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  2. The smallest ship may have something to do with limited activities in this area...time of year that you're sailing too...
  3. BOGO rate for the DX on my 9/13/19 Ovation sailing is @ 51 per day. It was at $55 per person per day as of yesterday... The lowest I've seen (and thankfully locked in) was $47...
  4. C'mon, Matt. You've run this site long enough to know that we are all pretty as cheap as can be!
  5. We were on an Allure cruise. There was an organized group of 650 singles. They had many events throughout the week. Were you looking for RC organized singles meet ups?
  6. I'm not so sure about this "Sale". I bought the DBP a few weeks ago under the BOGO50 sale at $47PP Today's "30% Off" sale is listing the DBP at $48PP. Kind of diminishes my hope for a better deal later in the year.
  7. Short answer is, no, that is not correct. There is a shareholder discount available, but it has nothing to do with C&A tier: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/06/26/all-about-the-royal-caribbean-shareholder-discount
  8. What sort of activities were you expecting?
  9. In terms of pre-cruise purchases, nothing terribly surprising for a short cruise, but this is what we've come up with so far.... Deluxe Beverage Package for me, Refreshment Package for my wife I think this is the first time I've called Royal Caribbean to get an exemption for the "two adults in a room" drink package rule. Usually my wife gets the DX package too, but as @mpoole3 can attest to, spouses breaking even on that ain't easy. I think with my Diamond Plus discount, it's probably a wash in terms of buying it onboard or online, but I prefer to buy it online and reduce that final cruise bill. Izumi Hibachi Thus far, we have decided to book Izumi Hibachi for one night (day one) and then figure out what to do the other two nights. Izumi Hibachi is one of my favorite dining venues on any Royal Caribbean ship. It's fun, filling and there's sake. Since we've been on Mariner extensively this year, I'm not hard pressed to hit up the other specialty restaurants. Plus, I enjoy the main dining room and I do not think we have eaten in the MDR on this ship this year.
  10. My first ever cruise and we are going all out! Me, my best friend and her sister are going on Symphony of the seas on October 12/ 2019! We are staying in a 2 Bedroom Aquatheatre Suite and are so excited to see what this trip has to offer! I will be keeping everyone up to date here!
  11. Replying to my original question. After setting up a Crown and Anchor Account ( I don't remember how I did it ) I read somewhere (probably on here) that after completing your first cruise you would automatically receive your Crown and Anchor membership number and your points. So I did NOTHING except wait to see if the wife got her membership and sure enough, about 4 weeks after the cruise she received an email welcoming her to the C&A. As of now we have not done anything to set up out accounts, but will look into that.
  12. Why does royal caribbean only gear hosted activities/events towards couples, families and kids? Just returned from a western caribbean cruise (empress of the sea) very disappointed. Did not have a good time.
  13. For years, I was always one cruise behind my wife (7 pts). She was up to Emerald and I was still at Platinum. We mentioned it to our travel agent and she told us to go to C&A desk on-board and it would be taken care of. Sure enough, it took just a few minutes and I was bumped up to Emerald and our memberships are now linked. We were told that we will always be at the higher of the 2 levels.
  14. A royal genie is basically an "assistant" of sorts to people staying in top suites. They help plan your vacation and make sure you get the most out of you RCI cruise.
  15. Does anybody know what the connection is between RC stock and CAS points? I have heard there is a way to have the stock count towards the point tiers?
  16. I'll just remind everyone that in terms of breaking even on the DX package, the difference between a $48/day DX package and a $60/day DX package is one cocktail.
  17. I could be wrong, but I think you're sort of right. Once you cruise, there's an account per se, but it needs to be "activated" by registering for it? Certainly you need to set up your account before benefits start coming your way.
  18. The Refreshment package includes: Premium coffees and teas Bottled still and sparkling water Fresh squeezed orange juice Non-alcoholic cocktails Fountain sodas / Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages Coca-Cola souvenir cup included Milkshakes at Johnny Rockets (only available while dining at Johnny Rockets)
  19. Sorry if I should have started a new thread but what exactly is a Genie as far as RCCL is concerned? I'm booked on my first cruise in May 2020 so all of this is new to me! Thank you
  20. If you elect to upgrade on the first day, they should just charge you the difference.
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  22. Our Cabin – Since my I am planning this trip, and it is for my birthday, I chose to splurge with cabin 9708 which is an aft, 2 bedroom Grand Suite (formally the Royal Family Suite if you want to search on YouTube). Regardless of where we vacation, we always look for a room with space that DH can go to read or work while he waits for the rest of us to get up. DH has been an early riser all of his life – 5am is really sleeping in for him. I’m a night owl and could close down the dance floor, and apparently I’m no fun when woken up at 4am! DH and I have stayed in Junior Suites on both of our previous cruises, which worked well for the 2 of us. That little curtain between the bed and couch was just light blocking enough to keep me from being a… let’s just say grumpy lady… every morning. But with the kids, we knew we wanted the extra space and the second bathroom. Hopefully all goes well for the kids on this cruise because we’ve already booked another! We're taking my MIL on her first cruise next time around - Enchantment in February 2020 also in a 2br Grand Suite. Hopefully we won’t be ruined by the real suite experience, and we will be able to handle connecting rooms in the future. If not, and you know anyone who needs a wedding cake, send them my way so I can keep paying for the suite life! 🤣 Pre-cruise purchases – Because we are in a suite, we didn’t think we would take full advantage of the Deluxe Beverage Package, so we purchased the Refreshment package at $17 for all of us during the Black Friday sale. I caved and upgraded to the Deluxe Beverage Package at $46 about 80 days out. I really think it needed to come down to $42 to make financial sense for us as we got the Refreshment package so low and we’ll be taking advantage of the Suite Lounge every evening, but it’s worth the extra $50ish in my mind to not have the big bill at the end. I never saw the package go that low, even on Black Friday. Of course now, with the recent price increases across the board, it really seems like a steal! We also purchased an excursion in Roatan through RC. I found the same excursion through a 3rd party, but the price was only $10 more when RC was running one of their sales, and DH likes the assurance of staying with the herd. We haven’t had family photos made in a while, so we will most likely buy the digital photo package. I haven’t quite decided yet, but the price is normally $250 for all the digital shots. None of the photographers I work with, even on their family sessions, give all the digital images and a print release for only $250. Most start around $300 just for the session fee. I’m sure it’s not quite apples to apples with the ship’s photographers (I'm not getting any editing with that price), but it doesn’t seem completely unreasonable to me. The package also went on sale today for $235 so I'll probably get off the fence about that today. I can use that $15 for one of the kids' souvenirs instead!
  23. You will need to cancel the Refreshment package in your cruise planner and then purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package. You're going to pay MUCH more if you wait to purchase it on board. You do not need to wait to be on board to use your OBC. It can be used to make Cruise Planner purchases. Once you cancel the refreshment package, your credit card will be refunded in about 2-3 days.
  24. Unfortunately it's a bit late to be making changes as availability is nil so I will await my hotel check in to see schedule for train to Seward and won't book any tours/excursions. One thing that I need to clear up beforehand is that it sounds like our luggage is taken from the train depot direct to the ship for us which is great, however I was wondering how to deal with wine and soda that needs to be carried on ship? Do you buy it in Anchorage and lug it around in a carry on bag/purchase it in Seward before boarding ship/put it in checked luggage??
  25. I have purchased the refreshment package already but I might consider upgrading to the Deluxe Beverage Package once on board the first day. My question is, will they refund me the amount I paid for the Refreshment Package to our on board account and then charge me for the Deluxe Package? I do not want to cancel the Refreshment yet in case i choose not to go with the Deluxe. One of the other reasons I do not want to book it ahead is that we have $500 on board credit waiting for us when we board. Thanks for any info you can provide.
  26. Super fast on Anthem. We had the 2 device plan and my son watched his Kindle the whole cruise without a problem, and if I remember very little to no buffering. My wife and I shared the other and had really no idea. I was quite impressed and will have the internet going forward. We are on Anthem next month and will be getting the 2 device plan again.
  27. When we were taking our son to Uni at the Gong, we used Viator to book an excursion to the Australia Zoo, but this was after our cruise when we were on land. The excursion operator kept to schedule. On cruises, if all we want is ground transportation, we can find that on our own in port. But if we are going on a long trip, such as 7 or 8 hours, we prefer Royal because of our faith that they will wait for our excursion to return. So I would say it depends upon your trust with the 3rd party operator and whether the excursion allows 2-3 hours of extra time "just in case". It also depends upon whether you really want a very specific excursion that Royal doesn't offer. In the big scheme of things, I don't believe saving $10 on the excursion price is worth much, but doing something special I would otherwise miss might be worth a small risk. Having taking about 30 excursions with Royal, I can recall two where there were traffic issues -- accidents on the highway that slowed our return to port. In both cases we arrived at the port in plenty of time for "normal" re-boarding. I like Matt's advice to consider both Royal and 3rd party operators depending upon your situation.
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