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Hello all,

I’ve searched and cannot find an answer, so my apologies if it’s in the forums and I’ve missed it. 

Does anyone know if an easy way to search all cruises for studio cabins? 

If I just wanted to book a cruise and did not care where to, or when, but wanted to find just studio interior or studio balcony. Is there an easy one stop search for this option that I’m missing on royals website or another source I should be looking at to find this? I really dread the laboring task of searching all sailings and all ships, those cabins book quickly. 




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I think I remember seeing this question come up before and the answer to it was that there was no easy way of doing it.

There is no filter on the site to only show studio cabins. Your best bet may be to try a travel agent who may have better functionality than the site offers and may be able to come back with a selection of cruises that have studio cabins available 

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First time post. When I was trying to locate studio cabins I just looked up on internet for ships with single cabins. It brought up all lines with single cabins and I just looked up Royal. I have booked studio with balcony on Ovation. You are correct in saying they book fast. My travel agent got the last two balcony studio on the day they were released in April for my cruise September 2020.  Hawai’i to Sydney. 

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