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  2. Cats = 3 hours of free time for something else! Anything.
  3. UPDATE: I just finally spoke with someone who got the final word - the helium balloon is no longer available for pre-booking on the cruise planner. They decided that since it was so dependent on the wind that they wouldn't pre book. Anyone who prebooked will keep their reservation. I had prebooked. In the 30 seconds between finding the new price, canceling my booking and trying to rebook they took it out of the cruise planner.
  4. I know we shouldn’t deal in generalities, but they seem to hire angry Eastern Europeans that make me want to gamble less and less. At least when I’m in Vegas losing my shirt, there’s a dealer with a great life story who can regale me with tales of how great Vegas was in the 70s and that time he was working for the Mob.
  5. And comedian! You will like him!
  6. Dinner on night two took us to Hooked Seafood for the first time. Hooked is located right by the theater and has doors that fully close, so avoided the same noise issues that plague Chops and Jamie’s. All things considered, I’d put Hooked at the bottom of the Specialty Dining restaurants onboard. The items that were fried had a breading that lacked flavor, and the “Maryland Crab Cake” that is on the menu doesn’t belong in the middle of the sea. Our server Chedee (first syllable sounds like Cheddar) was great and was the highlight of the meal. Hooked Sunset Calamari and Peppers Shrimp Cocktail Surf and Turk, Lobster Mac and Cheese, and grilled corn Whole Maine Lobster Lobster a Roll Seafood Platter Hooked Sunset Whoopie Pies Caramel Bread Pudding Boston Cream Pie After dinner we walked around the ship a bit as Navigator has a great ambiance on the pool deck at night. We also used this opportunity to play some miniature golf in the dark before heading to bed.
  7. You need your own skates for advanced skate, you will be required to wear their helmet. Its rather (very) warm in the rink, too. Go down and find a skater on day 1, to plan around the advanced open skate time, or pay for "the key"
  8. Helium Balloon update: I just finally spoke with someone who got the final word - the helium balloon is no longer available for pre-booking on the cruise planner. They decided that since it was so dependent on the wind that they wouldn't pre book. Anyone who prebooked will keep their reservation. I had prebooked. In the 30 seconds between finding the new price, canceling my booking and trying to rebook they took it out of the cruise planner.
  9. I was also less than impressed with the dealers in the casino when I was on Allure. It was so bad I actually mentioned it in my after cruise survey. I could deal with less than enthusiastic personalities, but they annoyed me because they didn’t seem to care if other players were breaking the rules. I actually got into a mini confrontation with another player when they tried to take my (winning) bet off the roulette table which would have been avoided if the dealer called them out on touching the chips before the marker was off the table.
  10. Waking up at 7:30 for Perfect Day was both a blessing and a curse. As I got up, I noticed the floor near the front of the cabin was wet, which we eventually found out was coming out of a pump room outside our room. I quickly moved into mouth-wide-open smiling at the view from our aft balcony as Navigator had backed into its space on the new pier. Disembarking was a breeze as most others were sleeping at 8am, while I was skipping across the pier ready to be near the front of the line for DareDevils peak. Once inside of Perfect Day we immediately made a bee-line for thrill Waterpark. As we didn’t bring waterproof cameras and mounts we set our stuff down and headed for the slides. That means I don’t have any cool pictures or videos, but luckily @Matt took lots, including the Drop Slides that he thought he might die on 😜 We spent a bit of time at the wave pool, which during the morning had waves big enough to make us feel like we were on a fishing boat on the show Deadliest Catch. According to others they toned down the waves later in the day. We also made our way over to my new favorite pool in the world, the Oasis Lagoon. The Oasis Lagoon is not only big, but also very well thought out. It’s got plenty of seating around the pool, lots of ledges and chairs inside the pool, and trees to add some natural shade. The swim-up bar was very nice to have, as the waiter from onboard neglected us each time he walked by. The bar would however take on a “meat market” vibe later in the day. Most of that is probably because of the three day cruise, but time will tell. At 11:30 lunch opened up at Skippers Grill. If we’re comparing the food at CocoCay to Labadee, CocoCay is a new Michelin starred restaurant compared to a Shoney’s. I was so pleasantly surprised with the variety and quality of the food on CocoCay. And that was even before discovering the Snack Shack. As @Matt has mentioned, they’re chicken sandwich is delicious. I’m really hoping they don’t cost-cut the quality out of the CocoCay food because they knocked it out of the park. On our way back onboard we found the stowaway piano player technically not being a stowaway. Perhaps he was doing his @BrandonOwen impression and trying to stowaway on the island After we got back on, we found an industrial dryer in the room, and also found that the plumber who plugged in the dryer had left the bathroom door open which had led to a Vortex of Toilet Paper (Which would be a great punk rock band name) We also discovered the pitfalls of having a private island where the drink package carries over. I witnessed more than one person needing to be pushed to their room in a wheelchair because they had over indulged on the island. One woman I saw was screaming in the hallway and didn’t know where her room was.
  11. Saved $75 on the Unlimited Dining Package for our March 2020 Oasis sailing. This was outside of the stated sale dates, so don't assume you're not going to see a lesser price! Give it a go!
  12. Wow! He's a jack of all trades...DJ, CD, magician, police officer, and Canadian!
  13. We are in the last days of the Ovation Alaska sailing and visited the next cruise desk to do a placeholder at minimum. Apparently they just announced a few repositioning cruises for this ship in spring 2012. We booked one that looks sort of interesting. Would like to do both but don’t think we could get enough time off to accommodate a 13 and 14 night b2b. According to the agent it sounds like those will out very soon.
  14. Family comedy in Royal Theater tonight. CD Mike is a magician. He did about 20 minutes and was funny and talented and very touching at the end. Love and Marriage is on later and we are really looking forward to that. Comedian Simeon Kirkiles was decent. Comedian Rodney Johnson was hysterical. We will try to catch their adult shows also. Here's the backstory on Mike
  15. Thank you everyone for all the info!
  16. After dinner we scurried down to studio B for ISkate. This show was much better received by the family than the forced “we do what we want” ISkate show on Harmony. The choreographed drone routine was awesome. The routines in the show also seemed more coordinated and skilled even including an on ice backflip from one of the skaters. There must have been 15 costume changes during the show. The conclusion of the show was also where we first, and last saw Hugo, our cruise director. I got too accustomed on NCL of seeing the CD’s just walking around and being part of the action. On RC they seem to take a much more business oriented MC role After the show I headed down to the casino, which seemed to feature several oversights when it came to design. There’s just too many tables crammed in to where you can’t get buy when someone is sitting down. During my visits there it was a mixed bag of dealers mostly unfortunately featuring less than enthusiastic personalities. It’s a huge departure from the rest of the crew who actually seems happy to be there. Once she saw it in the cruise compass, Addie wanted to stay up for the Midnight balloon drop. I was ready to go to bed by then, knowing there was a long day upcoming at CocoCay. Addie won out and we crowded into the Promenade just before midnight.
  17. coki beach. Just taxi over free entree and just rent a chair or two :)
  18. Today
  19. Also not TeamMDR... I started cruising on Royal in 2006 and the food in the MDR was delicious then it happened Oasis came out and they released those stupid Spice Menu's. They obviously also bought inferior ingredients and the food started to go South really quickly.. Now I buy an Ultimate package for every cruise. I also don't mind. People say oh but the food is included why would you do that.. For me its simple I love Royal and I am not going to win and get them to make the MDR better so I bite the bullet and pay for the better package and I have a wonderful cruise every time..
  20. I don't think this is anything new except maybe a new name. You've always been able to book a private Flowrider time for this price. I could be wrong but I think its only an hour and it isn't prime time, ie they aren't taking away from public hours for this. With the Key, its private time is only 1 hour over the cruise. Not really a huge deal except for those who expect more private time for those who purchase the Key.
  21. So this is going to be a boring post. Dinner was Wonderland. Don't really have any pictures worthwhile of posting. Just slipped my mind again taking them.
  22. Ahh, we are trying to decide on the DBP and UDP.
  23. @JRA...he lk Just wine or champagne. You are not allowed to carry on hard liquor. JMPO they want it in the carry on bc every piece of luggage is screened prior to boarding. They have a limitation on the amount. It would be too difficult for them to now go back and say you had 2 bottles in your suitcase and 0 in carry on, so you are good to go. By forcing it only on carry on they know you have hit the limit. If you go on your cruise planner, I believe at the bottom of the internet and more they offer hard liquor and soda, such as a 375 ml bottle of Bacardi and a pack of coke to be delivered to your room. I don't know how much it costs because we do the DBP. I will say out of Cape Liberty they are strict regarding alcohol. My brother refused to listen to me. He tried to bring on 6 Yuengling beer bottles... he kept saying you see it is under 17 oz. and I only have 6. I kept saying, YES, but they state only wine or champagne, or 12 17 oz of non-alcoholic beverages. They confiscated it. We laughed when we debarked. They handed it back to him when he picked up his luggage. One last thing I would do is talk to your TA. You can upload pics for your sea pass, but they are very picky. Has to be sim. to a passport pic. You might want to ask since he is wheelchair bound if that will be an issue. When we sailed on Anthem, our pics were rejected because it is suppose to be a white background. The closest wall color to white in my house is ivory/light tan. It is not a biggie at all. Another thing we laughed about. We traveled in a group of 10. My husband and I were the only ones that had to get our pics done at the terminal. We were also the 1st to be finished checking in. Cape Liberty they do everything by tablet.
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