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  1. Worth it! My 10 year old daughter (at the time) absolutely had a blast! The sushi was yummy, too!
  2. We were on a Med cruise with RCL this past summer and I thought LESS people were dressed on formal nights because many excursions got back so late.
  3. Agree. Just booked Ovation for 2021 and I have 3 staterooms. The connecting ones are $500 more then the third stateroom and all are the same category.
  4. My travel agent got back to me and I am booked for June Ovation 2021! So excited!!!
  5. I am finding the same click on the sailing, but it bounces back to the select a cruise page! Arggghhhh!
  6. Thanks for the info. There are several of us who are looking into it so it may be a fun and nice change to the MDR or specialty restaurants.
  7. Hi - We are going on Adventure next July and see an option for the Mystery Dinner Theater. Has anyone done this? Thoughts? Insights?
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