New Royal Caribbean Starbucks 'Been There' mugs coming this summer

27 May 2023

Royal Caribbean is dropping a Starbucks cruise ship collection that you always wanted.

Been There mugs coming to Royal Caribbean

The Starbucks "Been There" mugs is a fun way to commemorate a visit to a specific place, and pretty soon you'll be able to get one for the coffee stores you visit on Royal Caribbean's ships too.

Royal Caribbean has featured licensed Starbucks locations on its ships for over a decade, but there's never been a mug you can buy for the ships that have a location.

That's about to change this summer when the coffee giant and cruise line put forward their own Starbucks merchandise.

Starbucks 'Been There' mugs of Royal Caribbean ships

A total of 10 mugs will become available, one for each ship that has a free-standing Starbucks kiosk onboard.

While Starbucks drinks are served on many more ships, only a ship with an actual Starbucks kiosk will have a Been There mug.

The design of the mugs are not copies of each other. Each of the mugs has on the mug the sort of activities and signature features of the ship.

Starbucks 'Been There' mugs of Royal Caribbean ships

For example, you'll find Spotlight Karaoke on the Oasis of the Seas mug, and iFly on Odyssey of the Seas.

This is consistent with the Been There mugs, which depict landmarks from the city or location the Starbucks kiosk is located in.

Starbucks 'Been There' mugs of Royal Caribbean ships

Royal Caribbean doesn't have a firm date set for the mug, but expects them to launch sometime in late summer.

The plan is for these to be available no later than the end of August, although ships still in Europe may have a delay and the mugs might not become available until the ship returns to the United States.

Starbucks 'Been There' mugs of Royal Caribbean ships

Royal Caribbean Director of Beverage Operations, Ed Eiswirth, talked about the design and launch of these mugs, "We're planning on having him in on ships in August."

"They all have specific iconic photography for each ship, so they're all slightly different."

The expected price for each mug is $16.95, and it will not be included with any Royal Caribbean drink package (which is the case with all Starbucks kiosk offerings).

Symphony of the Seas in PortMiami aerial

Mr. Eiswirth also confirmed that only each ship will have their specific mug, so if you want to collect them all, you'll have to go on each of the ten cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean fans excited for the new mugs

If early reactions are any indication, these Royal Caribbean "Been There" mugs will be quite popular.

Photos of the mugs first appeared on the Royal Caribbean Dining Facebook group, and excitement for the new launch was near unanimous. 

"I’m sooooo excited!," shared Darren Wolner. "I’ve been hoping for this forever! I have more “Been there” series mugs then I care to admit."

" I collect these for different land based locations so this will be cool," Rob Johnson added.

Starbucks on Harmony of the Seas

"Oh my goodness, just picked up Miami and Orlando ones in April and now I need these," is what Clare Kinnear posted, and it is the sort of sentiment many readers had of happy to see this, but also thinking about what's needed to collect them all.

"I have a huge Starbucks mug collection. This is bad 😂😂 I’m excited for this," is what Ashley Harbridge shared, probably while taking a break from planning her next Disney World trip.

Navigator of the Seas Starbucks location

Kelly Bellovary, wrote likely what Royal Caribbean wants to hear, "Now we have to plan more cruises!"

Over 10 years in the making

Royal Caribbean was the first cruise line to launch a ship that had Starbucks onboard.

The Oasis Class ships introduced the concept with Allure of the Seas had the first "Starbucks At Sea". 

The partnership was a response to cruise ship passengers that wanted signature made-to-order espresso beverages and Frappuccino blended beverages while on vacation.

Since then, Royal Caribbean has steadily offered Starbucks on most of its new ships, as well many refurbished ships.

Most ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet do not have a kiosk, but do serve Starbucks beverages from the ship's proprietary coffee house.

Starbucks on Royal Caribbean cruise ships

09 Sep 2019

Did you know Royal Caribbean ships serve Starbucks beverages on some of its cruise ships?  Both companies have teamed up to give Royal Caribbean guests some of the best coffee available and here is what you need to know to enjoy a cup of your favorite latte, frappuccino or dark roast.

Your Royal Caribbean cruise ship will serve Starbucks coffee from one of these locations.

Oasis Class cruise ships (Oasis of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas and Allure of the Seas) have Starbucks kiosks onboard that are similar to any Starbucks location you have been to on land.

Mariner of the Seas and Navigator of the Seas have a Starbucks kiosk on Deck 4 in the Centrum.

Starbucks coffee prices

Just like your local Starbucks, the prices can change at any time but in general, they have similar pricing to what you find on land.

Paying for your Starbucks beverage

All Starbucks beverages may be charged to your SeaPass account, or alternatively with the Starbucks app.  

Starbucks gift cards can only be used for payment on Royal Caribbean ships that have a freestanding kiosk.

Starbucks purchases made on a Royal Caribbean ship are eligible to earn rewards, however, you may not redeem rewards at a Starbucks kiosk on Royal Caribbean.

Is Starbucks included in Royal Caribbean drink packages?

On Royal Caribbean ships that have a freestanding Starbucks kiosk, the beverage package cannot be used to pay for Starbucks beverages.

Instead, guests with a beverage package can get their premium coffee and teas from Cafe Promenade or other locations.

Clarification on Royal Caribbean's drink package premium coffee benefit

28 Sep 2016

Earlier this month, Royal Caribbean changed the drink package rules to exclude Starbucks beverages, but there is now further clarification on what the drink packages do and do not include.

On Royal Caribbean's Facebook page, an update provides information on what the change means across the fleet.

Furthermore, Royal Caribbean amended its drink package document again to be more specific about the use of drink packages with Starbucks beverages.

Essentially, this sounds like the premium coffee rule is similar to how Starbucks beverages were handled with the former drink packages, that have been replaced with the new drink packages.

Thanks to reader Glen R., who shared this update with us!

Royal Caribbean removes Starbucks inclusion on its unlimited drink packages

21 Sep 2016

Royal Caribbean has seemingly reversed course with one aspect of its newly revamped unlimited beverage packages by now stating Starbucks beverages are not included in any of the packages.

An updated Royal Caribbean document clearly states that Starbucks beverages are not included in any drink package.

Here is a copy of that same document as it appeared earlier this month, with an indication that Starbucks beverages were included.

Earlier this month, Royal Caribbean completely overhauled its drink package offerings in an effort to simplify their offerings to guests and make it easier on crew members to understand as well.

First look: Starbucks opens on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas

01 Jun 2016

It took a few extra days, but the latest Starbucks at Sea location as opened up on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas.

One change Royal Caribbean fans may notice is Starbucks on Harmony of the Seas is located in the Boardwalk neighborhood, instead of the Royal Promenade.

Inside, the new Starbucks location is very bright and colorful, with plenty of whites, teals and tans around the venue.

There is not a whole lot of seating in this Starbucks, but there is a walk-up bar that guests can use for casually enjoying the drinks, as well as some stools that line the wall.

Naturally, you may be wondering what is available to order at this Starbucks.  There is a fairly standard Starbucks menu available for guests to choose from.

Ordering your drinks at this Starbucks is very similar to ordering at any Starbucks location. The barista takes your order, as well as your payment.  You then step to the preparation area and pick up your Starbucks drink when it is ready.

Thanks to Rich Freudenberg for providing these photos!

Let us know what you think of this new Starbucks location in the comments below!

99 days of Harmony: Starbucks

15 Apr 2016

Each day is bringing us closer to the launch of Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas and we are celebrating with a new blog post every day, all about this amazing new ship!

Starbucks at sea

Royal Caribbean made news when the very first Starbucks at sea with Allure of the Seas.  Since then, the partnership between Royal Caribbean and Starbucks has resulted in a lot of happy (and properly caffeinated) guests.

Harmony of the Seas will also feature a Starbucks at sea, but with a new location.

Royal Caribbean added Starbucks at sea on Allure of the Seas' Royal Promenade, but guests looking to grab a cup of joe will head to the Boardwalk instead.

The Coney Island-inspired Boardwalk on Harmony of the Seas will feature the a Starbucks for guests to enjoy that serves up the same great Starbucks menu as on land.

While parents enjoy the newly relocated Starbucks café on the Boardwalk, kids can meet new friends at a new climbing play area.

Trained baristas will offer signature and seasonal beverages and food.  This means anyone can have a Venti at sea!

Oasis of the Seas adds Starbucks to its ship

14 Nov 2011

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas is the newest Royal Caribbean ship to feature a Starbucks coffee shop onboard.  Like its sister Allure of the Seas, there's now a Starbucks store on its Promenade.

Royal Caribbean's senior vice president of hotel operations, Lisa Bauer, spoke about the addition, "Starbucks is a huge hit on Allure of the Seas, and the new Starbucks store aboard Oasis of the Seas is sure to be equally as successful".

The new Starbucks is open from 7am to 11pm and will cost extra to passengers who wish to have some coffee from there.

Royal Caribbean to add Starbucks

27 Oct 2010

Guests cruising aboard Royal Caribbean's new Allure of the Seas will have the opportunity to have their usual morning coffee as Starbucks will launch its first coffee shop at sea. 

“We are always looking for unique ways and places to connect with our customers and deliver the Starbucks Experience,” said Chris Carr, senior vice president and general manager of Starbucks Licensed Stores. “Starbucks presence aboard Allure of the Seas is another place where our customers want and expect us to be.”

Starbucks will serve it's usual line of coffee drinks on the Royal Promenade from 7am to 11pm each day.  The Seattle's Best Coffee will remain on the ship (Seattle's Best Coffee is a subsidary of Starbucks) and be served in the Adagio main dining room, conference rooms and the ship's signature specialty restaurants.

“We are passionate about delivering the WOW,” said Lisa Bauer, senior vice president of Hotel Operations, Royal Caribbean International. “Opening the first ever Starbucks at sea is another example of how Royal Caribbean is delivering distinctive beverage and dining options to our guests and exceeding their expectations. We are offering something that no other cruise brand can.”

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