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  1. How long did it take to post to your CP? Ours was applied a week ago, and still hasn't been posted
  2. I noticed that Giovannis wasn't showing up on our cruise planner for Freedom as well. I don't know if it is a glitch or what. But maybe that means they will be more likely to have specials onboard!
  3. We always enjoy the drinks and conch fritters at Pirate Republic. Close to the port and so yummy!
  4. My travel agent was able to put a hold on new cruise reservations without a deposit from us until the end of May. Our April 13th cruise hasn't been canceled yet, but we wanted something in place when it almost inevitably is canceled. When it is, she will then be able to apply the FCC to our new reservations. Yay for using a travel agent to deal with the headache!!! I believe this policy was just enacted a day or two ago. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/03/21/royal-caribbean-letting-travel-agents-place-hold-cruise-reservations-through-end-of-may
  5. We went there three years ago and enjoyed it. We took a shuttle from the port and set up a return time. It cost $2 to enter ( I think?) and then more for a lounge chair and umbrella. But the water was gorgeous and service decent. They also had a pool which we did not use, along with restrooms with showers. It was an easy, minimal effort beach day.
  6. Does anyone know what the menu is like? They are offering this in Giovannis while we are on Serenade, and we are curious if its the usual menu or something different. If we hadn't scored the $18 a day drink package the unlimited wine would be more of a determining factor
  7. I was on Enchantment last year (it's now my favorite ship!) and they had a Park Cafe attached to the Solarium that was open late and early. I can't comment on the type of tea there I'm afraid, but I'm almost positive it was available. They also have Cafe Latte-Tudes which also will have hot tea. I can't comment on the kummelweck, as I've never had one... Enjoy Enchantment!
  8. I'm on this sailing as well! I saw that CocoCay has survived relatively unscathed. However, I'd be fine skipping it if the employees and their families need time to regroup and repair homes.
  9. That's exactly what I was going to say! A good travel agent is worth his/her weight in gold at times like this.
  10. @Larry MusterI hope you spoke with @AnnetteJackson! Many years ago I had issues with my first TA in terms of responsiveness, but Annette connected me to a TA who was better able to meet my needs, expectations, and personality. And when Stephanie M retired from the travel agent business, she handed me off to Michelle M who is equally amazing. Michelle helped me book and arrange our wedding cruise for our family and friends. And when the price went down after final payment, was able to upgrade us all to ocean view balconies with no muss, no fuss! I hope you are now with a travel agent who b
  11. It was so crazy to see us on there! I think we got the sappy couple in love thing down. It made the early wake up call while on vacation worth it Jordan, Heather, and Josh All made the scene as well.
  12. Once again, your live blog has made my research on my future cruises a breeze! We are going on Empress to Cuba in May 2019 and I wasn't sure what to expect from such a small ship, but now I am so excited to sail on her! I'm also going to have to start hanging out in the steam room for weeks before to prepare for the heat and humidity so I don't wilt...
  13. From my experience they can book the refundable deposit, but you don't get any perks for doing so through NextCruise. It's the same price and perks that you'd get booking through your own TA or the website... that being said, things change so quickly it could be different now!
  14. I completely agree! When my old TA left MEI I was reassigned to Michelle and she has been fantastic!
  15. We just booked Serenade of the Seas today, and I didn't think I could be more excited about it. Then I came across your live blog. My happy level has just increased ten-fold!
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