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  1. Remember that when you buy a cruise via the Scandinavian website gratuities are already included (you have paid 18 %). Do therefore not feel obligated to tip any further when onboard
  2. You can also just go to the trainstation. It is fairly easy and probably a lot cheaper than a taxi.
  3. I only do MTD. It works exactly as a normal restaurant. You can either book a table for a specific time (usually we will do this the day before or on the day at lunch time at the latest). If we haven't booked we just bring a glass of wine and the wait will not feel that long. I would never go traditional as I hate those small talk conversations with strangers.
  4. We took an uber to the airport and then rented a car from there. Afterwards we drove to Sawgrass Mills which I can highly recommend.
  5. I am not Canadian but Danish. I am charged in USD and also refunded in USD. The exchange rate is therefore my problem. It can go either way.
  6. Hello, 1) Yes as far as I know (I always bring both) 2) Nope, it is a part of the package 3) I don't and I never would. I already paid 18% with the package. I am however from Europe and we don't really get thay tipping mentality.
  7. I don't believe you will get double C&A points then.
  8. Based on the menu I think we are going with Wonderland. Thanks for the answers 🙂
  9. I had a YOLO moment and booked Anthem of the seas cruising from NY this New Year (19/20). Can anyone answer what the MDR menu is like on New Years Eve? Are we better of booking a speciality restaurant this night?
  10. I was waiting with excitement for the black friday sale. All we were offered in Scandinavia was 0$ deposit. That's not a sale - that's a joke!
  11. I am from Denmark and the government recommend Hepatitis A and B when travelling to the Caribbean. I did however not get those vaccines when I travelled there. #livingontheedge
  12. I absolutely love your blogs! Can't wait to read about the rest of the cruise. I have one question though, can you please correct that Netto is a Danish grocery store, and not a Swedish? (Danes and Swedes have always been in competition and it really kills me that you got this one wrong 😅)
  13. I received an e-mail with a reminder from Royal 9 days before the deadline 😊, not sure if it is only a Scandinavian thing though.
  14. You do not need cash in Scandinavian countries. Even on street markets most sellers have a handheld credit card terminal which accept all major credit / debit cards.
  15. Hi joe I'm gay as well so I know exactly what you are talking about. With that being said, I have never had any problems at all no matter where I've travelled. I think time has changed and people are in general more open minded than they used to be. I do however not hold hands with my bf in public. I would of cause never go to Dubai as they are openly against LGBT people, but I would have absolutely no problem with Texas at all. BTW on all the cruises I've been on my "gaydar" told me that several people from the staff was gay. So in terms of homophobia I would say that we are pretty safe on rcl cruises.
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