on". 
    What i would recommend is to price out which cruise you think you want to go on then over the following days or weeks keep looking at the prices.  With the same 60% off sale or whatever the sale may be you will see the prices change within a sale.  You just have to find a price you find to be of value.  With the non refundable deposits it makes the YOLO book-it a little harder to swallow these days if you are just looking to HOLD a cruise.  Yes you can reprice before final payment but in the past many of us would book 2 - 3 and pick the one we found to the the best value and cancelled the others before the final payment.
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    JasonL reacted to arebee in Why do you cruise?   
    Because I'm lazy and cheap.
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