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The Oasis Class features that are only left on Allure of the Seas

23 Aug 2022

Royal Caribbean has steadily updated each of its Oasis Class cruise ships, but Allure of the Seas is the last ship that has features from the original design.

Allure of the Seas aerial with sunset

When Oasis of the Seas started sailing in December, 2009 it was the largest, most innovative cruise ship in the world. Thirteen years later it is still a marvel in the industry.

Four other Oasis class ships have come along with different features including new restaurants, dry slides, water slides and escape rooms.

Read moreWhat was added to each Royal Caribbean ship during its Royal Amplified refurbishment

Due to the global pandemic, Allure of the Seas has had her scheduled upgrades suspended for at least the next three years (according to the current Hotel Manager).

While I’m here on my favorite Oasis class ship for the next eight days, I thought I’d share some classic features of the ship you either can’t find on the others or are slowly being phased out.

Royal Promenade

One of my favorite venues is the Champagne Bar. I’m always looking for a good martini and the Champagne Bar consistently delivers with my classic favorites. The bar staff also is great at coming up with new flavors I’ve never thought to try.

That space has been replaced with the Bionic Bar on the other Oasis Class ships. This is where you can get your drinks made for you by the robotic bartenders. I, myself am not a fan of the Bionic Bar which obviously puts me in the minority or Royal wouldn’t keep adding them to their ships. I miss the personal connection to the bar staff and the inviting ambiance of the Champagne bar. The Bionic Bar always seems to be very bright and stark in contrast.

Deck 5 is also where you’ll find the On-Air Club. It’s here that karaoke and some visual trivia takes place. While it still exists on other ships, Oasis and Wonder have re-named it “Spotlight Karaoke” and it is now a designated karaoke bar.

Pool Deck

The biggest difference between Allure and the other Oasis class ships is the absence of the water slides.

The other four ships have “The Perfect Storm.” They consist of two twisting slides, The Typhoon and The Cyclone along with a separate bowl-style slide named Supercell. In this area on Allure you’ll find three hot tubs.

Another missing feature is the Lime and Coconut bars that are found on Oasis and Wonder. The Sand Bar and Pool Bar are in these locations but they don’t deliver the Caribbean theming that the Lime and Coconut brings to those ships.

The Solarium Bistro is available on all ships for breakfast and lunch however, Allure is the only one that turns the restaurant into the Samba Grill in the evenings. Samba Grill is Royal’s take on the Brazilian Steakhouse, with gauchos serving meats tableside.

Deck 15 on Allure is also where you’ll find the last of the Wipe Out Café’s. This outdoor restaurant serves breakfast daily. You can find hamburgers and sandwiches during lunch hours. It has been replaced by El Loco Fresh on Oasis and Symphony.

The Living Room is the onboard club for teens. I wouldn’t say it’s being phased out, as there will always be an area for the younger cruises, however, that space on Oasis has been replaced by Port Side BBQ and on Wonder by their expanded Windjammer Café.

Deck 14: No Escape!

The card room on Deck 14 (named Seven Hearts) has board games and computers; along with plenty of tables.

This area on Oasis and Wonder has been replaced by Escape rooms Apollo 18 and The Observatorium, respectively.

Diamond Lounge

Allure is the only ship that still has their Diamond Lounge on Deck 11, overlooking the Boardwalk. It is, by far, my favorite location in the fleet. The lounge is for Crown and Anchor members, Diamond and above.

Here, you have access to a specialty coffee machine. Food includes continental breakfast in the morning, some snacks during the day (cookies, fruit etc.) and hors d’oeuvres in the evening, with cocktail service.

There is also a dedicated concierge to help you with things like dining and show reservations.

There are stairs leading up to Deck 12 that used to be part of the lounge but is now reserved for Chef’s Table dinner.

On the other Oasis class ships, the Diamond Lounge (and the Library next door) has been replaced with the Wonderland specialty restaurant or in Oasis’ case, additional staterooms.


The other major difference between Allure and the others is the absence of The Abyss, the dry slide. You will not find the two purple tubes at the end of the Boardwalk blocking your view to the ocean. I happen to love that, especially if you have Boardwalk balcony room.

Sabor, the Mexican specialty dining venue has been replaced on Oasis, Symphony and Wonder with Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade.

Allure’s Boardwalk Donuts, Cups & Scoops ice cream parlor and the Arcade also occupy the space that has been taken over by Playmakers on the other ships.

In addition, Sabor has a separate bar in the center of the Boardwalk that on the other ships is the landing area of The Abyss slide.

Comedy Club

Deck 4 is where you’ll find the dedicated comedy club on Allure.

On her sister ships, that has been turned into the Diamond Club lounge.

No need to fear, comedy lovers. You can still find the comedians in Blaze, The Attic or even in the main theater.

Specialty Suites

Allure and Oasis are the only ships in the class that feature the Owner’s and Grand Panoramic Suites.

These suites are pretty much the same layout with the Owner’s being approximately 160 square feet larger. They are on opposite sides of deck 17 (1701 and 1758).

What makes them particularly unique is the private hot tub on their balconies.

Final thoughts

There hasn’t been an official date for Allure’s amplification beyond a vague three year timeline. No word on what she will receive but you can pretty much bet it will include the Abyss and Perfect Storm slides. In fact, I noticed that in the gift shop, the ship ornament for Allure already has the addition of the Abyss.

This winter Allure will be leaving Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale and moving on to Galveston, Texas. In the fall of 2023, she’ll be back in Florida doing three and four night sailings from Port Canaveral. I look forward to sailing on her many more times in these next three years to enjoy the venues I love before they’re gone forever.

Royal Caribbean will offer short cruises on an Oasis Class cruise ship for the first time

08 Mar 2022

For the first time ever, an Oasis Class cruise ship will offer regular 3- and 4-night cruises.

Royal Caribbean unveiled its 2023-2024 Short Caribbean cruises on Tuesday, and Allure of the Seas will begin offering short sailings in late 2023.

Traditionally, Oasis Class ships sail 7-night cruises.  These are the biggest cruise ships in the world, and by offering so much to see and do onboard, Royal Caribbean always sailed them on the longer sailings.

In recent years, Royal Caribbean has steadily improved the vessels offering weekend cruises from Florida, beginning with amplified Voyager Class ships, and more recently the slightly larger Freedom Class ships.

Allure of the Seas transitioning to short Caribbean voyages will open up a new enticing option to the getaway cruise market.

Allure of the Seas will sail from Port Canaveral, Florida beginning on October 31, 2023 and alternate between 3- and 4-night cruises that visit Nassau, Bahamas and Perfect Day at CocoCay.

The new short sailings run through at least April 15, 2024.

Allure of the Seas had been deployed to Galveston, Texas since late 2022, but Harmony of the Seas will take over so that Allure can move to Florida.

In an interview with Royal Caribbean's Senior Vice President and Chief Product Innovation Officer Jay Schneider, he indicated the idea of having short cruises on an Oasis Class ship is an exciting new plan, "We've loved our our three or four short program. It's been tremendously successful.

"We've never piloted that with an Oasis class ship before. So Allure of the Seas will be the first pilot of a three or four night short program."

Other short Caribbean sailings

In addition to the Allure change, Royal Caribbean released 7 other ship deployments.

Adventure of the Seas will sail from Galveston and offer 4-, 5- and 6-night Western Caribbean cruises.

Freedom of the Seas will continue to offer 3- and 4- night cruises from Miami that visit CocoCay & Nassau.

Granduer of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas will also sail from Miami, and run primarily Southern Caribbean voyages that are as long as 12 nights in some cases. She will also offer 4- and 5- cruises to The Bahamas and Western Caribbean.

Independence of the Seas will sail 3-, 4-, and 5- night cruises from Miami to CocoCay & Nassau.

Liberty of the Seas will call Fort Lauderdale home, and offer 3-6 night cruises around the Caribbean and Bahamas.

Mariner of the Seas will also sail from Port Canaveral with more varied 4- and 5-night Caribbean cruises.

Radiance of the Seas will move from Vancouver, and initially offer one west coast cruise down to San Diego, before embarking on a Panama Canal cruise to Tampa, where she will sail 4- and 5-night Western Caribbean cruises.

Next deployments

More cruises will be announced over the course of the next few weeks.

Royal Caribbean's deployment schedule is as follows:

  • Week of March 14: Los Angeles
  • Week of March 28: Barbados & Panama
  • Week of April 4: Australia
  • Week of April 11: China
  • Week of April 18: 7-night Caribbean
  • Week of June 6: Singapore

Keep in mind that the deployment schedule is subject to change.

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Royal Caribbean gets CDC approval for Allure of the Seas to sail

06 Aug 2021

Another Royal Caribbean cruise ship has gotten approval to sail from the United States.

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas has received its Conditional Sailing Certificate from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which means the ship can offer cruises with paying passengers onboard.

This certificate is the final phase of the CDC's phased approach, known as the Conditional Sail Order (CSO), to allowing cruise ships to resume operations from the United States, and is yet another ship in the fleet to get approval by the U.S. government to sail.

Allure of the Seas had her 2-night test cruise conducted on July 27.

The cruise line shared the good news on social media, although it has not always shared publicly which ships have gotten approval to sail following a test cruise.

Allure of the Seas is scheduled for her first sailing this weekend when she departs Port Canaveral on August 8.

Allure joins Freedom, Serenade, and Odyssey of the Seas as ships able to restart cruises after getting CDC approval.

Test cruises are part of the CSO that the CDC implemented as a way for cruise ships to resume operations.

Since Royal Caribbean will not require at least 95% of its cruise passengers to be fully vaccinated, test cruises are needed to demonstrate to the CDC that the onboard health protocols work.

All of the crew members will be fully vaccinated on Allure of the Seas, and any unvaccinated guests (mainly children, according to the cruise line) will be subject to additional testing requirements and specific health protocols. 

Sailings on Allure of the Seas will require all guests to get a pre-cruise Covid test up to 3 days before the ship sails, and to bring the negative test result to the ship.

The new test requirement of all guests is a new protocol recently introduced due to the Delta variant and Covid cases subsequently rising across the country, especially in Florida.

Once onboard, Royal Caribbean has new health protocols for guests depending if they fully vaccinated or not.

All guests must wear face masks while indoors, but the mask can be taken off when in a fully vaccinated area, and/or while actively eating or drinking. Masks are also not necessary when outdoors or at the cruise line's private island.

Vaccinated guests also wear a wristband to easily identify themselves as vaccinated, while unvaccinated guests have no such wristband and have a hole punched in their SeaPass card.

Allure of the Seas to begin her test cruise today

27 Jul 2021

The first Oasis Class cruise ship to potentially restart operations will give it a try later today when Allure of the Seas conducts her simulated voyage.

Allure has been docked in Port Canaveral for a few days in preperation for the test sailing.  

The two-night test cruise will depart today and visit Perfect Day at CocoCay before returning back to Port Canaveral on Thursday.

Simulated cruises are part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) phased approach to cruise ships restarting in the United States.

While the State of Florida has won its lawsuit against the CDC, and test cruises from Florida are no longer required, Royal Caribbean said it will continue to follow CDC cruise ship recommendations.

Required or not, the purpose of a test cruise is to demonstrate to the CDC that the onboard health protocols can work, and keep crew members and passengers safe.

All the passengers onboard are volunteers, who are a mix of travel agents, top tier Crown and Anchor Society members, and cruise line employees.

So far three other Royal Caribbean ships have successfully conducted test cruises: Freedom of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas & Odyssey of the Seas.

If all goes well for Allure of the Seas on her test sailing, she could be ready for her first scheduled voyage on August 8.

What happens on a test cruise?

There will be CDC officials onboard Allure of the Seas to observe and critique the various new changes and health protocols onboard.

There is a list of activities that any cruise ship doing a test cruise must complete in order to pass the test.  The CDC gives cruise lines the option of completing these requirements over one or multiple sailings, but thus far, Royal Caribbean has opted to complete test sailings over the course of a single voyage.

Test cruises are necessary for any ship sailing in U.S. waters that will carry more than 250 passengers and crew.

The test cruises are designed to test new embarkation and disembarkation procedures, medical evacuation procedures and procedures for transferring symptomatic passengers and crew to isolation rooms set up on board the ships.

There are also requirements for testing what happens during meals, entertainment onboard, and the pool deck.

Why is Royal Caribbean choosing to do test cruises?

Some cruise fans wonder why Royal Caribbean International does test cruises instead of requiring 95% of its passengers be fully vaccinated and skip test cruises, similar to what Celebrity Cruises has done.

The answer is Royal Caribbean sails with so many families, there are simply too many children that are ineligible for a Covid-19 vaccine.

As a family brand that traditionally has over 1 million children sailing onboard, leaving kids out (and subsequently their parents and extended family) was not an option Royal Caribbean ever considered.

Royal Caribbean International's senior vice president of Hotel Operations, Mark Tamis, called the decision "obvious" given how many kids sail with Royal Caribbean, along with the cruise line's dedication to remaining a family brand. "A good 20 to 25 percent of our guests are kids."

Live test cruise coverage

RoyalCaribbeanBlog will be onboard this Allure of the Seas test cruise, and I'll be sharing what it's like on a test cruise right here!

There will be daily live blogs to read, as well as live broadcasts on FacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

Royal Caribbean gets CDC approval to start test sailings on Allure and Symphony of the Seas

03 Jun 2021

Two of the world's largest cruise ships have gotten approval to start test cruises.

Royal Caribbean confirmed on Thursday Allure of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas have received permission from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to start test cruises.

These two ships the second and third Royal Caribbean International ship to get approval for test cruises, following Freedom of the Seas.

Both ships are the first Oasis Class ships to get test cruise approval, and are the largest ships to date with approval from the CDC to conduct simulated voyages.

Read moreHere's how to sign up to be a volunteer for a Royal Caribbean test cruise

Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley confirmed the news on Facebook, along with sail dates.

Allure of the Seas will start her testr cruises from Port Canaveral on July 27 to July 29.

Symphony of the Seas will conduct her test sailings from PortMiami on August 1 through August 3.

Read moreEverything you need to know about Royal Caribbean test cruises

"Yippee," Mr. Bayley added with the news. "Just got approval from the CDC for our simulated sailings."

Royal Caribbean issued a statement confirming what Mr. Bayley posted, "We are encouraged to see our ongoing work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to progress on all fronts. Allure and Symphony of the Seas, two of the world’s largest cruise ships, are the latest in Royal Caribbean International’s fleet to be approved for simulation cruises. The ships will follow Freedom of the Seas and embark on their simulation sailings on July 27 and August 1, respectively. "

Simulated voyages (also known as test cruises) are when cruise lines can operate ships with volunteer passengers in order to prove their new protocols work.

These are not cruises you can book, but rather, are limited voyages where a cruise line invites certain unpaid volunteers to help go through all the necessary steps and procedures to ensure cruise ships can be run safely.

Each cruise ship needs to be approved by the CDC in order to conduct test cruises.

During these test cruises, Royal Caribbean will go through a variety of scenarios to prove to the CDC that the ship can conduct sailings in a safe manner. Specifically, the new protocols aimed at preventing Covid-19 from getting onboard the ship are at the heart of these dry runs.

Each ship must conduct at least one simulated cruise, and each voyage must be between 2-7 days in length with a least one overnight stay, including through embarkation, disembarkation, and post-disembarkation testing.

According to the CDC, passengers and crew must meet standards during the simulated voyage for hand hygiene, use of face masks, and social distancing for passengers and crew, as well as ship sanitation.

Royal Caribbean must modify meal service and entertainment venues to facilitate social distancing during the simulated voyage.

Royal Caribbean will base Allure of the Seas in Galveston beginning November 2022

02 Mar 2021

Royal Caribbean is set to announce Allure of the Seas will sail from Galveston.

According to the Port of Galveston, Royal Caribbean will announce on Wednesday that Allure of the Seas will begin sailing from Galveston, Texas in November 2022.

The information was divulged at a meeting of the Wharves Board of Trustees on Tuesday. More than likely, Allure's sailing from Galveston will be in tandem with the opening of the new cruise terminal that Royal Caribbean intends to build.

"Royal is going to announce tomorrow that sales will begin for the Allure of the Seas in November 2022," said Galveston Port Director Rodger Rees.

"So they're going to start selling for the Allure of the Seas, I got the email yesterday."

Back in December 2019, the plan was to have Allure sail from Galveston, but the delayed cruise terminal construction meant those plans had to be deferred.

It now appears those plans were deferred, but not denied.

The anticipated official announcement by Royal Caribbean tomorrow will likely coincide with Royal Caribbean's release of 7-Night Caribbean & Northeast (Phase 2) sailings.

Royal Caribbean plans to partner with Ceres Terminals Management to manage the new terminal and provide stevedore services at the pier.

Ceres would have 50% ownership in the terminal and Royal Caribbean would have the other 50%. Ceres is already approved to provide stevedore services at Galveston and provides similar services for Royal Caribbean at Port Canaveral, Port Everglades (Silversea), Tampa, Baltimore, and New Orleans.

Read moreHere are the two port projects Royal Caribbean intends to complete

Royal Caribbean is ordering two new gangways for the new terminal with a 2-year delivery time. They did not discuss whether the gangways would be available for the November 2022 terminal opening but some alternate method of embarkation would possibly be needed during the first few months of operation.

The new Galveston cruise terminal has been by a year due to the cruise industry shutdown, but Galveston officials claim Royal Caribbean has informed in February 2021 that they intend to begin construction in April 2021.

Galveston Port Director Rodger Rees said in that February meeting, "April 1, we're slated for construction to begin on the new cruise terminal."

The new Terminal 3 in Galveston will be built on 10 acres of land at Pier 10, and will be used exclusively by Royal Caribbean.

The new cruise terminal will be big enough to handle Royal Caribbean's largest cruise ships, including an Oasis Class ship or the new Icon Class ships.

The facility will feature state-of-the-art technology, including mobile check-in and facial recognition to expedite guest arrival. The terminal will be designed and developed sustainably to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) certification standards.

Many thanks to RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader Galveston Steve for helping with this post.

Two Royal Caribbean cruise ships visited Port Canaveral this week

29 Jan 2021

For the first time in quite a while, two Royal Caribbean ships visited Port Canaveral.

Allure of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas each stopped in Port Canaveral this week for short resupply visits.

Allure of the Seas came into port first on Monday and docked at Terminal 1.

Photos by Paul Crow

Explorer of the Seas arrived in Port Canaveral on Thursday.

Photos by Twangster

Royal Caribbean did not disclose the purpose of the visits, but the safe bet is for resupply.

Throughout the cruise industry shutdown, cruise ships have made periodic visits to select ports to offload waste and bring on new supplies.

In North America, Royal Caribbean has primarily relied on PortMiami for these visits.  Other ports of resupply have included Barbados, Southampton and St. Kitts.

Both Explorer of the Seas and Allure of the Seas recently made the transatlantic crossing after spending their summer in Europe in warm lay up.

Both ships were also in Europe primarily to receive Royal Amplifications in 2020, but those plans had to be postponed until further notice due to the cruise line's current financial situation.

Top 25 free things you can do on Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class cruise ships

25 Nov 2020

There is nothing like Royal Caribbean's biggest and most expansive cruise ships, the Oasis Class ships.

There are four Oasis Class ships currently (with Wonder of the Seas joining the fleet in 2022), and they each offer so much for guests to do on vacation.

If you have a cruise booked on one of these incredible cruise ships, here is a list of must-dos that will not cost you anything extra!

Watch a Broadway show

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Every Oasis Class ship has a full length Broadway show onboard that you can see over and over again.

Performances are found in the Royal Theater and unlike seeing a musical in Times Square or at home, there is no extra cost to them.

  • Oasis of the Seas: Cats
  • Allure of the Seas: Mamma Mia
  • Harmony of the Seas: Grease
  • Symphony of the Seas: Hairspray

Play Laser Tag

Ships available: Symphony, Oasis.

At special laser tag sessions, Royal Caribbean transforms Studio B into a glow-in-the-dark arena that invites everyone to see if they can conquer the, "Battle for Planet Z".

Guests can put on  special laser tag vests, grab a laser tag gun and head into the arena for a fast-paced team-game that rewards the group that works well together and coordinates their efforts.  Just like laser tag on land, Battle for Planet Z is a high-energy race with bragging rights for the rest of the cruise on the line!

Zip line

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Every Oasis Class ship has a zip line over the Boardwalk neighborhood where you can traverse the 82 foot long distance while looking down on passengers below.

The zip line is set up nine decks above the sea, and it is an exhilarating ride across.  It is also a very quick ride, so if you have never done a zip line before, this is a great primer.

Note that guests have to weigh more than 75 pounds, but less than 275 pounds, as well as be at least 52" tall.

Ultimate Abyss

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis

If you are looking for a great family friendly thrill, check out the Ultimate Abyss slide.

The Ultimate Abyss is a dry slide (no water, you ride down on a mat) and will take you more than 150 feet above sea level as you twist and turn down 10 decks at about 9 miles per hour.

It looks scarier than it is, and worth giving a try.

Watch an AquaTheater show

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

One of the classic experiences available only on an Oasis Class ship is the AquaTheater shows.

Known for a combination of theatrics, dance, and high dives, the shows in the AquaTheater are set in an open air amphitheater at the aft of the cruise ship and have become a very popular show to see.

Between the acrobatics, high dives, and music, there is a lot to enjoy during these half hour performances.

Be sure to get tickets (no cost) in advance via the Cruise Planner site because seating is very limited.

Ice skating

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

It may sound odd that you can go ice skating on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean, but you can do just that on an Oasis Class ship.

Throughout the cruise, open skate sessions are held in Studio B, where you can rent a pair of skates and safety equipment for no additional cost and take to the ice.

Passengers must wear long pants and must sign a waiver to participate.

Plunge down a water slide

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis.

Water slides are bound to put a smile on just about anyone because it is such a fun cruise ship activity.

The Perfect Storm trio of water slides offer two racer slides and a champagne bowl slide that are included in your cruise fare.  As you slide down any of the slides, you will twist and turn three decks into a splashy finish.

Check out the art

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Every Royal Caribbean ship features a large and varied art collection onboard that you can see throughout your cruise.

Located in hallways, stair cases and everywhere inbetween, each Oasis Class ship has an extensive art collection that you can peruse on your own.  This is a great sea day activity for the whole family, and each ship has a different theme to the art onboard.

Splashaway Bay

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis (Allure of the Seas has H2O Zone, which is somewhat similar)

While older kids and adults may enjoy going down the water slides, younger kids will absolutely love Splashaway Bay aqua park.

Kids will find fountains, buckets, sprays and even slides that will leave them as drenched as enamoured with all the fun.

It is a great spot for kids to cool off, and there is even a Splash Pad for toddlers use.

Ride the carousel

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Your Oasis Class cruise is not complete without enjoying a ride on the carousel in the Boardwalk neighborhood.

Inspired by turn-of-the-century carousels, Royal Caribbean commissioned hand crafted carousels to be made for all of its cruise ships.  These are beautiful rides that are equally as fun to ride as they are to enjoy their beauty.

There is also an ADA-accessible chariot, which means everyone can enjoy it.

Be sure to ride at night as well to enjoy how beautiful the carousel looks when lit up.


Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

You must challenge the family to at least one round of putt-putt while on any Oasis Class ship.

You can play on the green as often as you like, while enjoying some beautiful views of the ocean that surrounds you.  No reservations are required, just show up and grab a putter and ball. 

Like the carousel, be sure to try out night time mini golf one evening to mix things up.

Drop the kids off at camp

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Adventure Ocean is Royal Caribbean's award winning supervised (and complimentary) children's programming at sea and it is the perfect escape for kids.

Kids will love the array of fun activities onboard and parents will enjoy some time apart from the kiddos!


Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Every Oasis Class ship features two Flowrider surf simulators, where you can challenge yourself to master the art of riding a surfboard.

This is a free activity, so all you have to do is show up and wait your turn in line. 

In addition, Royal Caribbean offers private and group lessons for a nominal fee, if you feel the need to learn quicker.

Even if you have no interest in surfing, there is seating available to watch others give it a try.

See an ice show

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Royal Caribbean puts on some must-see shows in Studio B on its ships every sailing.

Each ship offers a different ice show, and they tell a lovely story while showing off some incredible feats of ice skating.  Many of the skaters are former Olympic and national skating competitors.

Enjoy a snack at El Loco Fresh

Ships available: Symphony, Oasis.

If you consider yourself a lover of Mexican food, be sure to grab a few bites at El Loco Fresh.

The grab-and-go Mexican quick service restaurant is conveniently located on the pool deck, and you will have your choice of tacos, burritos and quesadillas. 

There is also a large salsa station where you can add all sorts of toppings to your chips!

Enjoy a walk through Central Park

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

An iconic part of any Oasis Class ship is Central Park.

Located in the heart of the ship on deck 8, this is an open air park that features living plants, shrubs and trees, and is a quieter district of an otherwise busy cruise ship.

At night, the park features live music performances, as well as beautiful lighting.  

Central Park is also where you will find specialty restaurants you can dine at for lunch or dinner (extra cost) or Park Cafe (complimentary) for meals and snacks throughout the day.

Free breakfast at Johnny Rockets

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

One of my favorite Oasis Class secrets is you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast at Johnny Rockets.

All Oasis-class ships offer this option, but many guests are unaware that breakfast is served here, nor that it is included with your cruise fare (Johnny Rockets has a cover charge for lunch and dinner).

The Johnny Rockets breakfast menu is a traditional American breakfast, with pancakes, omelettes, French toast and the like.  

Johnny Rockets tends to be not very crowded for breakfast, because many guests are unaware of this option, and it also has a large seating capacity (indoor and outdoor seating options).

Sing karaoke

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Whether at the Open Air Club or Spotlight Karaoke (Oasis), you will find a fan-favorite activity on any cruise ship: karaoke.

Guests can pick a song from a library of choices and then take the stage to show off their vocal range (or maybe lack thereof).

Enjoy a parade

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

On the Royal Promenade, you can take in a parade during your cruise.  

Royal Caribbean's entertainment staff perform a parade during the cruise that feature colorful and larger-than-life costumes that are a fun diversion from the usual activities.

Be sure to arrive early, as seating is limited along the Royal Promenade path.

Find the Small Wonders

Ships available: Oasis, Allure.

Hidden all over Oasis and Allure of the Seas is a series of art displays known as "Small Wonders", where you will find 42 natural wonders positioned all over the ship.

When you find one, there will be something that looks like a periscope or telescope that if you peer into, you will find these tiny three dimensional pieces of art.

This is a fun activity for kids or adults to try to find them all and it is one of those hidden gems many guests simply overlook.

Hint: if you give up and cannot find them all, Guest Services can provide you with a list of them all to help!

Virtual reality games

Ships available: Oasis, Symphony.

Royal Caribbean's smart phone app is free to use onboard the ship, and features a few virtual reality games that you can play in the Boardwalk neighborhood.

Once in the Boardwalk, look for the various game posters near Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade.  Launch the app, select the icon that looks like a circus tent and then point your camera towards the poster.

Watch the ship's wake

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

Looking for somewhere that is shaded and is quiet and a great spot to sit and relax?  

Head to deck 5 and go all the way to the aft of the ship.  You will find chairs that have a great view of the ocean and are usually devoid of other passengers. You can also access this area by going behind the AquaTheater and going down the stairs.

Enjoy a drink on the Rising Tide Bar

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

There is something undeniably cool about a bar that moves between decks, and on Oasis class ships, the Rising Tide bar does just that.

The Rising Tide Bar continuously moves between the Royal Promenade and Central Park, offering some great views while you enjoy your favorite cocktail.

Order a drink and enjoy the view as the bar moves between decks. Be sure to wave to the people around you as you depart.

See a robot make a drink

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis.

The Bionic Bar is as appealing to watch as it is to enjoy a cocktail crafted here. You will find quite often many guests simply watching the robots in action, although there is usually plenty of folks ordering drinks as well.

The idea is simple: guests place orders via tablets and then can watch the robot bartenders start mixing the cocktails. Bionic Bar combines two big trends, robotics and mixology.

The single armed robot will get the ice, mints and lemon and then squeeze and shake them to make your drink. Eventually, there wont be a limit on what the drinks the robots can make. The customization is what Royal Caribbean is aiming for.

Tackle the rock climbing wall

Ships available: Symphony, Harmony, Oasis, Allure.

One of the signature onboard activities that Royal Caribbean has become well-known for is the rock climbing wall. 

Just like the Flowrider, Oasis Class ships have two rock walls that you can try, including different tracks for different experience levels.

 It is usually open most of the day for kids and adults to enjoy.  Royal Caribbean provides all the safety equipment that you will need, including helmets, harnesses and shoes.  You just need to bring a pair of socks.

Climbers need to be at least 6 years old and sign a waiver.  Climbing the rock wall is free and no reservations are required.

Photos of Anthem and Allure of the Seas departing Southampton

17 Aug 2020

Two of Royal Caribbean's biggest cruise ships were spotted in Southampton over the weekend, giving locals in the area a glimpse of these popular ships.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader Sarah Lynn stopped by the Port of Southampton to take a few photos of these ships.

Sarah went on a ferry that toured the cruise ships anchored off the South Coast of England, and took photos of the ships for all of us to enjoy.

A few Royal Caribbean ships have been positioned off the southern coast of England, and make periodic stops in Southampton for resupply.

It is noteworthy to mention that Anthem of the Seas just completed a refurbishment in Damen Shiprepair Brest in Brest, France.

Anthem was due for routine maintenance that focused on preventative upkeep work.

There are no major aesthetic upgrades to Anthem of the Seas announced, so this is purely a traditional dry dock to take care of "under the hood" work, such as painting and engine work.

Royal Caribbean releases Allure of the Seas winter 2021-2022 sailings from Fort Lauderdale

18 Jun 2020

A week after Royal Caribbean revealed Allure of the Seas would sail from Port Everglades instead of Galveston in winter 2021-2022, the cruise line has put the new sailings on sale.

The cruise line announced that a delay in building its new cruise terminal meant Allure of the Seas would be unable to sail from Galveston, as the old terminal is incapable of supporting an Oasis Class ship.

The first Allure of the Seas sailing from Port Everglades will take place on November 8, 2021.

Allure of the Seas will offer Western and Eastern Caribbean sailings, including visits to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. 

There are a variety of sailings offered, including 4-, 6-, 8-, 7- and 9- night sailings.

Prior to Allure's winter 2021-2022 season, Allure of the Seas will start out in Miami, then transition to Port Canaveral and then remain there until she moves to Port Everglades.

In late March, Royal Caribbean proposed delaying the new cruise terminal in Galveston by a year due to the global crisis. Neither the Port nor Royal Caribbean wanted to cancel the contract and felt the best option was the one year delay.

The new target completion date for the terminal is September 1, 2022.

Liberty of the Seas will take the place of Liberty of the Seas in Galveston until the new terminal is complete.

Guests with Allure cruises from Galveston

In the case someone had a cruise booked on Allure of the Seas from Galveston, Royal Caribbean has provided a few options for these passengers.

  • Original cruise fare paid for Allure of the Seas will be price protected at the original cruise fare rate or reduced to the current cruise fare rate (whichever is lower). This excludes taxes, fees, gratuities, and other non-cruise fare items.
    • Guests who were already paid in full and qualify for a cruise fare rate decrease will be provided with a refund if there is any difference in pricing. You can expect to receive your refund to your original form of payment 45 days after you submit your refund request. Kindly note, refund times may vary depending on your financial institution.
  • Royal Caribbean is also waiving any non-refundable deposit change fees associated with the move.
  • Please know, if you weren't previously booked on a holiday sailing (Christmas, New Year's, and Easter), sailings during that timeframe are excluded from your options.
  • Lastly, if you opted into the Cruise with Confidence 100% Future Cruise Credit prior to this email, you will be able to take advantage of this new offer.

Guests have until July 7, 2020 to take advantage of this offer. If nothing is changed by July 7, 2020, Royal Caribbean will automatically keep that reservation booked on Liberty of the Seas.

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