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LIVEish, 5 Days on Majesty (09/03/2018 or 03/09/2018 better yet September 3, 2018)


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So I eventually got off the ship around 11:45am (ship time) and, stubborn as I am, walked downtown to save the taxi fare.

Made a few stops along the way and eventually wound up at COZ Coffee Roasting Company


Enjoyed a Spiced Iced Coffee and the AC after all the walking around. Since the last time I was there on the side with seating they have added a window plus plastic curtains and now has AC. Side where the order is placed and the magic with the beans are done it is still open air.


After enjoying my spiced iced coffee wound up heading back to the ship, this time in a taxi. At the pier I've notice another new addition since January, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (Technically I saw it from the ship for the first time)

Figured I'd get the new view of the Cozumel sign. One positive thing, it blocked most of the view of that other pier...


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Top Tier breakdown 

Crown and Anchor members onboard: 1,001

Number of Top Tiers: 371

Platinum: 141

Emerald: 74

Diamond: 85

Diamond Plus: 60

Pinnacle Club: 11

Most number of points: 1950


For those that reached milestones they got their block at the Top Tier event along with a nice certificate and photo taken.

Blocks awarded (4)

140 x2, 210 x1, and 560 x1


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Daily food post...

Pizza of the day: BBQ Chicken

Compass Deli: Venture to say the selection is the same everyday. The case sandwiches are different between the afternoon and after dinner time.

Now for Windjammer Recon, theme "Latin Night"

Both rounds of trying to get pictures Windjammer was busy. Think so far the busiest has been the first night.


Birds Eye View


Action Station: Crepes, Carvery: Roasted Pork Loin  



Build your own tacos or fajitas



Pie for dessert



Been keeping this in so far, but I finally need to vent. Selection wise in Windjammer at night, not all that impressed. I will say what I've tried has been good. One disappointment I've had is the lack of some type of Indian dish at night. I understand due to the size of the venue space is at a premium and not all tastes can be satisfied. 

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On ‎9‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 11:19 AM, CGTLH said:

Made it to Cozumel early, started docking at 9am with clearance at 9:30am (ship/local time). Will be the only ship at the pier. Would have had an Oasis class (I think) with us if we docked tomorrow.

New addition at the pier since last time I was here, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Think last time in Cozumel was in January. 

BUBBA didn't see the stop forrest stop end of February either anyone know when they opened maybe have some pictures or a menu or both?

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7 hours ago, CGTLH said:

First time in Costa Maya. Don't know if it due to the two other Carnival ship or just timing of getting off. Have to say the port complex area is a mad house.

When we were there in December, there were 2 other ships docked with us...Freedom (I think) and a Costa ship.  The port area, while nice, was also a mad house.  I think it feels that way too because it's kind of cramped and narrow there in some areas.

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Time for the daily food post...

Pizza of the Day: American Combo, yes that is what it was called.


Next up: Windjammer Recon, theme "Mexican Night"

Birds Eye view


Wait, wrong photo...


Here we go...


Action Station (Churros), plus Carvery (Chicken)


Bonus Seafood Station (Mussels, Scallops, and Shrimp)


Hot Lines




Finally Dessert


Adding the the dessert subject, each night two different flavors of hand scooped ice cream have been offered.

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At Captain's corner right now.

Question about the storm and departure: Was planned to leave right when the storm was off the coast. They figured by the time they exited the bay the storm would be 60 miles to the northwest. Then the goal was to say in the southeast corner of the storm. Around 7am the jog to the west was made toward Mexico.

Fleet policy is now to have extra food provisioned when sailing during hurricane season. 

Will also add it seemed to be one of the longer ones, right at a hour.

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Time for one last picture heavy food post for this cruise.

Today during lunch in the forward section of Windjammer they had a "Live Station" (what I've been calling an Action Station) that was Mongolian Grill. The main area had the "Thank You"cake and a cream puff tower (sorry no pictures).

Pizza of the day was "Carnivore"



Menu in the Main Dining Room offered lobster tail. (This was also the first time the entire cruise I had any meal there)

Windjammer Recon for Dinner, theme (unsure, already packed away the Compass)

Really like the two level setup in Windjammer. Makes it feel so much larger and brighter during the day.


Not mentioned before, think every night they have had a cold soup here.




Carvery (Jerk Chicken and Pork) and Live Station (Crepes)


Finally finish it up with dessert, where the Red Velvet cupcakes still roam free.


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Heading back memory lane with the stop in Cozumel. Due to wanting to keep things a surprise I didn't want to post this sooner.

Having nothing else better to do I wound up walking to MEGA as a spur of the moment thing. Figuring after the visit I'd finish the walk to COZ Coffee.


MEGA was interesting, best to think of it as a Mexican Wal-Mart. One thing to keep in mind if visiting is they have a no bag policy. If you do happen to have a bag it can be checked at the counter.  I'd had seen a video some time back where someone was touring MEGA and they had been requested to stop filming. As such I kept my best to take a few photos on the down low. 




Credit cards are accepted, charged in pesos. Give an idea, 6 pack of Coca Cola Sin Azúcar was $48 MXN, small bottle (not sure of size, maybe 600ml) was $10 MXN. One liter bottle of water $9.30 MXN. My total bill wound up at $209.84 MXN, charged $10.93 USD.


Next up was a stop at Chocolateria Isla Bella, just down the street from COZ Coffee.






As a birthday present for someone I wound up picking up a box of chocolates.


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