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  3. Good thinking! I've already been instructed by my Activity Director to quit fretting and enjoy. I told her it's a DNA issue.....she just rolled her eyes. So I think we'll go for it when the price comes down. There I go again.....☺️
  4. Ah..maz...ing! Great pics, I especially love the one with the floatplane in front of the ship. One of my (half-joking) potential future careers is Alaskan bush pilot. And crap, I can feel my wallet opening for a future Alaska cruise...
  5. Hello, we just rejoined MyVegas and just sailed a cruise to Cuba on Majesty (darn it). Can you tell me how many points was that cruise? I don’t see it now.
  6. Agreed 100%. Mike did a great job. Thanks again for the pictures.
  7. Pre-Quest picked up a post Quest snack from Playmakers. Double order of chicken tenders without the fries, add Minor League sauce and blue cheese. Yeah, snagged one prior to the photo...
  8. Meet our Miss Symphony of the Seas contenders...
  9. Maybe not... So many new Quests I haven't heard/seen before...
  10. Think I can can... Think I'm going to stop at this point... maybe...
  11. Would post the "Show me a thong" Quest... However I'd rather not be banned from here... Many in here don't know the alternative thong...
  12. Just got here, Quest is a huge challenge to photograph. Periscope is sooo much better for the Quest.
  13. @CGTLH are you at Quest? Can you post pictures here? Your pics are so much better than mine.
  14. We have it for 7:00 tomorrow. Going to be a a rushed dinner. Maybe I'll just run in to tip the extra to the wait staff and eat somewhere else after the show.
  15. Self control? What is that? This week has had more than one day with lunch at Windjammer, pizza at Sorrento's, early dinner and after show Cafe Promenade.
  16. Tonight's dinner was at Chops and I'm going to admit I think dining fatigue is starting to set in. Meal wasn't anything too crazy, Colossal Shrimp Cocktail, Tuna Tartare, 6oz Filet, and Spicy Jumbo Shrimp. Entering tonight's photo lineup will be the Tuna Tartare, 6oz Filet, and Spicy Jumbo Shrimp. No Chops dessert, had requested one of Celebrating 50 Years Bold cakes brought up from the Main Dining Room. Tuna Tartare 6oz Filet Spicy Jumbo Shrimp
  17. Didn't realize the roll was that bad now. Just cancelled the 10:45 showing of Flight. Rescheduled to tomorrow at 8:45... Guess it is a good thing I saw the one at 8:30. Flight is such a stunning show with the aerial work and the grand finale.
  18. This is why I never book RC excursions. We were at a beach resort in Cozumel a full hour before the RC excursion showed up and they left 45 minutes before us. We were still back on the ship 2 hours before all aboard time and paid significantly less.
  19. No point in trying to figure it out. 🙂 I have know idea if a cash tip goes to the person you give it to or if it gets shared. I hope it goes to the person.
  20. I’m going to guess that it’s a regular occurrence anywhere there’s people in their early 20s and copious amounts of alcohol. A day like a CocoCay is where it might not be a bad idea for RC to adopt limits like Carnival has.
  21. As a bit of a conclusion, overall I think Navigstor is best served by rating it separately on public vs private spaces. On the Public space side, Navigator is a 10, from the pools to the slides to the bars it’s every bit a full featured ship that’ll give an Oasis Class vessel a run for its money. As for the rooms it was a very mixed bag, the bathrooms and closets are small, which isn’t as big a problem for a three night cruise as it would be for a week long. The room infrastructure is showing its age, our weekend seemed to revolve around issues with water: Saturday morning we woke up to a soaked entry way carpet, at first I thought maybe they were silently steam cleaning during the night. However it turned out to be a leaky pump room had flooded the place. The brought in an industrial dryer which made a ton of noise in the room. Saturday night into Sunday we didn’t have hot water, only room temperature water in the shower. Sunday night and Monday morning we had the opposite, no cold water, only scalding hot water that no one could shower in unless they wanted first degree burns. We’ll get to see if that room was an anomaly as my daughter and I are headed back on the same itinerary on our first Daddy-Daughter cruise.
  22. Disembarkation was an absolute breeeze, unlike any I’ve ever been involved with. It went so quickly I didn’t have a chance to get pictures. As we had The Key we could have walked to the Bamboo room and been escorted, but as we just had carry on luggage we decided to just do the self walk off. At 7:35 we left our room on the 10th floor, as elevators are a mess unless you are at the top floor, I carried two of the suitcases while everyone else walked down. There was zero lines getting through the terminal, and only about 30 seconds wait at Customs. By 7:47 with an eight year old in tow we were on the curb waiting for our Uber. Luckily Uber XLs were piled up and by 7:50 we were in a car and headed to FLL for our 10:25 flight. Monday morning traffic was comparably easy (I live in the DC area where ten miles will take two hours some days) and we were at the airport by 8:45, with way too much time to kill in a very boring FLL airport. FLL has rolled out Clear Service to terminal 1, which meant security took about sixty seconds.
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