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  1. I don't tip more than the prepaid 18% gratuities. I do however bring cash for the casino and for the places we visit that do not accept card.
  2. Remember that when you buy a cruise via the Scandinavian website gratuities are already included (you have paid 18 %). Do therefore not feel obligated to tip any further when onboard
  3. You can also just go to the trainstation. It is fairly easy and probably a lot cheaper than a taxi.
  4. I only do MTD. It works exactly as a normal restaurant. You can either book a table for a specific time (usually we will do this the day before or on the day at lunch time at the latest). If we haven't booked we just bring a glass of wine and the wait will not feel that long. I would never go traditional as I hate those small talk conversations with strangers.
  5. We took an uber to the airport and then rented a car from there. Afterwards we drove to Sawgrass Mills which I can highly recommend.
  6. I am not Canadian but Danish. I am charged in USD and also refunded in USD. The exchange rate is therefore my problem. It can go either way.
  7. Hello, 1) Yes as far as I know (I always bring both) 2) Nope, it is a part of the package 3) I don't and I never would. I already paid 18% with the package. I am however from Europe and we don't really get thay tipping mentality.
  8. I don't believe you will get double C&A points then.
  9. Based on the menu I think we are going with Wonderland. Thanks for the answers 🙂
  10. I had a YOLO moment and booked Anthem of the seas cruising from NY this New Year (19/20). Can anyone answer what the MDR menu is like on New Years Eve? Are we better of booking a speciality restaurant this night?
  11. I was waiting with excitement for the black friday sale. All we were offered in Scandinavia was 0$ deposit. That's not a sale - that's a joke!
  12. I am from Denmark and the government recommend Hepatitis A and B when travelling to the Caribbean. I did however not get those vaccines when I travelled there. #livingontheedge
  13. I absolutely love your blogs! Can't wait to read about the rest of the cruise. I have one question though, can you please correct that Netto is a Danish grocery store, and not a Swedish? (Danes and Swedes have always been in competition and it really kills me that you got this one wrong 😅)
  14. I received an e-mail with a reminder from Royal 9 days before the deadline 😊, not sure if it is only a Scandinavian thing though.
  15. You do not need cash in Scandinavian countries. Even on street markets most sellers have a handheld credit card terminal which accept all major credit / debit cards.
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