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  2. I was speaking with a few different officers over the years and they told me that Royal would have a hard time selling the Radiance Class ships because of they are Gas Turbine Vessels (although they were adding diesel engines in some) it seems they are more expensive to run. They also told me that the reason Vison, Rhapsody and Grandeur were still not sold is because they have less balconies then Splendor or Legend did. I personally love the smaller Vision and Radiance class ships but I think soon the cost of drydocking will outweigh there value and they may have to drop the price to sell them. I saw that all Vision Class ships were up for sale a while back. I guess we will just have to wait and see...
  3. Imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to this sight from my balcony! Mr hayley_bopp says I'm more excited about this than going to Rome. I think he's right!
  4. I group and photograph all my clothes using Pinterest. I had a brain injury and can be forgetful and get tired so have to pack in stages . This meant I was forgetting what I was packing But now this really works for me. I use Pinterest to save it . And make notes in the description like “ can wear black heels with 4of8 dresses “ etc. I wish I’d read about packing cubes before I packed . They seem awesome but not really a UK think I don’t think. I will try them for my next trip though. This is my first cruise so I’m just hoping I’ve packed enough and I’ve packed the right stuff. We fly in 4 days so time will tell. Very excited though. My other half hasn’t even started packing yet an dit’s stressing me just a tad but I’ve made sure he does have everything when he finally decides to pack it !!!
  5. We booked a GTY for 2 weeks on Liberty for Oct this year and still no cabin....lately we don't seem to get our cabins until a week or so before the cruise....
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  8. Although I also think your Mini Segway is very cool, I can't imagine any ship ever letting you use it on board. If its in some sort of carrying bag you might be able to take it with you ashore like people do with folding bikes that fit into carrying bags. Just my 2cents.
  9. I wouldn't worry about not having enough luggage. How long is your trip? Just remember if you have to you can always purchase something if you forgot it (could be a fun souvenir) OR pay for laundry if need be.
  10. Tonight in the theater was the Royal Caribbean production called on board simply "Three". That's short for Three Sequins and Feathers. It's not to be missed especially on this night when it's the last performance of the current cast before they leave the ship tomorrow. Next cruise "Three" will continue but it will be performed by a new cast who have been on board for several weeks getting ready. I have some photos in my last Empress thread. It's a really good show, quite high on my list of ship shows. At the end CC our Cruise Director brought out many of the crew who have made this cruise such a great experience.
  11. i would have waited to cancel the cruise out of Barcelona. You are still a long ways out and a very good chance there will be an airfare sale before then.
  12. Tonight as we make our way through the Bahamas we are sailing away into the sunset. The very spot I took a Milky Way photo from on my last Empress cruise. In the distance on the hazy horizon I saw an outline of a ship coming our way but several miles off. That's Navigator of the Seas on her way to Nassau tomorrow.
  13. Day 8 Evening The last night... sigh. I spotted an alligator chasing a sea turtle. Fortunately it was a bread alligator in the Windjammer which have proven to be quite harmless. The last night on Empress is not a formal night but on these cruises it has consistently been "lobster" night in the MDR. No lobster in the WJ but there were a few other seafood goodies to be found in the WJ this evening.
  14. I lived in Miami when I was in 7th-9th grade. Your sharing is making me nostalgic! I miss Little Havana and Calle Ocho and Medianoches and everything. I love that you loved it!
  15. Honest question...so if these sales aren’t typically worth it, when and where is the best time to book? We usually either get lucky and find a price we’re happy with or make a late decision and just live with it. Our dates usually aren’t very flexible which doesn’t help.
  16. Late to follow but enjoying catching up. Survivor here as well, so glad to hear your husband is clear and enjoying this wonderful time with you and your son!
  17. raahc

    San Juan

    Hello - I can't decide what to do in San Juan as well, it'll be our first time. Unfortunately, I can't do too much walking. El Yunque - that is the rain forest right? I was hoping to get some stunning photos. I don't plan to spend all day there, our ship is docked from 7-4, but I'd rather get back to the ship early. Was there a lot to do there, as well as?
  18. Thank you for your always gorgeous pictures! The way you captured PR was so pretty. I absolutely love OSJ so much. Now you have me needing to go to Tortola. Congratulations on your block...what a great way to remember your trip.
  19. Hello everyone! I've been doing research on San Juan too. We'll be in port from 7 am - 4 pm. We've never been there before and this is the port I'm most excited about. I can't walk too much, so I was hoping for a guided city tour (in an air conditioned van). I'd like to spend about 4-5 hours max and I'll be taking pictures as well - not sure what to expect ... There are so many tour operators, so if anyone has a good recommendation, I'd appreciate it. I'd rather not walk out and randomly pick a tour operator since I like to read up about them first. @JLMoran - those are some nice pictures!
  20. Interesting question, now with the lifeguards I am sure they are much more strict. A few years back before lifeguards they would rotate shutting one and cleaning then open it and close the other....like what they do with the Jacuzzis. The mini golf was 9pm on my last cruise that had it, they actually take the putters and balls and lock them away. I don't think the ping pong has a time, like the shuffle board.
  21. Tonight’s dinner choice was Duffy’s. We were pleasantly surprised at this place. We had fried mushrooms for our appetizer, good entrees and it is happy hour there all of the time so you get 2-for-1 drinks there every time. We ordered a banana colada and got 2 for $9. Crazy!!! We are enjoying seeing all the lizards here. Lil guy said the next one he sees will be named Taco Bell. I’m starting to see a pattern to these names. 🤔 In about 12 hours we’ll be leaving the hotel to board Allure. The last week went by fast...I’m hoping this one slows down.
  22. I bought some sick funny cruise t shirts. Can’t wait to debut them
  23. It’s implied by Rob&Ana’s post, but remember that each Diamond and above member receives a free photo, so a couple can receive two photos.
  24. Our air fare for our February 2020 cruise was more than double what is was from our February 2019 cruise. This really cuts into the vaca funds.... we can get there, but not have as much fun while there. 😞
  25. We made platinum prior to our cruise last year. We also thought the pin would be in our cabin at check-in. It was not. We stopped by the Loyalty Ambassador desk to ask about it. The ambassador gave a skeptical look when we explained it wasn't in our cabin, but gave us our pin anyway. We flung a bit of confetti as we left the office. Enjoy your cruise and congratulations on your platinum status!
  26. Another note of comparison is that NCL does not include water and specialty coffee with their drink package. However, if you would like to upgrade for about $30 a day to the Ultimate Drink Packages those items as well as any priced alcoholic drink is covered. We passed on the upgrade for our Thanksgiving cruise. I will buy my specialty coffees and order water for the room. Their room water packages are very reasonable in price.
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  28. Look at Parkway Parking...shuttle vans to/from the ship at a very reasonable rate
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