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New Discount Promo has Arrived - 30% off

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So, as of today, June 1, 2015, "gone" is the old Buy One Get One Half Off (BOGOHO) and "here" is the new 30% discount promo.


I know that Matt let us know this was coming...but it's here now !! It is my understanding that this is a June promo so presumably it will end on 30 June.


I recommend that you look at the current prices of the cruises online and compare them to what you may have paid when you booked. Chances are, the fare has gone DOWN relative to what you paid, originally. The BOGOHO was essentially at 25% discount...the new promo is pretty much a straight 30% across-the-board discount. Good news - your Crown and Anchor discount is combinable with the 30% off promo ! That means, 30% off plus your C&A discount. That does NOT apply to a Club Royale discount, unfortunately.


This is one of those situations where you have to be FAST to capture your fare reduction, if there is one. Often the cruise line will bump the base fare up to counteract any new discount that they are implementing. As of right this very moment, the cruise rates (for cruises that I have investigated anyway...I certainly cannot say that they are ALL the same) are the same as they were yesterday but that may not be the case for long.


There are some cruises (2 of which I was booked on - on the Harmony) which are included in this 30% discount promo that were not originally discounted at ALL (except for my C&A balcony discount)...so for those cruises, this new promo was a huge windfall. I saved over $2500 on the 2 Harmony cruises I was booked on. I don't know how many other cruises are being discounted for the first time with this promo, but I suspect there are more. If you are booked WAY out or if you are booked on a brand new ship that did not previously have any discount applied, check them out ! They may be discounted now.


If you booked your cruise yourself, call RCI. If you are booked through a TA, have them look into this for you. Do not let time elapse, however. My experience is that the base fares of your cruises is likely to increase and whatever is 30% today may not be the same savings tomorrow !

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Just wanted to thank you all for the heads up!  


RC is so easy to deal with when making adjustments prior to paying that final balance (took less than 10 minutes including the wait time)... this is the second adjustment in the last couple of weeks (first was $93 drop in last promo price from time of booking) for our 2016 cruise on Allure (9/18/16 sailing).


It all adds up (not huge, but we'll take it!)... called tonight and got the new promo rate for our superior ocean view (balcony) room which dropped it another $69 (total $162)... will help with the airfare from up here in NY!


Thanks again!  :D

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I have not seen any savings yet.


My cruise is up almost 20% from when I booked it!!


The only savings I can see possible is if you had a suite and getting that 30% savings.


Seems that some have saved on bookings on ships that were not supposed to be included in this promo......if that tells you anything about RCI's pricing games.


Mostly smoke and mirrors when it comes to these RCI promo;s.


Don't forget gratuities  have gone up now as well on top of that, along with the increase in the drink packages and automatic tips all within the past 6 months.

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Re: gratuities - If you prepaid the grats in your original booking, then they remain at the old price. I was surprised by this. I thought for sure they would re-price everything and add the new, higher grats but they did not. We have 7 rooms in our group (Blog cruise, Feb 21 2016). 6 of the 7 received reduced fares as a result of the 30% promo and retained their original, lower grats and only 1 of the 7 (me, unfortunately !!) was not able to take advantage of the new promo (that's primarily b/c I booked on April 15 and did not pay any taxes or port fees. If I had repriced the booking I would have paid the taxes and port fees so the 30% sale didn't help me any).

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I was able to get it. I decided to get room #9254 only because I felt getting only an extra 30 sq feet of deck space wasn't totally worth being all the way aft.. I like that 9254 is right next to the mid ship elevators and I like that I have cabins above and below me... I wasn't sure I would like deck 14 due to pool and windjammer on 15.... So I went with 9254.. You know whats annoying tho.. When I first booked. I tried to get the tax free promo.. When MY MEI Agent called Club Royale and Inquired about combining it with my CLub Royale rates they said they couldn't because being part of the Group Cruise it wont let me.. Obviously how can that be true if it worked for you. So I am annoyed about that... so including taxes, fees, and tips I am paying $4,385.00 but I should be paying $200 less because of the tax thing

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