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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in Odyssey of the Seas Helipad   
    I’ve seen a number of winch events and one landing.  I’ve never seen the Hollywood special effects so perhaps they have a way to manage that.  
    In both cases the full fire team is readied and waiting.  It's not something taken lightly.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in Is there way around the FL law against proof of vaccine   
    That's challenging for all existing bookings.  
    I don't want to sail on a ship where I have to endure protocols to accommodate unvaccinated.  
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to AshleyDillo in Shore excursion - ORLANDO (PORT CANAVERAL) - What to do ?   
    But they have an 8-hour port stop.  They just arrive so late that they miss the entire morning and KSC usually closes around 6pm.  I'm not sure it's worth the admission price x4 to only get a half a day at KSC.  
    It might be more cost effective to rent a car for the day and explore the Cape Canaveral/Cocoa/Melbourne area if you are really itching to get out and do something at this port.  It will keep you much closer than trekking all the way to Orlando.  The area has a lot of public parks and river/mangrove areas that you can find a kayaking tour-- some where you may be able to see manatees and dolphins up close.  You can drive out to Cocoa Village which is a quaint little shopping area.  One of the more touristy things to do is take a visit to Ron John Surf Shop up on Cocoa Beach.  You could spend a few hours at the beach even if you like.  There's also the Brevard Zoo up in Melbourne.
    Otherwise stay on the ship and enjoy it.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Shore excursion - ORLANDO (PORT CANAVERAL) - What to do ?   
    I'm not sure it would be cheap, but I recommend, if you have a full day in Cape Canaveral, that you spend it at the Space Center.  There is so much to see.  I would definitely NOT try and see any theme parks.  They are too far away and the time is too limiting to really do much.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to teddy in Restricted passenger voyages CDC COS   
    I work in a supermarket.  Having watched how few people social distanced during the whole pandemic (and still act) while grocery shopping, the most recent release from the cdc pisses me off more than ever. 
    The policy makers don’t even live on the same planet I do. 
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    I feel the same about certain suites.  If I'm looking just for a Star Class suite for example.
    I'd love to be able to filter on specific cabin category and see the price range over several months, lowest to highest.
    As far as solo cabins, Royal doesn't really embrace them.  Too often they are not so much cheaper that it makes sense to book them.  Once in a while maybe, but look at Harmony for example.  A 2W studio interior is often a few bucks more than a regular interior.  A studio ocean view is often a few bucks more than a regular ocean view.  Why would anyone book a studio when for less money you get double points in a bigger cabin?
    Sometimes on Mariner or Radiance class I see a 2W several hundred cheaper than the next cheapest regular version.  This July on Brilliance for example.  A rare example of a studio being a decent amount cheaper than regular cabin.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    Not Royal's website, but...
    Vision Class - none
    Radiance Class - Studio Interior on each ship
    Voyager Class - only Adventure and Mariner have Studio Interior 
    Freedom Class - none
    Oasis Class - Only Harmony has Studio Interior and Studio Ocean view, no other ships in this class have studio cabins
    Quantum Class - All ships in class have Studio Ocean View Balcony, only Odyssey does not have Studio Interior
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in CDC Guidance for US cruises- 98% Crew, 95% Pax vaccinated. Are you OK with that?   
    Health Canada (our version of the FDA) just approved Pfizer for 12+ this morning.  Bring it on.  Now I don't have the leave my kids behind in the dust, but I totally would have 😆
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in Inside Cabin vs Balcony   
    There are all types of people who cruise with all different levels of disposable funds to spend on their vacations.
    Some people have arrived at the point where a suite is a must have to cruise.
    Many people, the majority, don't cruise several times each year.  For many it remains a special annual event or every two year event, something worth spending a bit more on.
    Some people are retired and have some money for cruising but need to be more aware of how they spend their retirement to make it go the distance.
    There is no wrong way to cruise. 
    At the moment I am willing to go in an interior cabin sometimes if it means I can get in an additional cruise given my annual cruise budget being near it's limit.  I've gone from a loft suite to an inside guarantee cabin a month later.  I certainly enjoy the good life in a suite but it isn't a requirement for me.  Same goes with a balcony.  If it's close in price, why not.  If the balcony upgrade is the cost of another whole cruise, nope.
    To each their own.  
    My "lifetime" stats:
    Interior: 19.7%
    Ocean View: 11.5%
    Balcony: 44.3%
    Suites: 24.6%
    Twice in Alaska in interior cabins that saved me thousands which I put into expensive excursions including a helicopter flight so I could walk on glacier.  That remains one of my best cruises and most memorable experiences.  Over five Alaska cruises I could have put more money into my cabin and cut back on excursions for the same budget.  So glad I didn't.  
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to LovetoCruise87 in Inside Cabin vs Balcony   
    When my wife and I started cruising, we were young and were always trying to save money, so the first few cruises where in an inside stateroom. I know everyone says that they don't spend much time in the stateroom anyway, so it doesn't matter. But after a couple of times of being in a CAVE, we moved to a balcony and have for all of our cruises since. I love being able to come back to the cabin and relax on the balcony in the afternoon or any time at night. 
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in Odyssey sailings removed from Royal's website?   
    Nope.  Brand new.  
    Thing is a rocket.  Maybe it's too fast for the Royal site...  
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to teddy in Florida removing mask mandate ?   
    My wife’s brother is up in NB now visiting their parents.   
    Last week he missed one of the random “we’re checking to make sure you’re quarantining” phone calls.   They threatened him with fines and jail time.
    He’s fully vaccinated....Pfizer shots  
    I hope things get better for all of you up there soon.  
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Florida removing mask mandate ?   
    Hubby and I should have second doses by end of July but as a fellow Canadian, my concern is actually more with being able to get in/out of Canada without quarantine.  It is the border issue that concerns me more these day.  I will be so thankful if I can cruise Allure in December without issue.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to Sharla in How do you fire a TA?   
    I'm sorry this is happening to you! If you have booked cruises, you can contact Royal Caribbean and ask for the cruises to be released back to you. If they say no, escalate it. You have the right to take them back.
    If you have FCCs (not applied) you can book new with another travel agency or direct. FCCs belong to you, not to the travel agency. 
    Good luck! 
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to BarbieBell in How do you fire a TA?   
    I had a similar experience back in 2019 with a rather large online company that I had used a few times. We booked a couple of cruises while on a cruise and told them I did not want that company to manage those bookings, however they did capture the bookings and notified me upon my return home. I decided to let it go and those bookings fell cancelled in 2020. Issues started in trying to lift and shift etc and like Jupiter03 responses were rare and confusing. After months of problems, I found out that you can demand the bookings be returned to RCI and then you can work directly with them any time.  According to RCI the agency can not refuse if that’s your wishes. 
    On the positive side, after all of that, I found Michelle Cunningham at MEI and the world of travel is a different place now. Through the entire disaster of 2020/2021 cancellations, rebooks, lift & shifts, FCC’s etc she was right there any time I needed her help. She answered calls, texts and emails 7 days a week (I mean even Sundays).  Once you work with a pro like her it will reinforce how important a good TA can be. 
    I hope you get things worked out for sure so you can resume enjoying your travel plans. 
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal got a reaction from Neesa in I used Air2Sea for the first time   
    Sharla (MEI) took care of it! I did not pester her until yesterday afternoon, this morning it was all done. Like magic.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in BOGO on first and second nights for Diamond Plus?   
    I think we'll quickly learn what is changing once cruising restarts.  
    For a number of cruises I went with the Ultimate Dining Plan when it was on sale recently since it's possible the Windjammer might be closed for dinner.  
    It's easy enough to cancel cruise planner purchases a few days before the cruise so I'm covering myself until we know more.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to KathyC in Odyssey Crew Member Vlog Getting Ready For the Restart   
    I've been following along with him every day, I like his nice quick videos while I'm having my coffee in the morning.  
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to wstephensi in Good News????   
    It has been almost a year without cruising.  I expect considerable mass retraining is in order for new and old crew on both old and new SOP's as well as the ships to be used at the re-start.  
    Under normal operations ships of all kinds are in near continuous operation.  Crew members are trained OJT as crew members that leave service are replaced.   Prior to restart the whole service side of the cruise industry must be trained and retrained.  I can see this taking a month or more on land and then time at sea and then CDC fake cruises and then re-start. 
    Don't forget quarantine for two weeks and 3 weeks between vaccinations.  
    If July/August is the goal to re-start, I think late April may not be too soon.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to WannaCruise in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    I love Royal vacations when there, but I would say the booking process.  When you search on their website, they only show you a select number of available rooms.  I'd like to be able to see all rooms from which I can select.  Another pet peeve is if I want to book a 5+ non-suite room ....meaning one with a Pullman and a sofa bed so our kids don't have to share a bed, the site sometimes hides these. A little while ago, I assumed that all Oasis balcony rooms like this were sold out so we selected a Central Park one with this configuration, but this wasn't my first choice.  Then they released the next set of cruises and I saw the same thing...and so realized that they were just hiding them.  I used to use the UK Royal site for this issue as a workaround but they have since changed the UK site to be the same as the US site. 
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to Jill in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    Here’s a great tip but don’t tell everyone 😉😂
    Use Facebook messenger to either their actual Facebook page or the Crown and Anchor Facebook page. I’ve used it twice and gotten what I need in under 2 hours. 
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to Ampurp85 in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    Much of the redundancy that has been stated...i.e the fact that their IT doesn't keep track of much, bad search results, etc. The whole thing when you don't drink and share a room.
    My biggest is the lack of solo options. As a childless, widowed, cat lady I want to enjoy things too. I don't want to be forced into tables with strangers judging my life choices if I eat in the main dining room.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to twangster in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    Okay number 2.
    Having to re-enter my details over and over again when searching for a cruise.  CAS #, age, state of residence, etc.
    I should be able to enter that once per session or login and it already knows my state, my age, my CAS#, etc.  
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to UNCFanatik in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    And if we are talking about FCCs, If i pay for my family, I wish they would give a total FCC and not individual FCCs per family member.
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    Mrs. RoyalMoyal reacted to Sharla in What is the most frustrating thing about Royal Caribbean cruises?   
    FCC reinstatement and the fact that there is no central place to look up FCCs based on C&A numbers or your name.
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