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  1. Where exactly do you go to make the reservations once on board? I will be on Harmony this Sunday and my plan is to make my reservations ASAP, but not sure where to head.
  2. I sailed on Allure of the Seas 2 years ago and I embark on Harmony of the Seas this Sunday. Fortunately, I was able to do everything and more on Allure because our cruise was extended due to Hurricane Irma. However, there are a few things I learned: The chocolate croissants I was craving were in Cafe Promenade for breakfast. Found this out on day 9. Park Cafe has several cream cheeses to try for breakfast. Discovered this on disembarkation morning. Know that you can't do everything and choose around 3 activities that are must-dos. For example, on Harmony, I know I definitel
  3. I am no expert on the key, but I know that Empress has rock climbing.
  4. I am also on the sailing this Sunday and I appreciate this advice. I had a feeling that 12-3 was just a suggestion/estimate similar to check-in times where I'm told to get there at 1:30. I think I will arrive my normal 10/10:30 and expect to wait for a longer period of time. Thanks!
  5. If you do early or late seating, they may assign you to sit with other guests. However, you can always ask to be seated at a table for only 3 people. I recommend going to the dining room the first day shortly after you board so you can be towards the top of the wait list if nothing is open.
  6. I am sailing on Harmony of the Seas this Sunday, October 13. I received the following email about the US Coast Guard conducting a mandatory routine inspection. Check-in will now be from 12-3pm. I usually arrive at 10am to the port. Should I arrive later or should I still plan on getting there around 10am? I don't mind being in the waiting area and I feel like there is a chance they will board early. In addition, is this similar to how they recommend me arriving at 1pm for check-in and people always arrive early or will they not actually start until 12? Does anyone have experience wit
  7. That’s an itinerary I have my eyes on for my 2021 honeymoon. Hoping that the date works for us since I really want to visit Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini all in one cruise. Curious about which ships will be sailing where.
  8. I am waiting for Greek Isles cruises in October 2021 for my honeymoon. There is a specific itinerary I want for certain ports and I want to be able to book ASAP. Then of course reprice for almost 2 years...
  9. Picture of a crew member from -insert country- Picture with Henry (that's the name of the vacuum cleaner) Picture of a team member in a suite (or whatever stateroom category nobody is currently staying in) Picture of someone enjoying the Big Apple (it's a hot dog) Someone holding Harmony of the Seas
  10. Going off what everyone else said, definitely get small bills. I always visit my bank beforehand and instead of using the ATM (unless it is a new, smart ATM), I go to a teller and withdraw lots of small bills. It comes in handy in case you need a taxi or to barter with locals (Nassau). Also, you won't need any cash for Labadee unless you plan on visiting the Straw Market.
  11. My advice for first time cruisers is to get to the port early. You do not have to follow your suggested check-in time. I find that they usually start the security and check-in process around 10am. Also, definitely plan to see the ice skating show and arrive early. Seats tend to fill up. Not sure if you are arriving to ports in the afternoon, but if you do, prepare for lines because everyone is trying to get off the ship at the same time. In the morning, the crowds are more scattered. In regards to Alaska, I have sailed to Alaska twice and both were on Celebrity. I went last year and
  12. I can’t remember my first cruise since I wasn’t even 2, however we have lots of home videos on VHS. My first Royal cruise was in 2004 and I loved Adventure Ocean. Every time you left the program for the afternoon or evening, or whenever, they gave you a ticket. On the last day I had so many tickets that I redeemed for Adventure Ocean merch. I still have so much lying around the house. Another memory is waiting on long lines at Johnny Rockets for lunch since it was complimentary. Haven’t eaten there ever since because I don’t want to pay for it.
  13. If I recall, the current policy with 1 point per night sailed (or double for suites) wasn't put into effect until January 2011.
  14. It appears that this goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Luckily, I am booked in a central park balcony next month on Harmony and can still utilize these perks. It was one of the main reasons we booked this room. Originally, our cruise was booked for January, but we moved it up to October. After this cruise, I don't see any incentive for me to book a neighborhood balcony again.
  15. I really enjoy Celebrity Cruises. I am Elite status with Celebrity, which carries over to Diamond on Royal. The staff and food are great. I personally think the buffet is better than Royal Caribbean. I do notice that they cater more to the older generation than millennials. Royal has many activities on their ships such as ice skating, rock climbing, flow rider, etc., but Celebrity doesn't really have that. I find that I am lounging around more than participating in activities on Celebrity vs Royal.
  16. I have been vlogging my cruises since July 2017 (Youtube.com/Melkaps). People really enjoy our cruise ship and cabin tours. Another thing people like is to see what food is offered at the buffet. For my next cruise I will try to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner, since I have only been able to catch lunch. Even though the food can change at the buffet, people want to know if there will be options for them. Another idea is to capture more of the daily activities. Not just the belly flop or quest, but examples include line dancing, napkin folding, and entertainment around the ship. Enjo
  17. I'm hoping to do a Greece cruise in October 2021 for my honeymoon. Do we have an idea of which ship might be sailing from Rome (not Venice) to Santorini, Athens, and Mykonos? I am very curious even though I know the itineraries will be announced later this year.
  18. I think 1 con would be overcrowding of diamond lounges. They are already crowded to begin with and it would just get worse. Also, they would probably limit the free drinks during happy hour even more.
  19. I love your positive outlook when embarking on a cruise. Isn't is a great feeling when you first see your cruise as you arrive to the port? It always makes me extra excited. Looking forward to the rest of your recap.
  20. I have a friend who was the head of merchandising/shops on Disney Cruise Line. She said comments ended up being filtered to each department. She would reward her crew with a day off if they were specifically recognized for going above and beyond. Not sure if it works the same on Royal where comments are filtered to respective departments.
  21. Cruise #23: Harmony of the Seas, October 13. Almost a month out!
  22. Don't miss the muster drill. Don't miss Quest. Don't miss out on the cruise compass. Make sure to check what activities are being offered every day.
  23. I have almost always eaten dinner in the MDR. Maybe one night here or there at specialty. However, we are starting to explore the specialty dining options more since we are tired of the same menus in the MDR across the fleet. Last cruise we did the BOGO package and next month we booked the 3 night package. Especially with the larger ships, there are so many more options. Once in a blue moon we will even eat in the Windjammer due to shore excursions ending late.
  24. I have been cruising since I was very young. Adventure Ocean has always been my favorite kids program (as opposed to Carnival, Celebrity, and Holland America). Back then, we did arts and crafts, sports, scavenger hunts, watched movies, and played games. I never wanted to leave and I still have so much Adventure Ocean swag that I won. I even enjoyed the teens program on Royal Caribbean, too. You will receive an Adventure Ocean cruise compass every night in your cabin for your kids' age group for the day's activities.
  25. Two years ago on Allure, we were extended from 7 days to 10 days due to Hurricane Irma. They offered half off beverages on the extra days as well as half off specialty dining. They waived the dress codes at all the dining venues. They gave everyone free 30 minutes of internet access to contact home. You could also visit the conference room center to use the phone. I also think laundry was offered at a discount as well.
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