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  2. Another approach is to buy the Drink Package + Voom for one person, and just the Drink Package for the other (assuming two adults in the stateroom). Although there's no way to do that online (that I've seen), you can call Royal and ask them to do it for you. We did this on a recent 4-night sailing to the Bahamas, and it worked out really well.
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  4. Wow, meant to post this two hours ago... This was the final Ultimate Dining Package procurement for the cruise. A triple order of the chicken tenders without fries. Sure if I had fries it would be another box filled to the top. Overall I have to say Playmakers really added value to the UDP. The continuous hours plus being open late (normally 11 to 11:30 pm range) added great availability. Never did give Johnny Rockets a chance. Otherwise I did end up enjoying all the pay venues with the exception again of Johnny Rockets and Solarium Bistro for dinner. Not really sure if the UDP would have covered any of the upcharge items at Solarium Bistro. Again from what I was told the upcharge items in the MDR wouldn't have been covered either. Guess that it is one aspect that Star Class will have an advantage of, upcharge items covered. Overall the freedom of being able to use the UDP multiple times in a evening was great. Challenge of course is being able to fit in an early meal followed by a second round later. I still would find it difficult to have a dinner at 5:30 or 6:30 and then try to hit up another place by 9:30. For a final note, once again I didn't get a chance at that Campfire Cookie from Playmakers. Maybe on Mariner the end of October/beginning of November.
  5. I'm going on a 7 night Baltic cruise in July on the Serenade of the Seas. Our last port of the cruise is Visby, Sweden. Has anyone else stopped there? From what I can see online it's a small town on Gotland and we're docked from 9am to 7pm - I'm not sure how we'll fill the time! Is it possible to go on any hikes from the town? Or any other recommendations?
  6. As someone newer to cruising and still only Gold, this entire thread is pretty foreign to me. Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line I’ve personally sailed with, but at the end of the day after having heard hundreds of reviews and talking with friends and family who have sailed other cruise lines, Royal is the only one I’d want to give my money. Disney is too expensive and RC has an excellent experience-versus-cost ratio that fits perfectly for my family. I’d never consider leaving one company over another due to loyalty rewards, my money and time is better spent seeking out the best bang for my buck and sticking with it for that reason.
  7. The first time I called I got nowhere. The second time I called, the guy didn’t know either, but he was determined to find an answer. He put me on hold for a while until he found someone who could explain it. He was awesome, and I wish that I’d caught his name.
  8. Yeah, I’m totally ok with it (although keeping my sale price would have been nice). Certainly nothing to worry about.
  9. I can never remember what salon I last went to, much less the name of which stylist it was!
  10. Day 8 - Early Another stretch in the Alaskan Inside Passage from Juneau to Skagway, Progress so far... Up early again looking for a sunrise. I found one, plus a rainbow. I found the location of the pot of gold! Now I just need to raise some money for an expedition or maybe a helicopter, A hanging glacier. This stretch of the Inside Passage has some stunning scenery. The town of Haines where i picked up some cell signal that was a lot faster than Voom this far North, Haines is a short distance from Skagway by ship so I knew we were getting close to today's destination.
  11. I am a cruise nerd.. I am Diamond Plus with 326 points.. Here is what I am excited for.. at 340 points I get a meal with an officer.. I am praying I get this meal.. I want to pick that officer's brain like no other. So im just hoping they don't take that perk away before I get to 340 which I will be getting by Jan for my birthday cruise. Other than that I have no complaints.. I like that I get my nightly diamond drinks and I like getting 2 days of free internet. I don't really care about boarding quicker as I cant always make it to the port before 12 anyways due to work issues. I mean would I love it if they threw in a free meal at chops like how NCL does with Cagney's sure that would be great but because they don't that doesn't make me want to stop sailing with Royal. I think people are getting way to upset with this whole loyalty program. I cruise on Royal because I like their product. I love how innovative their ships are. I love the shows/entertainment on Royal, I love the casino, I love the Unlimited dining package, I love the solariums, and now I also love Coco Cay lol so I absolutely don't keep cruising with them because of their loyalty program to me thats just so silly. But hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if the OP is done with Royal because they cant get on the boat fast enough ok no problem more room for the rest of us.
  12. What’s the currency on board the ships that sail from Sydney? Like will the price lists be in AUD or USD? cheers
  13. Day 7 - Juneau - continued After the glacier flight it was such a nice day I wanted to go up the Mt. Roberts Tramway to catch the view. Lines were short and I knew they would get longer later so up I went. A ticket on the spot was $35. Stunning views. Celebrity Millennium There are a series of trails, some short, some long. The short trail has some wood carvings on display, some in the form of mini totem poles. You can walk up the trail from town but it's not for the weak knee'd. inside the restaurant and shop area they have a bear on display. Wood carvers using only hand tools can be observed. Lady Baltimore is a rescue Bald Eagle that is unreleasable back into the wild. She spends her summers in residence near the top of the tramway but unfortunately hadn't arrived yet for this season. Time to head back down. A video from inside a tram as we went up. Back on the ship I saw the North Star in operation. However it was performing maintenance runs only and not accepting guests when i was there. In better light compared to our early morning arrival here is Juneau "downtown". As I walked the upper deck I noticed a strange mist hanging in the trees. It's pollen being released by the trees. It was kind of cool. Suddenly one tree would let loose it's pollen as if someone flipped a pollen switch on. A look over at the Millennium looking quite nice with her recent refresh. After dinner I went back up top side for a sunset. Returning to my cabin I discovered a crystal block gift from the Crown and Anchor Society for crossing a threshold on this sailing. The first block is awarded at 140 points and then every 70 points thereafter.
  14. One time I re-booked at a lower fare and told them to just keep the money as on-board credit instead of sending it back to me only to then turn around and use it to make Cruise Planner purchases. When they did that, however, it wasn't on-board credit that showed in the Cruise Planner, RCL told me that it was only available for use when I boarded the ship. I had honestly forgotten about it until there was a notice in the stateroom how much we had available. All that to say to be careful as not all OBC amounts are equal.
  15. I apologize for the duplicate pictures at the end of the last post. I don't know why that happened (again) but no time to try and fix it. Have to put the luggage out for tomorrow's debarkation. NOOOOOO!!!!! Oh, saw Flight tonight. Another excellent performance. Singers on this cruise are the best I've heard on Royal ships. I'll post final thoughts after returning home. In a nutshell, Symphony is a great ship and it was a great cruise. Thanks for following along!
  16. My kids used there Gift cards on Oasis and they were Canadian gift cards !
  17. You might also look into the ten day Vancouver to Hawaii itinerary on the Ovation of the Seas. I think it sails In September. You really can’t go wrong with any of the sailings if you have nothing prior to compare it to. Enjoy! And safe travels!
  18. Beach bungalow on CocoCay was great. I'd strongly suggest to anyone interested in one for their cruise to book it as soon as available on your cruise planner. There are only 20 of them on South Beach and they sell out quickly (and only 15 beach beds). Also, when boarding you can go to the excursion desk and pick out the exact one you want. They are right on the beach. Here's our view. The bungalow includes food delivered to you. On day 1 they gave us a sheet to fill out with what you wanted (no limit on quantity) and what time you want it delivered. Food was great and delivered exactly at the time we requested. Sand Trap Bar was located right near the bungalows and the floating bar further down the beach. There were also rest rooms nearby. Helium balloon ride...Don't think it was running today. The pool at the lagoon is unbelievably big. No way my pictures can do it any justice. Random pictures Oh, the new pier. If needed, they have teams that will take to the length of the dock to the entrance and then other teams to take you all around the island. The really did a perfect job at Perfect Day. This is only the second or third week they are open and still working on a lot of areaareas. I truly see this as a destination for overnight or longer stays. Will definitely go back.
  19. @BB1 welcome to the boards. Glad you found us. I feel the same as you, if people are unhappy with a cruise line, it is time to look elsewhere.
  20. I heard some cruises offer Cococay half-day passes in the afternoon. This is not an option in our current cruise planners. Is half-day really an option? Allure in 135 days and Harmony 205 days!
  21. I had already purchased the drink package and then decided to purchase Voom. I called last night to purchase Voom and the rep told me if I wanted to cancel my drink package, he could give me the combo price and save me $20. Twenty bucks is twenty bucks!
  22. I redeemed points from Royal Caribbean Credit Card about three months before our Radiance cruise in May. I called RCCL and asked if they received the OBC and she checked and yes they did and it would show up on the cruise planner about two weeks before sail date. It did show up at the top of the home page for Cruise Planner and could have been used. There are two types of OBC, refundable and non-refundable. The RCCL credit card OBC is refundable. Our kids surprised us with a $100 OBC to buy us dinner, they are all put on your on board account, at the end of the cruise any unused OBC that is refundable is put back on the credit card you have on your account. The OBC that you get from RCCL (when you book your cruise) is non- refundable so if you do not use that up you lose it. I know that would be impossible but I thought I would share it.
  23. Thanks to all of you who have taught this newbie. I've been watching the price of my cruise and it went down by 10%, so I called my booking agency and they got me a new price, $371 lower! I don't remember exactly how much the fare was when I booked, but I know what it is now, and I'll keep watching. What a great savings!
  24. Your interpretation of my posts was incorrect. I was not angry nor dismissive and everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you look all the way back to the beginning of this thread you will see the original posts were angry and basically temper tantrums because the poster was not let on the ship early and the first two posters definitively proclaimed they would go elsewhere. I guess when people say that, I assume they mean it. I guess they don't. My question was, and I repeat, if someone is so unhappy with the cruise line, why do they keep coming back? In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, many of these perks will be taken away as the upper tier levels swell. People will keep complaining and maybe eventually go elsewhere but it's not going to be any different elsewhere because they're all on the same playing field. I just signed up for this blog so I don't have a long history but I have been cruising for years and I see these people with bad attitudes affecting other guests trips and I don't think that's fair. One last point. I really don't see how anything I say can be construed as cheerleading. I just think people refuse to face reality
  25. No. MEI will have nothing to do with Visa OBC. When you complete the redemption process you will get an email confirming the redemption. It WILL show up in your CP as available OBC
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