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  1. September 27 2020 Ovation of the Seas from Hawaii to Sydney
  2. Is coffee the only drink you can get with room service breakfast, or can you get tea or hot chocolate please
  3. Hope it’s okay for me to comment because I haven’t been on cruise yet. Going on Ovation in September Hawaii to Sydney but I am looking forward to sitting on my balcony alone with a glass of wine in the evening. Sure that will be my happy place.
  4. As a person who has lived in Sydney most of my life thank you for reminding me of what a great city it is. Beautiful photos
  5. Thank you that’s what I thought. I just don’t know why the people on the phone told me different. It’s a pity because I really wanted to buy some Hawaiian vodka.
  6. Hi this is my first post. Not sure if anyone can answer but here goes. I am sailing on Ovation of the seas from Hawaii to Sydney in September. I understand that I can carry on two bottles of wine but what I would like to know if it is possible to have a bottle of vodka and hand it over on check in and then get it back at the end of the cruise. I have spoken to two different people at Royal and they both said yes but when I looked up the rules it said any alcohol would be confiscated and not returned. Does any one know which is correct. Thank you
  7. First time post. When I was trying to locate studio cabins I just looked up on internet for ships with single cabins. It brought up all lines with single cabins and I just looked up Royal. I have booked studio with balcony on Ovation. You are correct in saying they book fast. My travel agent got the last two balcony studio on the day they were released in April for my cruise September 2020. Hawai’i to Sydney.
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