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  1. Hi all, Have really loved reading and learning about all of you Cruise and RCL are experiences. In 77 days we will be undertaking our third cruise and second on RCL's Mariner OTS. This itinerary will see us on a 7 days voyage Leaving Singapore, then Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Phuket then back to Singapore. We are two families, with 4 kids 9-12 yrs old. Really looking for some ideas for shore excursions if anyone has any experience in these locations. Many thanks in advance. Craig
  2. Mason, yes Waterbom. Bali for so long was or holiday of choice. Until we found cruising. Will be really popular I'm sure but will be daunting on a rolling sea.
  3. Naas, awesome work. When is your next cruise? I want more!
  4. I have ridden a similar ride in Bali and it was awesome. Really wish RCCL would bring a ship with slides down under!
  5. AussieCoasterKing, You can purchase the Luggage tags via the Cruise Critic website. http://www.cruisecritic.com/store/product.cfm?ID=46 I hope it was ok to post the link?
  6. Can anyone tell me is the prices of Beers, Wine and Cocktails are standard across the fleet, or do they change from ship to ship. Specifically I'm interested in drink prices for Mariner of the Seas. We are sailing on her next January and trying to establish if it is worth purchasing a drinks package or not. Many Thanks Craig
  7. Such a shame we can't benefit like this in Australia. Is it plausible to book from Australia through a travel agent in the United States?
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