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  1. Could you tell me where the muster drill is on this ship? Outside or inside? I saw a video where they looked to be in a theater or something with chairs. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Did you use the key? If not, do you know about priority checkin for key members? Was there a dedicated area for this? Thank you
  3. Tdoner

    Voom Pricing

    I'd probably never know the price was increased by 250. Bring on the free drinks!! 😂
  4. Tdoner

    Planning Timeline

    Hello, I have never used a TA. I booked in dec for my March cruise. What exactly are the perks to using a TA? Thanks!
  5. Tdoner

    Liquor to stateroom

    Ahhhhhh ok. I appreciate the info. Guess you'll be able to find me at the bar!
  6. Tdoner

    Liquor to stateroom

    Ok. Thanks for the info. I thought maybe I was missing something.
  7. First time with RCCL and I was looking into purchasing a bottle of alcohol to have in my room. I'm on the adventure of the seas in March and my only options for purchase now include absolute vodka, Bombay and a whiskey I believe. Will there be more options once I get on board or am I stuck with the three options I listed? Thanks!