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  1. Really glad for and especially the hubby who avoided strangulation... ?
  2. so sorry to hear that... condolences..
  3. I got caught in that on my very first cruise... by the time i got home the finish was off the chain and my neck was green and broken out... ?
  4. As mamma always said; Make Sure You Always Wear Clean Underwear... I got nuthin else... ? lol
  5. My wife would love all of those Sangria wines... She likes Yago right now.. Thanks for the list, we have those same shops in Orlando. And the prices look good too...
  6. Probably the same ones who call trying to sell an extended warranty for your 10 year old car... lol
  7. Wish I had known as well.. Certainly not a game changer but I really enjoy those adults only pools...
  8. I've heard both sides. Some do, some don't. I guess it depends on, ship, server, day of the week, full moon??
  9. This was the good old fashioned florida monsoon.. lol.. We were determined to be up top, outside as we went under the bridge..
  10. Beautiful pics... Thanks for sharing them We cruised from Tampa once but it was during a storm ?
  11. So many things to do in, and around Orlando.. Of course there are the theme parks as mentioned above... There are also several dinner theaters such as Medieval Times. Also take a drive drown International Drive.. That's like the heart of the tourist district.. Lot's of places to eat and enough things to interest most tastes for entertainment..
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