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  1. Wow. Great to hear security doing a wonderful job keeping everyone safe!
  2. Crossing fingers and hoping for the best. Was planning early 2021 for a Carribbean and a Cuba cruise and have been waiting on itineraries for Cuba to be released before booking anything. Oh well, guess we'll just have to see how it all plays out. At least I can focus on planning for a Panama Cruise in 2020 instead!!
  3. What a horrible position to be in. At least it sounds as if they have the situation (relatively) under control and people are remaining calm . Hoping they're all off the ship really soon!
  4. Totally agree that it's not necessary, but we usually tip $20 at the beginning, which usually means we get very good service and occasionally, we will also tip at the end. We also have it in a wee 'thank you' card as well. We will always have a few thank you cards with smaller tips inside on us for when we come across exceptional service, but we're unsure if we will see that crew member again on the cruise. One thing we ALWAYS do is to write plenty of the comment cards for the staff. They not only get to receive and read them, but it can also help with pay increases and perks and that doesn't cost you a thing :) Just my two cents worth Shelley
  5. I'm not buying into the food waste either! Though I tend to go for two appetisers and then two desserts Haha. I have yet to cruise on Royal (first cruise on Explorer next weekend-can't wait!!), but I was on the Transatlantic for the NCL Bliss last year. What they do ( and I'm sure most other cruise lines do), is any food waste is totally ground down into a very fine paste which can then be discharged from the ship and is safe for the sea life to eat- so not really going to waste at all!
  6. Hi guys, We are going on Explorer of the Seas on March 10, 2019 and I'm wondering if they allow extension cords to be brought on board, or if we need to organise with Royal to supply one? My husband has a CPAP machine which needs to be beside the bed, so we always need an extension cord to reach a plug when we're on a cruise ( I imagine there won't be a plug beside the bed). We have been on NCL, but as this is our first Royal cruise, I'm not sure how they work it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Shelley
  7. The key option has just appeared on our Cruise planner for our Explorer cruise the 10th March 2019, but as it's valued close to NZD$40/pp per day and we're on a 7 night cruise, it doesn't work out to have enough value in it for us to go ahead with it.
  8. HI fellow cruisers! My name is Shelley and I have just booked our first cruise with Royal on the Explorer in March 2019. Have previously been on 3 NCL cruises- Jade, Pride of America and Bliss. Excited, yet nervous to try a different cruise line!
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