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  2. Royal will keep you and your family safe, it does happen that sometime because of a storm they need to change or drop a port but always think it's for your safety. My advice is enjoy the ship, there is so much to do aboard the Allure that you will not have a dull moment and take things as they come and make the best of your vacation. Anything you have booked thru Royal they will keep you informed. If you booked with local tour guides you will need to keep them informed and my need to cancel or reschedule tours. I hope everything works out for the best for you.
  3. Wow it's nice to know people are paying attention and are ready to act when an Emergancy arises. Good Job!
  4. Next year we will try the drive from Boston to Baltimore....One way car rental and 1 nights hotel is cheaper than a flight....at least at todays prices...I will keep looking closer to the date in case a cheaper flight comes available. Issue is we will be in Spain and I found a super cheap flight to Boston.....it was $500 more each to go to Baltimore or Washinton….so Road Trip....for under $300-$400 we can do Hotel, car and gas...and a whole lot of fun....priceless....
  5. Hello cruisers I got in to ft Lauderdale today for my Aots. I was talking to family members and we have heard that there may be a last minute itinerary change to deal with the tropical storm/hurricane brewing currently in the Caribbean. Can anyone give me some advice. Also if there is a last minute itinerary change how do you deal with previously booked excursions at previous ports? The other weather related issue is what happens if inclement weather affects the cruise port and we are delayed from docking on schedule etc. Any advice about my upcoming sailing would easy my mind. Thanks
  6. Be happy you didn't win it. We won one on Quantum one year, it was in April 2015. Our kids were mid-teens at the time, so at an age when school was important. There were a lot of rules. - only for a Caribbean cruise - only for 7 night sailings - only for 2 guests - only on a ship older than 365 days - only for an interior or ocean view room - cannot cruise over a holiday week or during July or August - cruise must be completed within 365 days of winning the cruise - non-transferable; as the winner I had to be one of the people on the reservation - no C&A points given unless you upgrade So, having children of age that I cannot cruise whenever I want, and not having grandparent/family support to watch the children at home so they don't miss school, and being in a school system that starts school after Labor Day and goes until the third week in June, that left us exactly ONE week in the following year we could take the cruise. The fourth week in June 2015. Two months after we won the cruise! The only time the kids were off of school was holiday weeks - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & Easter. And of course, July & August which were blocked off. We knew we could not cruise again that close to the one we were on, so we just held off hoping something would happen that would allow us to use this certificate. Well, suddenly it was April 2016 and we remembered we had this certificate. I called C&A to see if there was any way they could help with extending the date and they put me in touch with someone who did! They gave me until September of 2016 to book - not take, but book - the cruise. In August 2016 we booked Oasis for September 2017. We paid extra to be upgraded to an ocean view balcony (and so we'd get points for the trip). So the bingo we won in April 2015...finally cruised on Harmony in September 2017. But man was it a hassle!! Wait, she said she sailed on Harmony, not Oasis? But she booked Oasis? Yep, you read that right. Due to the major hurricanes in September of 2017 our 7 night was cut to 3 or 4 nights, and we couldn't get flights from NJ to FL - so they transferred our free cruise to Harmony leaving the following week. Guess what else was on Harmony that week? Oh, just a little thing called a ROYAL CARIBBEAN BLOG GROUP CRUISE!! 😄
  7. We have a rental car booked for Hilo for the day and Honolulu. Diamond Head is on our list for sure and Waikiki Beach and for Hilo we are still deciding on what to visit.
  8. ... and the liquor choices are better. Enjoy your included ONE or TWO beers and lackluster liquor selection. There is a reason an all-inclusive is "so much cheaper" and "includes alcohol" because it's no different than your buddies basement! :)
  9. We had a wonderful lunch in CK on embarkation day. The Margarita flat bread was great, as were the herb crusted chicken and the salmon. Atmosphere was peaceful and relaxed. Great start to a great week!
  10. Ours too, it was Mediterranean B 7 night cruise in 1999....wow those were the days.....cherries jubilee, flaming baked Alaska, self serve ice cream from a cart....5 course dinner....ah the good ol days...chocolates on the pillow... I still have not paid more than what we paid for our first cruise for a 7 day cruise to date....
  11. Thanks for all the advice ! Very helpful !
  12. No stop in Coco Cay ... I wish we were !
  13. Many of these ship are still about just under different companies....Legend and Splendor are part of Marella Cruises (Royal has a big share in that company) Sovereign and Monarch are part of Pullmantur Cruises (Royal has a big share in them too) I guess it makes sense to keep the good ships in the family. On Pullmantur they even have the same linens as Royal use to have...at least they did last time we sailed them.
  14. My first cruise was on Legend of the Seas
  15. You can always get a table for 2. The problem is, some of the tables for 2 are so close together that you might as well be sitting with 4-6 of your closest friends. It can be done though. Just tell the maitre d’ that you want a table for 2. You will never be seated with “strangers” in specialty dining.
  16. That's reassuring to know the driving is easy! I hope to convince hubby! Thank you. OMG, you must be a super planner by now. That is A LOT of work! Hyatt must love you ... lol Thank you also for the reassurance. It's always stressful to visit somewhere new and not know what the driving conditions are! I read up on the visitor toll pass. It runs until August 1, 2019. If we do rent a car, we'll just pay for the tolls with cash.
  17. I’ve lived in SoFL my whole life & this meme sums it up to perfection. The forecast means nothing down here.
  18. Don't know about your ship but, we have been on the Allure, Quantum and Oasis and they have all had great Gyms. Opening on these ships are 6:00 AM. My hubby and i work out everyday so we can go to the bar, play darts and eat chips and salsa...hahaha
  19. I’ve had that happen to me as well ....... then I went to the RC app and was able to check in with no problem at all.
  20. What type of dining do you have traditional or my time? My time no issues at all but I would recommend making reservations. If you have traditional then I’m not certain as I only do my time dining. Good luck.
  21. Anybody have any suggestions of the best place to feast on crab in Ketchikan?
  22. i can say actually meeting the "celebrity" behind the camera on majesty was such a honor on this sailing. another great live blog with some awesome pictures too. overall experience can say was good and even if sailing a "baby" ship, she may not have all those bells and whistles but the service received from crew is well worth it. crew is extremely passionate and truly takes time to bond with passengers. friendly greetings by crew around ship and being in bars having those bartenders remember passengers by name and drink of choice is uplifting when think how many passengers sailing to sailing. each ship has its own identity and for value to go to CocoCay in my books is a win win when i could in turn be at home not on a cruise ship at all having those cruise dry dock blues.............. safe travels and cant wait to the next live blog.
  23. Been on 20 cruises don’t think I’ve ever used guest services or know what they are for! Oops take that back think they might have assisted us when my Mother passed away while we were on a cruise. She had not been with us but we wanted to disembark at next port and fly home. Think they help my DH make arrangements.
  24. What are the chances of getting a table for 2. We are 2 weeks out from our Anthem cruise and realized that with 4 specialty dinners and 1 late night departure we will only be in the M.D.R. 4 nights at best. Normally we request a large table. Can we get it changed our does our T.A. have to do that. Thanks
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