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Guidelines for Live Blogs

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Not sure what you mean exactly.  The idea is to share your cruise as you experience it (or shortly thereafter) in here.  There's no required format or anything.  It's a matter of what you are comfortable posting.  

I think there are some very good examples in this forum of what constitutes a "good" live blog, so check out some of the existing threads.  I think you will quickly get the idea.

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18 minutes ago, Pooch said:

If I may add a request from a newbie, itinerary in the title would help, ie.  western/eastern caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas.  For many of you, ship name tells you where its going.  For me 🤷‍♀️???  

I love reading the blogs but it would help if one is looking for a specific itinerary.

And maybe add the ports in the first post?

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1 minute ago, jurrjurr said:

There are plenty of live blogs you can use as a template.  I enjoy all the different styles from the various live bloggers.

I appreciate any live blogs as they have taken time out of their cruise vacation to share with all of us. 

Thank you for posting this.  I have held back on commenting on this post, but you have summed it up perfectly!

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